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  1. OMG!!!! Have you seen the pics of Alex in scrubs? Doctor Doctor, give me the news!!!!!
    How can someone look that good in scrubs is beyond me. But then again…………It’s Alex.
    I just cannot wait for this to start. He looks GREAT in blue……………I think that is his favorite color too. How exciting……………Three Rivers and the movie on 2010. I know just like everyone else……………very proud of him and very happy for him.

    Alex Solidarity…………………….Rah………………….Rah…………………..Rah!!!!!!!!

    Sorry………….got too excited again LOL

  2. Alex Solidarity…………………….rah………rah………….rah

    Sorry………..just too excited. 🙂

  3. I am so excited about all of Alex’s new work – Three Rivers has been picked up for the fall, WhiteOut is supposed to finally open in theaters in 9/09 – and I know he is going to be fantastic in the Back-Up Plan – well, Alex is fantastic in anything that he does. He should get an Emmy for his portrayal of Vincent on the 4/29 episode of Criminal Minds. I can hardly wait – Alex is going to be accepting many Emmys and Oscars in the future – and I will be so happy to be there cheering him on. I do love this brilliant man!

  4. Nikki Finke broke the news about Three Rivers yesterday in Variety… Nikki is ALWAYS on top of breaking news.
    I’m so happy for Alex!
    He deserves all of his recent good fortune………..

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    Hi Everyone,

    I just saw on Alex Oloughlin information network that it’s a go for Three Rivers.

    YOU GO ALEX!!!!!

    There was no doubt in my mind that you would get it. I am soooooo looking forward to seeing you on many many more things to come. Bought the DVD set of Moonlight this weekend and Season 6 for The Shield. Actually my husband bought them both for me. What a guy!!

    Have FUN Filming!!!!! xoxoxo


  6. as I was saying before I hit the enter key:
    This is a very good Alex site. Always up to date on the new info about him and respectful in it’s content. It’s the only one I recommend to people on my My Space and Facebook pages!
    Tiffany does a nice job! (Thanks, Tiffany!)
    It’s nice to see that you are just as much a fan of Alex – the actor – as you are of Alex – as Mick St.John!
    Alex would appreciate hearing that………..
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Terry,
    What a pleasant Moonlight fan you are to talk to!
    I agree with you that this site is probably the be

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    Hi Christi,

    Thanks so much for answering me. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong so he could not accept me. First time on myspace and really do not understand it fully yet. I was not sure if I had done something in the privacy part of it so he could not get in. I just have never been so excited about an actor before as I am with Alex. He is so sincere ans down to earth……….so unlike what you see today with others. I LOVE the information I get from this website. Moonlight was the BEST program out there. They just do not know what they missed out on by taking it off the air. BUT……………I am looking forward to all of his future work. And as he asked of his fans………will support him all the way. Maybe one day he will make a movie in Chicago. Thanks again and I will try myspace again.

  9. Terry:
    Alex hasen’t updated his My Space page in some time, but it IS his official MS page.
    He answers his messages personally – but he has a guy that designs the page and posts comments occasionally… To the best of my knowledge, Alex has never denied a friend request and will, I’m sure, accept your friend request when he has time to sign on there and update…

  10. Alex has the GREATEST smile in the world!! I am so glad to find this website and getting a chance to see the filming. Thanks to all who did this and how exciting. I have a question…….I have noticed on his myspace page that there have not been any remarks made lately. Does anyone know if this is really his page?? I started a myspace page and waited for a response from him to make me a friend but nothing happened and that was on the 22nd. I took myself off from being alittle discouraged. I have never seen a better actor than him. And I cannot get enough of Moonlight and am soooooo happy that he is getting farther in what he really LOVES doing. Thanks for the great website and please let me know aything about the myspace page if anyone knows. Terry…..moonlightfan4evr

  11. ChristiJlo company isn’t producting the movie it’s just a mystake on imdb, Escape artist is producting it.

    But that doesn’t really matter, it looks like Jen and Alex really like each other you can just see it in the pictures and the last video we got of them filming scenes. And they look really great together, i just can’t wait to see the movie.

  12. As far as I’m concerned any celebrity who is down to earth enough to do charitable work is a *STAR* in my book! She and Alex are both class acts.

  13. Forgot to thank Tiffany for the video and pictures of our Alex and state that I agree wholeheartedly with Tiffany and Christi that Jennifer looks very good for just having had twins and I have always liked her acting. She is a very pretty woman and looks good next to Alex ,even though she is “older” – who cares. Lots of actors play at being younger than their actual ages and as long as Jen looks the way she does she can carry it off for a number of years yet! I can hardly wait to see this movie!!

  14. I actually really like the way she looks so far…very down to earth and not flashy. They look like they like each other too. I am glad…but of course no woman can resist Alex.

  15. I see that Marc is close by Jlo’s side – it has been stated in the press that he is insanely jealous of JLo and her popularity with the guys. Guess he wants to make sure our Alex doesn’t dazzle her with his incredible looks!!!

  16. Here’s some more pix of J’Lo and Alex on the set – He appears to be getting along fantastically with his co-star:


  17. Oh, and to answer your question Tish, actually it IS J-Lo’s company making the film – NUYRICAN PRODUCTIONS is owned by Mark and J-Lo and the company is a subsidiary of CBS films ……… bet you’ll love that last part 😉
    J-Lo is lovely and her company is giving our Alex his first big break in movies – as far as I’m concerned she has my undying loyalty!

  18. I love the way Alex swaggers when he walks!

    Re: JLo’s paunchy tummy: she did give birth to twins, ya know! And she’s playing the role of a pregnant woman–maybe there’s a reason for that! (as in, she’s put on some weight! ) It happens to all of us eventually!

  19. I don’t think my comment was posted so

    As a fan of Alex’s I believe in posting positive comments. We want people to know that we love him and we support him in whatever he does. Which mean we should support his co stars no matter who they may be.
    If you love Alex the best rule to follow is “if you can’t say something nice.. don’t say anything at all”
    Thanks for the video.. always nice to see our guy

  20. As a fan of Alex’s I believe in posting positive comments. We want people to know that we love him and we support him in whatever he does. Which mean we should support his co stars no matter who they may be.
    If you love Alex the best rule to follow is “if you can’t say something nice.. don’t say anything at all”
    Thanks for the video.. always nice to see our guy.

    1. I love that Alex’s fans have class. Thank you for posting.

  21. BTW: Thank you for posting this video, Tiffany…

  22. Tish S:
    Must you ALWAYS post such negative comments?
    Let’s face it, most of us can only WISH to have J-Lo’s looks!
    Most of Alex’s fans are “a little paunchy in the tummy” …..
    There is NO need to insult another woman out of jealousy –
    that simply shows insecurity on your part!

  23. The best part I liked of the video was Alex in the tan shirt a few seconds before the film ended… I believe this was just a publicity shoot for JLo & she was trying to appear as if she did not know the filming was being done… Sorry, what is this queenly presence and all of her bodyguards, do they really think she is that important…I don’t and she is getting paunchy in the tummy… the dress does nothing for her, even off the shoulder.

    Alex looks so much younger than his costar, but then he is. Why could they not get someone else to be closer to his age, unless Mark Anthony & JLo are producing it & that is the big tra la…

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