Alex Playing Rugby in Pittsburgh!

Alex O'Loughlin Playing Rugby

Alex Diving for the Rugby Ball

Alex O'Loughlin on the Rugby set for Three Rivers

Alex O'Loughlin playing Rugby for CBS Three Rivers Episode 1

Alex O'Loughlin playing Rugby for CBS Three Rivers Episode 1

Alex O'Loughlin playing Rugby for CBS Three Rivers Episode 1

Alex O'Loughlin playing Rugby for CBS Three Rivers Episode 1

Alex O'Loughlin playing Rugby for CBS Three Rivers Episode 1

Alex O'Loughlin playing Rugby for CBS Three Rivers Episode 1

More from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette…

Producers recruited members of the Pittsburgh Rugby Club to play in a scene with series star Alex O’Loughlin.

Mr. O’Loughlin’s character, Dr. Andy Yablonski, runs down the field in a scene that ends with a resentful rugby player shoving Yablonski and declaring, “You may work across the river now, but I know where you came from. Remember that!”

The character Yablonski grew up in Mount Washington and works as a transplant surgeon at Three Rivers Regional Medical Center.

This trip marked the actor’s second time in Pittsburgh after filming the original “Rivers” pilot here in the spring.

“I want to spend more time on the South Side and up here,” Mr. O’Loughlin said. “I’ve had all the obvious stuff like Primanti Brothers and all that stuff, which is disgusting and fun but you never want to do it more than once. I love the surrounding areas of the city. It’s a beautiful part of the world.”

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  1. Hey what are the two guys doing in the background of the thrid last photo 😮

  2. sass,

    By & by, isn’t Rugby a pretty popular sport all over Australia, as well as Canberra? Another young Aussie actor on a show here in the U.S., who plays Kevin, the lawyer brother on Brothers & Sisters, actually, I read somewhere when his show got popular, had thought of becoming a Rugby professional… Gosh, I can’t think of that young man’s name, only know him as Kevin Walker…

    Anyway, we are also lucky that some sports from other countries are taking their places here in the U.S. as they matriculate from foreign origins…

    I do not think I have ever seen a picture of Alex looking so sweaty & dirty before as a result of playing this game… He actually looked like he was enjoying himself, but he also still looks very tired from his so hectic schedule…

    And I do hope his hairstylist/makeup artist changes her own hair color, it really does nothing for her… thankfully her artistry in regards to Alex is great…

  3. hi love your photos of alex i hope tio vist pittsburg soon my when i go i will catch alex on the set i can only hope i hope this show goes better then moonlight that show never got a change to show how good it was i miss moonlight a lot but now we have three rivers i cant wait

  4. Pinkeva -hope you do get the chance to visit Pittsburgh someday. It is truly a beautiful city and the people are just as awesome. Hopefully, if you get to Pittsburgh, you will enter through the Ft. Pitt Tunnel where you will see just how beautiful it really is. Glad I am from the Pittsburgh area, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

  5. Thought you ladies might like to know that here in Canberra, Australia, where Alex is originally from, Rugby is the state sport of choice. Big Rugby fans here…so maybe that’s why they are playing it in the show cause Alex already knows how to play Rugby rather than American football. Thanks for keeping us updated Tiffany!

  6. · Edit

    Oh yeah, life is complete. Watched some DVD Moonlight, saw the banner Tiffany made, now it’s Alex in all his glory being Alex….playing rugby. Absolutely made my day. And nite.

  7. I sure would like to be the makeup lady! I’ve never been to Pittsburgh. The skyline looks beautiful. Alex looks yummy and very athletic. What a man!! Thanks Tiffany.

  8. WOW…….WOW….I wonder how sore Alex was after that DIVE. Thanks Tiffany!!!!!

  9. Alex is a trooper all the way. A good sport in every way. Although, he’s too beautiful to get banged up. I love those muscles!!!!!!!!!!

  10. looks like he had a great time, wish i was there! i have quite a bit of family that lives there…nayways thanks for the great pics!

  11. Didn’t they get the local rugby team to “play” with Alex? That would explain the love of the sport. You can still be a local and play the sport. It cracks me up, though, that Alex had to spray on his own sweat. LOL. In The Back-Up Plan, for the rain scene, people were always spraying him for the wet rain scene in NYC. Looks like he had fun. It probably reminds him of home. The more I see him taping/filming, the more I want to see his show and movies. Definitely has whetted my appetite.


  13. Hmmmmmm……………… tats again.

    Too bad. Having to explain some cool tats on a doctor would make for interesting TV.

  14. I’m originally from Pittsburgh and didn’t live too far from Mt. Washington; I’d give anything to be back there right now, especially when Alex is there. These are great pics, it’s nice to see the “burgh” in a good light.

  15. Alex O’Loughlin in a sweaty blue tee shirt………my life is complete……….

  16. Sounds like Alex got a “taste” of the “Burgh” by having a Primanti Bros. sandwich. Yes, it is disgusting. I am from the Pittsburgh area and have never really enjoyed a sandwich where cole slaw is added to my sandwich, too messy. Great pics, Tiffany – hope they show more of the Pittsburgh skyline. It really is a beautiful city. Since “Andy” grew up on Mt. Washington, the best view of the city, by the way – maybe more shots will be taken from that vantage point. One thing though, I think Alex should meet up with the Steelers since the game is football, not rugby. I hope they explain why “Andy” plays rugby instead of football since he is from Mt. Washington.

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