Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.14 Ka laina ma ke one Sneak Peeks

Hawaii Five O sneak peeks 7.14     The sneak peeks for tomorrow night’s episode have arrived. The episode which revolves around the team having to negotiate their way into Hawaiian sovereign land also has the comedy flare of Steve having to take his driver’s test. It should not only be an educational one about the culture and Hawaii but also […]

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.14 Ka laina ma ke one Promo Info

Hawaii Five O 7.14 promo   Now that the farewell Max episode is behind us it is time to look forward to the next Hawaii Five 0 episode. This season has been one their best so far so based on the promo and read on this one it looks like 7.14 will be no exception. Not only will Lou Diamond […]

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.13 Ua ho’i ka ‘?pua i Awalua Sneak Peeks

hawaii five 0 episode 7.13 sneak peek   Tomorrow night is the time we will all have to say so long to Max but there also looks like there will be a crime of the week to have to tend to.   Here are the sneak peeks.               Credit CBS

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.13 Promo Ua ho’i ka ‘opua i Awalua Promo Video and Info

Hawaii Five 0 episode 7.13 spoilers   Episode 7.13 will be an emotional one to watch for the dire Hawaii Five-0 fans as one of the first original cast members says good-bye to the show. Maso Oka, who plays Max has decided to leave the show and based on that so must Max. In this episode, there will be many memorable moments […]

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.12 Sneak Peeks

  Here is the sneak peeks for the episode tomorrow night. Seems as if Adam is back and helping the team in Mexico find Chin. Also looks as if the Commander is up to his type of interrogation tactics again   It Will be good to see Steve and the team back again after the holiday […]
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