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  1. ok tvguide.com (check listing) Monday Feb 21, “LOA ALOHA” this is ep Dana Cook shows up as Scott/Danno’s little brother Dana Cook unexpectedly….along w/ other things.

    ALSO… cbs.com hawaii five-0 pg. Hawaii Five-0 is up for an Fan Favorite Award..
    check it out…. look for”Hawaii Five-0 is up for an Fan Favorite Award” & photo of alex.

  2. AH, BELLAOLILVIA: Alex looked SO much better and sexier (if that’s possible on in-door scenes that are shot away from too much outside light xD Thats why I keep writing that a BIG MOVIE SCENE WITH PERFECT LIGHTING INSIDE would make all the difference in the world. :p You and see most of Alex’s dramas shot in the indoors he is handsomer and just plain more gorgeous….and as you guys (from friends 🙂 Loutside lighting is just NOT sexier but of course in his present drama (duuuh) it has to be mosty outside. WRITE CBS COMMENTS ON LINE AND TELL THEM TO PUT HIM IN A SEXY MOVIE 😆 lOVE, SUZANNE

  3. I love H50 and I loved Three Rivers and I loved The Back Up Plan and if I had known he was on another show(Moonlight?) I would have watched it and loved it. This guy is a great actor and very very goodlooking.I have all my friends hooked on it now!! Love ya, Alex!

  4. I don’t know who Dane Cook is but he’s cute 😀 and i wish it was my arm Alex had wrapped aroulnd my neck! :love: I wish TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, and some of those other show biz magazines would give him MORE PRESS 👿 If I see Matthew Magonahey’s chest in ONE MORE TV Guide I’ll..!!!!and he hasnt done a movie in an agel Trouble with Alex being so far in Hawaii…I guess they don’t have the papariasi there..which is good and bad. Love from Alex’s Forever FAn WHEN IS HAWAII 5 0 SECOND SEASON???? xD

  5. Don’t forget!! Hawaii 5-0 is on this Sunday night. Check your local listings–mine says 9pm, but in our area we see H50 at 9pm rather than the 10pm CBS has slotted. Lots of testosterone tomorrow 😆

  6. This will be a very amazing episode with Alex and Dane Cook. :love:

  7. What great looking guys. But of course Alex is the best. He is still the sexiest and best looking. Monday can’t come soon enough so I can see it again. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  8. OMG…I love Dane Cook…Is he really going to be on the show?…But Alex is my favorite, I love his beautiful eyes and sexy tattoos…OMG…He is hot :love: :love: …And Dane Cook is so funny 😆 …Thanks for posting :heart:

  9. Thanks Tiffany,great photo of Alex and Scott with Dane Cook. I heard Dane Cook is playing Scott’s (Danny’s) brother in an episode,should be a fun episode. *lol*

  10. Great pix! All handsome guys–but we all know who the REALLY HOT GUY is :love:

  11. Will do! OK, I always watch H50. Many other friends watching as well. I believe many watchers
    to remain H50 as the People’s CHOICE continuously as ever. MORE LUCKINESS! :love:

  12. Please spread the word to vote in TV Guide’s poll for Hawaii Five 0 as Fan Favorite Drama. It’s up against Castle, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and House. Get out the vote. Hawaii Five 0 needs a big win. 😀

  13. I love this pic! Mostly I love Alex, but poor Scott isn’t recognized in the picture… I can’t wait til Monday for a new episode!

  14. hi i have watch most of hawaii five -o and it is a grat show i try to tape it to so i can watch what i miss

  15. was watching ET last night that on ET today(Friday Feb 4th) that there was going to be something as to special episode right after the Super Bowl… and yup they did show a quick glimpse of Alex. to which he was saying something. check out….

    http://www.etonline.com/ main pg “ET Exclusive : Nick Lachey”..it may be a glimpse of it . r/ its a good chance & wild guess it is, & too darn computers not been updated for a while. so just going w/ what they/et showed in their preview.

    Go Steelers… : :angel:

  16. Ok. I just watched an old moonlight episode and I thought Alex was hot them! On H50 (if this is even possible) He looks even better. I am so glad he landed on a show that the network likes! Love seeing his face every week. :love:

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