Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap-Up- Week of October 30 2017


Another slow week when it comes to behind the scenes and Alex fan photos, so thankfully it is guaranteed that issue will be over soon with the Sunset on the Beach event on Friday when they should flood in.

In the meantime, there were some pics that were posted this week of some of Alex’s personal time with friends so we have included those, as well as a few pics from the one sighting on location. Quite a difference in his countenance between work and play.


Behind the Scenes

On Tuesday they were filming a paddleboard scene and you can see him out in the water. It will be fun to see the scene when it airs.





Here are the pics from when he was with his friends. These were probably taken a couple of weeks ago based on the info ascertained from the FB page. His Aussie mates were in town staying with him and other pics were posted at that time from them. It is nice to see him smiling and kicking back for a change. 

Alex O'Loughlin with friends Alex O'Loughlin with friends

Alex O'Loughlin with friends


Alex has always enjoyed the thrill of the ride and his fast toys. Fans have also enjoyed seeing him enjoy them 🙂

Alex O'Loughlin and motorcycle



Alex O'Loughlin with friends Alex O'Loughlin with friends




That’s it for another week. As for next week with Sunset on the Beach, we do not plan any regular schedule for that weekend. SOTB pics and videos will be the priority. As long as there is other activity, we will still do a wrap-up but it will be done whenever one of us gets some time.

Get ready for a fun filled week as usually there is some other activity that occurs leading up to the big event. Not to mention there will be many fans on the island trying to see filming and get as many glimpses of Alex and the cast as they can. Hope you have a blast if you happen to be one of them. Aloha!



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