Hawaii Five 0 Episode 7.10 Different Points of View

Hawaii Five 0 episode 7.10     After a two week hiatus, the show returned with a great episode. With the return of the show, so is the return of the recap and the reviews. As always Linda and Manu’s points of view always add a different flair to what we have already provided. Here are their reviews.     […]

Hawaii Five O Episode 7.05- Different Points of View

alex o'loughlin daniel dae kim and scott caan   Well, this last episode got a few Different Points of View across the social media airwaves, as it brought out a societal issue that some either thought was a good thing to have the show cover and others not so much. If you read our recap, you already have gotten one view about that […]

Hawaii Five O Episode 7.03 He Moho Hou Recap

Hawaii Five O Episode 7.03 He Moho Hou   Thanks again to our resident recapper, Susan Schoppe here is last night’s recap/review.   Last night’s episode was true Hawaii Five O at its best. As we open Alisha Brown, our FBI Profiler, awakes in her bed covered in blood with the dead body of a man next to her. We shortly realize this is […]

Hawaii Five O Episode 7.02 No ke ali’i Wahine a me ka aina Recap

Hawaii Five O episode 7.02   Here is our second recap/review of the season and thanks to Susan Schoppe for another excellent job! Episode 7.02 was called No ke ali’i Wahine a me ka aina and is translated to For Queen and Country. Now on to the recap:   As the second episode in our new season begins we find Steve […]

Hawaii Five O Ep 7.01 Reviews- Different Points Of View

Hawaii Five O ep 7.01 In keeping with our site spirit of collaboration and providing different points of view, we will be sharing with you a couple other reviews per episode other than our initial recap. Thanks to our collaboration partners, Emanuela Pari (Manu) and Linda Stein, we will add their reviews weekly along with some new screencaps that we have […]
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