H50 Episode 204 Mea Makamae Clip

A clip from tonight’s episode. A shirtless McGarrett and bodies at the bottom of the ocean… looks intriguing!


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  1. Update- did more reading on ratings and the show took a huge 19% drop with only 9.7 million viewers. What are you going to do about this, Peter?

    1. Im getting worried and I t hought this episode was better than the previous 3. What is going on? Peter and the writers will have to do something to fix this, and we are already in the 4th episode already and about this time is when viewers and critics start to find out iif a show will succeed or not in the future episodes..

      Peter has to know about this and we have to get the message across. 🙁

  2. My favorite episode this season. I’m sorry to see Catherine leave, but maybe she will return for guest appearances. I still feel the Lori character is not cut out for this show. The acting ability just isn’t there. I did not see that the ratings fell, I read that they held, hope I’m right. If they start going down as many fans have said,Peter and the writers better re-evaluate quickly. This is a show that should be able to go on for years. Great episode!

  3. Finally got to watch the episode–WOW!! Alex shirtless AND in uniform :p –a Navy uniform, by the way. McGarrett is a SEAL after all. It looks like there’s all kinds of things in the works for the H5O group. I agree–I think Kono is undercover and Chin Ho doesn’t know about it. That’s what makes her so sad–coz she can’t tell him. And sad to see Catherine go away. Even tho they may have only been friends with benefits, she was special to Steve. I can’t see Steve and Lisa together–but glad to see Danny try to reach out.

  4. I really liked this episode. Alex was lovely and gorgeous, as usual. The Kono situation is really heating up!! Next week’s preview looked amazing !!!
    I loved Patty Duke (Sylvia Spencer) in this episode. Her scene with Steve, when she asked him if he had served, was so moving. Overall, a really good, well-done episode.
    The numbers went up in the final tally too. Yay HF-0 !!! :love: :heart: :love:

  5. Good episode! Very touching scene with Catherine and Steve. Brings to mind how much our people in uniform sacrafice for our freedoms and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

    I was glad Danny asked the lady out. They make a cute couple and he needs to have someone love him back.

    1. Ditto from me to our boys and girls in uniform!

      You all have me intrigued since I haven’t seen the episode yet. It sounds wonderful!

  6. I just love everything about Alex :heart: :love: ..The show is awesome every week to me 😀
    He seems to get more sexy everytime I see him :woot: :love: :heart:

  7. Watched episode great as always :heart: Alex with or without shirt the smile gets the old heart ticking :love: Hope danny finds him a new woman.And guys keep watching as ratings slipped last night but i guess all will be ok i just worry alot 😉 Thanks Tiffany

    1. Ratings slipped last nite really? OHH that is no good. How did you know? See, that is what I was worrying about the past weeks and what we wre talking here before, if writers keep writing stories that are not pleaseable for the ratings, they will really go down. I mean I like last nite episode, but if u say last nite ratings fell, it means something is wrong, writers must fix the problem soon!!! 🙁

      1. Husband works nights and Monday is his Sunday night. I had a sinking feeling when he heard NBC had moved Prime Suspect to Monday slot that I was gong to be SOL as far as HFO was concerned. But, he changed his mind at the last minute, saying, “Ahh, what the heck, let’s give it another episode.”

        Whew, what a relief! Last night was a good one, more on track, more of a groove going on so hopefully the ratings will go up. Husband really liked the scene where Chin Ho goes to Kono’s and tells her he is behind her because she was the only one who was behind him when he was in trouble. He is from Hawaii, related to everyone the way Chin Ho and Kono are so that REALLY resonated with him.

        We have to hang in there and hope things will keep moving the way they were last night. We have to remain loyal and support Alex!

  8. · Edit

    Thank u for sharing Tiffany, Alex with Terry o´Quin, i like 😀

  9. Darn. I was too tired to watch last night, and, of course, the video is blocked here at work. To top it off, I have theater tickets this evening, so no H50 for me until Wednesday. Arrggg! OK, something to look forward to.

  10. Good episode. I love Alex either way, shirtless or dressed. He doesn’t have to undress to impress me, but he does look great shirtless. I am anxious to see the episode with Kono. I’m not wondering if she is undercover trying to get her badge back and the rest of the team knows it. Can’t see her turning bad. She was probably hurt but I think she is stronger than that. Will have to wait and see.


