Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.11 Ka ‘ili aku Recap

Hawaii Five 0 episode 7.11       This episode is a first for Hawaii Five- 0 as they offered up a winter final. Based on the quality of this winter treat , we hope it will not be their last. As usual, our resident recapper, Susan depicts it below.  Enjoy.   We begin with Chin’s birthday party where everyone […]

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.10 Different Points of View

Hawaii Five 0 episode 7.10     After a two week hiatus, the show returned with a great episode. With the return of the show, so is the return of the recap and the reviews. As always Linda and Manu’s points of view always add a different flair to what we have already provided. Here are their reviews.     […]

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.10 Ka Luhi Recap

Hawaii Five 0 episode 7.10     After two weeks without our H50 fix, this episode was much anticipated. And we were not disappointed. Relive or catch the episode for the first time through the recap by Susan Schoppe and lots of vivid pictures.   We begin with an 18 year old boy, Reese in the office of Dr. Linda […]

Hawaii Five-0 Episode 7.09 Different Points Of View

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.09   Hawaii Five-0 Episode 7.09 was very good this week and from what we have seen and heard so far it was a favorite among fans. Here is the weekly Different Points of View segment of our site to validate that further. Before we start though, please note someone had commented in a prior review […]

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.09 Elua la ma Nowemapa Recap

hawaii five 0 episode 7.09   It is time for another great recap from Susan Schoppe of another great Hawaii Five 0 episode. This one taught us something as well as gave us the true ohana. It was enjoyable to watch so if you have not seen it yet and want to know what happened, or you have and just […]
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