Hawaii Five O Episode 7.07 Different Points Of View

Hawaii Five O 150th epsisode   Another one behind us and this one was the one that so many were and still are talking about. Let’s see what Manu and Linda have to say about it.   Emanuela (Manu) Pari   Aloooha fellow Five 0 fans 🙂 First of all let me just express my congratulations to everybody involved in […]

A Couple More Interviews With Alex O’Loughlin

alex o'loughlin season 2 As we wrapped up last week, we told you to expect some new press from Alex this week to honor the 150th Hawaii Five 0 episode tonight. We knew that, but what we did not know is Alex would be the only one of the cast doing the interviews and that there would be so […]

Two More New Interviews With Alex O’Loughlin

Hawaii Five O celebrates 150   Pic credit Los Angeles Times 2010   The treats keep coming this week as there are even more new interviews with Alex. Of course, the meat of each of the interviews in the same, but there does seem to be something a little different in all of them. The latest are from ET/ET Canada […]

What To Expect When Hawaii Five O Turns 150

hawaii-five-o-7-07-sneak-peek   It is no secret to most, that Hawaii Five O will be airing its 150th episode this Friday night. Alex O’Loughlin and the rest of the cast and crew should be quite proud of this accomplishment. However, what should the fans expect? Will it match up to the now iconic 100th episode? Most will […]

Alex O’Loughlin Interview With TV Guide Offers Closure

hawaii-five-o-7-07-sneak-peek   This is the week of interviews and learning more about Alex O’Loughlin and the Hawaii Five O big 150th episode. I guess fans can be happy that these milestones occur as we get a lot of interviews to help promote it. Although the other ones have included some personal stuff, this one is pretty […]
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