Alex On Set – Week of July 18

This week found Alex working hard out and about again so there were plenty of behind the scenes photos and videos.  We have organized them right here for you and will TRY to do this weekly on a regular basis. Enjoy!


Source Hawaii Isla 808 Facebook


This set popped up this week but were taken last week  and found on the Kaiga Drama Board

Source Kaiga Drama Board –


Here is Alex and Scott with guest cast Julia Ubrankovics. He is looking good here. Don’t you think?

Julia Ubrankovics and Hawaii Five O castSource  Julia Ubrankovics on Instagram


Alex and Scott shooting

Source @Ralphi179 Instagram


Shot from Hawaii Five O

Source Peter Lenkov on Instagram


Some videos also posted by Peter – looking forward to first episode.

A video posted by plenkov (@plenkov) on

A video posted by plenkov (@plenkov) on


A couple of videos where you can see Alex from afar thanks to  smoothiesita on Instagram

A video posted by Lyds (@smoothiesista) on

A video posted by Lyds (@smoothiesista) on


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