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  1. Do you believe the bruisers he’s playing with???

    These are SERIOUS dudes!

  2. I live in Pittsburgh and it was horribly hot and humid on Sunday when he was playing rugby and running around. I’m surprised they all didn’t pass out. Such a gorgeous man. And to think I was only about 6 miles from him….. sigh. Alex, we love you.

  3. Totally Adorable!! <3

  4. i cant watch any of the videos that show up on this website they never come in or however you wanna say it. 🙁

    1. you can also try downloading Adobe10. I did that and the videos show up just fine.

  5. Blue is definitely is colour! ..
    Sorry once again but I’m pretty sure you all understand what I’m trying to say …

    Thank you.

    p.s. I would be nice (for me of course) to have an edit button… ;-P

  6. Sorry for the English mistakes.. (Blue is definetely HIS colour!!!)

  7. Dear Lord,
    Have you all watched is back?
    The way his shorts fit his amazing “rabo” is absolutely perfect.
    As we say here in Portugal “que cuzinho!”.
    Poor anchor lady, but I cannot blame her, I would probably faint and die… (bur surely happy).

    Blue is definetely is colour!!!


  8. The interviewer from KDKA is Kristine Sorenson and she is one of the news anchors there. She generally is flawless but I guess she saw Alex in person and became tongue-tied. Gee, if a professional gets tongue-tied, imagine what the average gal would do, LOL. And Natalie, yes, everyone remembers the Mean Joe Greene Coke Commercial, it is a classic. Coke is not as popular as Iron City Beer or IC Light in Pittsburgh but I like the way you think.
    The Coke commercial had a line “a Coke and a smile . . . the lines for the IC Light Commercial say “Light me up right now” – – – I think Alex has done that, right ladies?

  9. Does anyone remember the Coke commercial with Mean Joe Greene and the little kid? The kid gives Mean Joe a Coca Cola and Mean Joe throws him a jersey. So if I tossed Alex a Coke, so refreshing, would he throw me back his sweaty shirt? Ah, a girl and her dreams.

    1. Yes I totally remember! And let me just say I LOVE the way you think! lol

    2. Did you saw he´s comercial!? as far as I know an saw it there´s tree one of tampons very funny other for mitsubishi so adorable and the third for toyota way too sexy! :whistle: :love: 😀

  10. Great pics, vid and story!!! I’d like to invite anyone to join my Three Rivers yahoo group: http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/ThreeRiversOnCBS!

  11. I love it. Alex should have been given a bottle of water ……don’t you just love the smile and wink at the end of that!!!!!!!So ADORABLE

  12. Yeah, she mispronounced his name twice. Remember when Alex said “the nerve”. He’s soooo gorgeous. Can’t wait til the show airs. Thanks Tiffany.

  13. The poor woman really cannot say his name LOL!

  14. Sweet!!! I can’t wait for it to air. Alex O’Loughlin is awesome! 😀

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