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  1. Hi my name is Navina singh I’m a big fan of you and a uge fan of you. Hawaii five o is my favorite serise. I like to get a otogruf from you

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    hey my favorite season is season 5 so maybe some pics or gifs of Alex I love him lots

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      Hey! I just saw your comment! Season five is pretty much my favorite too! I love all of them, but there was just something about season five. The 100th episode is my FAVORITE episode of all time, and that is in season five. Are you on fanfiction.com? I recognize your name, and you could too, with my name.

  3. Take care. Be well. Thanks for all the great photos and interesting stories. Aloha!

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    I understand if that’s what you guys feel, but it makes me sad! Will you please try and upload all of the blooper reels you have to youtube? YouTube has seasons 1, 4, 5,7 and 8. They do not have seasons 2, or 6. Please do this!!!!

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