Hawaii Five O Turns 150


In some ways it just seems like yesterday, but in fact it has been seven years since Alex O’Loughlin donned the role of Steve McGarrett. They sure have both grown a lot along with the show, don’t you think? According to Executive Producer, Peter Lenkov,, Hawaii Five O started production on the 150th episode this past Friday.

In order to put this accomplishment into prospective we dug up some stats on shows that have made it to their 150th episode. These stats are based on ALL worldwide television shows since television began:


  • Only 870 shows WORLDWIDE have made it to 150 episodes
  • 331 of the 870 were based in the United States
  • 169 of the 870 were dramas 
  • 344 of the 870 were soap operas, game shows, or reality shows
  • 219 of the 870 are still in production today
  • The original Hawaii Five O that ran from Sept 26, 1968 to April 25, 1980 is included in the list as it ran for 12 seasons.


Of course these stats could be missing a few here and there, but it is considered fairly accurate according to Wikipedia.

To some of you, 870 might seem like a lot at first glance, but considering the first television broadcast goes back to July 2 1928, there sure has been a lot of television shows that have not even come close to 150. In matter of fact most never made it past their first season. Just check out this list of number of Broadcast channels reporting in the most recent years,  then take the number of channels and multiply by how many shows they have to put on to fill a now 24 hours viewing period, and you will begin to see how BIG of an accomplishment this REALLY is.

So congratulations to not only Alex but to the whole entire cast and crew that have made this possible. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to make this happen and the fans truly appreciate you ALL..Happy 150th!!!

Looking forward to celebrating with them through the behind the scenes events that we are sure to get this week as they shoot this triumphant episode.

And if you want to see a few spoilers for what is in store for our eyes in the 150th, check out this post. The Episode is titled “Ka makuahine a me ke keiki k?ne”, which is translated “The Mother and Son”, so that should say it all.


hawaii five o episode 1 to 150


Stats source


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  1. I am so excited about the 150 th episode. That will be the main event of the season. Big nite ! ?

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