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Welcome to AlexOloughlinOnline.com. We are glad you are here.

Originally created back in 2007 by Tiffany W., this site became the first Alex O’Loughlin fan site online. She created it because she loved him in  Moonlight and wanted to share that love with other fans. The site remained with Tiffany through other well known Alex roles such as the Back Up Plan, Three Rivers, and the first part of Hawaii Five 0. After a while she became disheartened and decided to let the site go. You can read in her own words here as to why. Thanks for Tiffany for pioneering.

The site is a wealth of information about Alex and it can be really fun to look back at things as they happened. Alex has come a long way since his Moonlight days and his journey is documented here.

In November of 2015, new owners took over the site with the intent to preserve it’s history. Although off to a slow start it was kept alive for the fans that have been coming here for years. Although it took a while to get in the groove based on other business that needed to be tended to, it is currently a full flourishing site that is being kept up to date with new material almost daily. It was also given a facelift and now has a new look.

Our intent for the site, is to create more of a fan collaboration site with many different contributors that we call collaboration partners. Instead of just one or maybe two people providing material there is a bunch of us who not only write new material but also provide all sorts of fun ideas and posts for our visitors to enjoy.

It is our belief that many people in the fandom probably have a talent that would be a great contribution (making fan videos, gifs, writing, fan encounters, fan art, pic manipulation, etc…but do not have time to run a site, know the technical side to do so, or think enough people will see their creations. Facebook and other social media outlets are great  but it does not allow the true freedom or all the benefits a website does. Our goal is to build a true Alex O’Loughlin community that is respectful of Alex and all other fans. This site is about Alex and his work, not us, so we keep our opinions to ourselves.With that being said, all your opinions are welcome as long as they are done with respect and the right intent. I

We are always looking for new collaboration partners so if you are interested contact us and we will reach out to discuss further. 

Our main Admin (Col), will act as a disseminator so no need to do anything but what you love to do. 

Looking forward to many more years together united in our admiration for Alex.




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