  12. Wow,wow,wow…….in Romania just started Hawai 5-O, episod 5…….Im so so so so happyyyy :love:

  13. I just wanted to grab Alex and SQUEEZE him! Can I have one!?? Great episode! Wish I had a dvr!!
    Scify channel is airing Moonlight Tuesday morn starting at 5a! Wish I didn’t have to work!

  14. I have to comment first on this episode. Wow this episode I really like it is the best one of the 3 already aiready so far. Alex looked so so good and I had a hint that Joe was hiding something from him that now we have to wait for future episodes to see what it is that he does not want Steve to find out. Nice dialogue between the 2 at the last scene when they were in teh ceremony all dressed in formal marine uniforms, and Steve looked so incredible HOT!! Now Im all curious as to what Joe is hiding from Steve, We just have to wait for future episodes!!

    This time Lori delivered a better performance I have to admit and I guess some of us knew this was the fate of Catherine, meaning she had to leave Steve. I thought at first she was going to break up with him but she was transfered. Poor Steve all shocked when he heard the news. I thought they were going to kiss or something but they did not, it was just a tender hug. I guess Steve and Catherine relationship was not that lets put in a way: not like a bf or gf they look more like friends with benefits rather than a real couple. So this could mean Steve may have a different love partner in the future, if the writers decide to have a love interest for Steve.

    Danny and the new girl wow!! This is getting interesting.. I love the part when Steve told him ask her out ask her out, just flat like that. Steve personality is like that, bold and dont think before act, he just go for it.

    Next week episode is a must see for sure, finally Steve knows Konos situation and the city shooting when Kono is teaming with the bad guys and all the firing back and forth, it looks like a nice episode for sure I hope is as better as tonight episode.

    I like this episode for sure. 😀 :love: :heart: :kiss:

  15. ALEX SE VE HERMOSO ! :love: :love: :love: ADORO SUS TATUAJES ! :heart:

  16. I’m not a lover of tatttos but he is so handsome I can’t stand it. Love him very much.

  17. Alex shirtless,exciting wow wow!! Cant wait to see thta hunk with no shirt at all for sure!! :love: :heart: 😀

    I do think also Joe knows more things about Steve parents that he is not telling Steve in order not to hurt his feelings I hope as the episodes goes by each story will unfold. But I do think Kono needs to be back soon to the team but I love to see when Steve finds out about her working with the corrupt cops, knowing that Steve is all for justice and fairness, I jsut cant wait to see the face Steve will put when he finds about Kono, he is going to get her “spanked” figure of speech here.

    1. Our parish is hanivg chanted Vespers and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for nine nights leading up to Christmas. We started last night, and the choir sang very well. Last year was the first time we chanted Vespers, and the choir were all very new to chant and a little hesitant. Now, a year later, they’re comfortable with chant, and sang beautifully!

  18. Looking forward to tonight’s episode,and Alex shirtless. 😀 Thanks for clip Tiffany. :love:

  19. The preview looks exciting! Love the interaction between Steve and Joe. I definitely think that Joe has a “secret” and there’s more of his storyline than what we’ve been shown. Time will tell. 5-0 airs here at 10pm so Alex going shirtless – is a lovely way to end the day :love: sigh :whistle: CBS posted this preview on facebook hours ago but I cannot view it because I live outside of the U.S. I was sure you would post it and have been eagerly waiting for your email. Thanks for keeping us informed. :heart:

  20. Yes, Alex shirtless that is a +. I hope all the doubting Thomas’s will like this one. Apparently Lenkov says Lori and Steve have a working relationship, it was CBS who said they had a romantic one. He also said be patient there is a big stroyling in Kono’s what seems mis-deeds and her sort of neglect by the team. The story will unfold. Lenkov does listen to the fans. If you watch the Pilot with commentary on DVD you will know he knows what we say. He knew we all called the Steve and Danno car talks’ cargumments. So hold in there, wait and see. I have loved every episode so far.

  21. Definitely I watch the episode tonight. :heart: Quite good for the reminder. I appreciate a lot.
    Many thanks Tiffany :love:

  22. Looks like a really good episode. And Alex shirtless well just an extra bonus!

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