Alex O’Loughlin Wrap Up- May Hiatus

Alex O'Loughlin behind the scenes season 7   Another month of hiatus has gone by so it is another good time to do another wrap-up. The month was full of a lot of new Alex stuff including behind the scenes pics of the finale and of course the release of the long awaited CBS Watch photoshoot. Since we did a separate post […]

Alex O’Loughlin Wrap Up- April Hiatus

alex o'louhglin fan photo   When we did our last wrap up on the 9th, we mentioned that we would not be doing the weekly wrap-ups while the show is on hiatus but would do one here and there when there is enough material. With that being said, there is now enough material. Thankfully this hiatus has not started […]

Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap Up – Week of April 3

Alex O'Loughlin and crew   This past week was another good week of behind the scenes with a lot of activity in the life of Alex. That is the good news, however, unfortunately it is the last of it for a while as he wrapped season 7 on Thursday. Most of the activity actually came from the wrap activities […]

Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap-Up- Week of March 27

alex o'loughlin on top of highway   As we enter into the last few days of BTS pics as the show wraps on the 7th, we get to take a look back at the action from last week. Although there was not a lot of activity, the few things that did show up were quite good, so quality over quantity would […]

Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap Up- Week of March 20

hawaii five 0 cast pic BTS   It was another great week in the Hawaii Five 0 fandom with lots of Alex O’Loughlin pics and videos. Of course, if you do not like the color green, you might not agree, but if green is your favorite color, then this week you were quite pleased. We are referring to the gigantic green […]
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