Whimsical Wednesday- Alex O’Loughlin FanArt Day

alex o'loughlin fanart     The days sure seem to fly by as once again it is Whimsical Wednesday and of course FanArt day for us. Although this sounds like a broken record, we really do have some good ones for you this week and once again appreciate all the contributors.   Let’s take a look at the […]

Alex O’Loughlin FanArt- First Of The New Year

  Now that the holidays are over, it is time to get back to the regular scheduled programming. So not only is Hawaii Five 0 new this week, so is our first Whimsical Wednesday fanart post of the year. Even though the collaborators have been busy with their family, friends and regular responsibilities, they still […]

Whimsical Wednesday FanArt in December

alex o'loughlin fanart jungle   It is mid December and the time where being busy is taken to extreme, but thankfully all of our contributors still made time to do something for fanart day (except for us-oops). As always we appreciate the great works and contributors behind them.   From Mick to McGarrett and even a Captain America thrown […]

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.10 Different Points of View

Hawaii Five 0 episode 7.10     After a two week hiatus, the show returned with a great episode. With the return of the show, so is the return of the recap and the reviews. As always Linda and Manu’s points of view always add a different flair to what we have already provided. Here are their reviews.     […]

Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.10 Ka Luhi Recap

Hawaii Five 0 episode 7.10     After two weeks without our H50 fix, this episode was much anticipated. And we were not disappointed. Relive or catch the episode for the first time through the recap by Susan Schoppe and lots of vivid pictures.   We begin with an 18 year old boy, Reese in the office of Dr. Linda […]
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