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It is time for those that have been patiently waiting for the next segment of Blind Justice. Last week the last part left off with Steve having a visitor to his room. He had woken up prior and was not able to see, so he only was able to hear and sense this young girl. She began to talk to him. 

Going forward, Steve gets to learn more about Maggie as they connect right away. He also gets to meet another one of her family members, too. Wonder who that might be and where he fits in to the picture. And how is Steve doing, REALLY?  Here you go! 



Part 4


Blind Justice fanfic fanart - alex o'loughlin


She sat down on his bed and started to talk. She told him she’d spent more time in this hospital than outside and about her numerous chemotherapies. Now she was hoping for a bone marrow transplant which would be her last chance. She talked about it like it was the most natural thing on earth. She wasn’t angry and she wasn’t wallowing in self-pity either.

“Maggie? Maggie Harlan, are you in there?”

A nurse was peeking through the door.

“You will come out of there this instant, Maggie. Seriously, girl, you should know better than this.”

The nurse slipped into the room and closed the door behind her back.

“How often have I told you, you can’t sneak into other patient’s rooms? They need to rest. Commander McGarrett …”

“I’m fine,” he cut the nurse short. “We were only talking. Could you please remove the tray? I’m not hungry.”

“No, I want the ice-cream, I love it,” Maggie whispered in his ear.

Steve cleared the throat.

“Uh, or better leave it. Maybe I have a bite or two after all.”

Sighing, the nurse walked back to the door and said to Maggie: “Don’t stay here too long. Dr. Lawrence will be looking for you, later.”

”Okay, Nurse Wilson.”

After she was gone, Maggie hopped onto Steve’s bed again. From the sound of it, she was enjoying his ice cream quite a bit.

“Want to taste some?” she asked.

“Why not?”

Carefully she shoved the spoon into Steve’s mouth and giggled.

“What’s so funny?” he mumbled while the vanilla ice cream was melting in his mouth.

“You’re the grown up and I’m the kid. Normally, it should be you feeding me.”

He couldn’t help but started to grin.

“Want some more? I can also help you with the food.”

“No thanks,” he shook his head and fumbled for the drinking cup. Maggie pushed the cup into his hand and placed the straw in his mouth.

He took a sip. “Thanks.”

He was so sick and tired of weak tea. Why didn’t they serve some of the hard drinks as well?

“So, will you now tell me what happened to you, sir?” She said, taking the cup from his hand.

“Don’t call me sir all the time. My name is Steve,” he said softly.

He supplied the little girl with a carefully edited, PG-11 version of the events that had landed him in hospital.

Maggie seemed to be listening with bated breath. And from time to time, he heard her making noises like, “uh, wow, mhm.”

In between, she was shoving food in his face, as insistent as a pint-sized tank. Or a mini version of Danny, Steve thought with a wry grin.

After he’d finished his story, half of the tray was empty. Maggie had curled up next to him and he’d put a arm around her shoulders protectively.

When Steve woke up later, Maggie was gone.

He felt worse than he had in while. The pain in his abdomen was getting more intense by the minute. He called for a nurse.

Steve recognized her voice. It was the same woman as before; the one Maggie had called Nurse Wilson.

“I hope Maggie wasn’t disturbing you. She’s such a cutie. We all love her. She looks like a little angel.”

She said while she exchanged the IV bag.

“She’s sweet,” Steve agreed, “and she told me about her illness. She must be a real fighter. Do you know her parents?”

“There’s only her brother Tristan. He’s twenty. Their parents died few years ago in a car crash.”


Steve’s heart gave an odd little lurch. Suddenly he felt a big lump in his throat.

“I’m coming back later Commander, take your time. Do you need anything else? Some more water?”

“Yes, please,” he muttered. “And my belly is hurting. Quite badly, actually.”

“I’ll just put a bit more of the pain killer in the IV drip then, okay?”

The stuff was good, Steve thought as he was quickly drifting off again.


Besides Steve’s team, Maggie became a regular visitor. She even introduced Tristan to him. Compared to his little sister, the young man seemed shy and didn’t talk a lot. Maggie was the entertainer in the family, definitely.

Meanwhile, Steve had exchanged his gauze pads with dark glasses. His vision was still blurry and bright light hurt him too much. But he was seeing shapes at least, which was a big step forward, even though the doctors were very careful in their prognosis.


Stay tuned for Part 5 soon


Story and fanart credit writingcreature



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