Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.24 He ke’u na ka ‘alae a Hina Promo Info and Pics

hawaii Fve 0 7.24   Hawaii Five-0 episode He ke’u na ka ‘alae a Hina will be the 24th to air in season 7 although it was the last episode that was shot before hiatus. Because of that, some of the promo pics of the upcoming episode to air May 5th might look a little familiar because of the […]

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.21 Ua malo’o ka wai Promo and Info

Hawaii Five 0 episode 7.21 promo   As you probably already know, there is no new episode tonight. However, there is hope in sight for all Hawaii Five 0 fans as the last Friday night March Madness game airs tonight. There is even more hope as CBS released the press releases and promo pictures for episodes 21 and 22. We will […]

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.15 Different Points of View

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.15   The duo of Linda and Manu is back and it is time for the weekly dose of Different Points of View. This week had the team splitting up into two different mini- teams on opposite sides of the island investigating two different cases. See what the girls each thought about that as you peruse […]

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.15 Ka pa ani nui Recap

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.15   Here is the recap from Susan for last night’s episode. Again it is detailed so if you have not seen it and do not want to have a spoiler than read at your own risk. Enjoy!     Well tonight is a new Five 0 and it feels like we’ve waited a long time […]

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.14 Different Points of View

Hawaii Five 0 episode 7.14   It is great to have Manu back this week for the Different Points of View segment. It just did not seem the same without her. This was a very special episode to Hawaii and we all learned a lot while being entertained so let’s learn a little more through these reviews.      Emanuela […]
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