Hawaii Five-0 204 Mea Makamae Recap

This episode begins with a child finding a severed hand while swimming in the ocean. McGarrett is informed of the case while he is eating lunch with Joe and trying to get a feel for whether or not Joe is trying to help him get to the bottom of the surveillance video featuring his father and Wo fat. Joe tells him to be patient but it appears Steve thinks that the process is taking suspiciously long.

Back at headquarters Steve and Danno meet with Max to discuss their victim. The man (Blake Spencer) was shot and then cut up by a boat propeller. When they go to his home to investigate they find out he is a salvage diver and treasure hunter. They also find some old coins in his house and when they take them to an expert they establish that they may in fact be from a historical shipwreck called the Princessa Del Mar. This leads them to what they believe is a rival salvage diver (Jesse Billings) who has made no bones about the fact that he is looking for the same ship and is taking on investors to help pay for his work. After viewing a promo video aimed at luring investors in they see that the deceased worked for Jesse Billings.

Meanwhile… Steve goes to Catherine to see if she can check with the DOD and find what is taking so long to process the video Joe gave them. Lori visits Blake’s mother to inform her of her son’s death but thinks better of it when she finds that the woman is suffering from alzheimer’s and has regressed to thinking Blake is still a child. Chino Ho finds an old wallet in the deceased’s dive bag. The lab thinks the wallet was submerged for over 50 years. This means that Blake was not salvaging the Princessa Del mar as they suspected.

When they find out that the Princessa Del Mar coins are fakes they figure out that Billings had faked their discovery to keep his investors on the hook. Blake must have discovered this deception but Billings insists that he did not know Blake was on to him and thus had no reason to kill him. The money they found in the old wallet is from the World War II era and it leads them in a new direction though. They call out the coast guard to get help locating Bake’s boat, which they assume must still be out there. They find it anchored about 40 miles off the shore of one of the islands. The boat proves to be the scene of the crime. They find blood and an expelled slug which tells them someone else was on the boat and that this person betrayed Blake.

Steve and Joe dive down to find out what Blake was salvaging and they find a WWII ambulance with an old skeleton in it. Since they believe the body is likely a military man they decide to look through old records to see if they can identify the man. Steve finds a record of a downed officer’s body being transported via boat when the ambulance carrying his coffin was lost at sea. Lori recognizes the man from a photo she saw at Blake’s mother’s home. It is her father and Blake’s grandfather. The body was lost and they were never able to properly bury him which was agonizing for the family. This dive was very important to Blake but it seems unlikely anyone would kill him over this discovery. But then Joe is able to get an ID on the body found in the front of the ambulance. The man was dishonorably discharged from the military after stealing 2 million dollars of overprint currency. He must have hid the money in the casket of Blake’s grandfather to get it off the base and THAT discovery would be motive for murder.

The team finds that the equipment rental owner that Blake used had boats in the vicinity of Blake’s dive on the day he died. When they go to his office they find the old casket that had been pulled from the ambulance and the rental owner dead inside it. Lori is able to lead them to the killer when a ring imprint is spotted on the man’s skull. She interviewed the owner of the ring, a rival diver, earlier that day. When they try to apprehend him on his boat a shoot out ensues but they manage to take him alive and arrest him. The diver killed Blake and the rental owner to get the money. Case closed.

In other news… Steve says goodbye to Catherine because she is being transferred across the world but she does tell him that the DOD never received any tape from Joe. Danny asks a new lady out on a date and Kono is covering her tracks after hacking Chin’s account. At a military funeral held for the lost officer, Steve asks Joe why he trying to keep him from the truth about his father. Joe tells him that he is not the only one afraid to find out where this rabbit hole goes. Joe isn’t keen on potentially smearing the McGarrett name just to get at the truth, which won’t bring Steve’s dad back. The episode closes with Steve disregarding this and saying he has to know.

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  1. I loved this episode! They look amazing all in their uniforms! Lori looks so pretty, and Alex/Steve looks fine! (; this episode was amazing and it was so worth watching so many times as I did! I can’t wait for tonight’s episode! (: I love you all(: :heart:

  2. Everyone: Thanks for all of the good info on Feed, Man-Thing, 3 Rivers. I think I’m going to have to work on getting the nerve to view Feed. Looking forward to tonight’s episode.

  3. Loved this episode. Of course, I love them all. Very touching with Alex and Catherine.
    I have seen FEED about 6 or more times. I liked it. It is a disturbing movie, but Alex was very good in it. I don’t care for the blond hair he had but he was still very sexy and handsome.

  4. Ladies–I’m telling you we need to contact CBS and ask what the h**l is going on!! I’m currently in Las Vegas staying at the MGM where they have a “Television City” store for CBS. It’s all CSI, NCIS, and Nickelodian–not ONE item for Hawaii 5-O. I asked the sales clerk for 5-O souvenirs but they had none. I don’t believe CBS has hopes for 5-O, but how can they when they aren’t marketing it??? Vegas is a HUGE venue–a good place to push 5-O if they wanted to. But do I see anything about it anywhere?? NO! Believe me–they’re going to hear from me about this!! xD

    1. Really? No item for Hawaii 5-0? Upps that is bad!! CBS has some explaining to do. Is it like you said CBS dont have hopes for the series? I believe the only place that Hawaii 5-0 is being marketed on is in Hawaii itself, but is wrong other CBS shows are being marketed and no H50. I smell something fishy here from CBS. It be a very very sad thing that CBS maybe cancel H50 in the near future, i feel for Alex, because he has not had succeed in 2 previoius CBS shows and now a 3rd one, the one who is supposed to be a bigger hit than the other 2?? It will crush his heart im sure. Someone with contacts in the entertaining business and to CBS may have to ask them that, what is going on? ANyone?

  5. he looks hot in that uniform :heart: :angel: :kiss: :love:

  6. Hey Tiffany how do I post a photo fo Alex here when he was very young? I found one on the internet, on this photo he must have like 26 yrs old or even 25.

    1. Tina is it the picture were he was working as a bartender, or is something else? What website did you find it on?

  7. I cant wait for next Monday’s episode. Steve is so ticked off about Kono that you will see his anger when he is interrogating her about the incident in that episode. He cant believe Kono is involved with the bad cops I guess is because he cares for her that he cant grasp the idea of her breaking the law and side with the corrupt cops.

    Ahh but Alex looks so so good and handsome even angry, you will see

  8. FYI-3 Rivers is not available yet on DVD–only as a stream from Amazon. I don’t know if there are plans to release it on DVD. I hope so as I did not watch all of the episodes and was hoping to do so via a library DVD. I’m a big supporter of our library system in NE Ohio. It is wonderful. Oh, and I never saw Man Thing. I don’t think you can get that video in a U.S. format. So there are a couple of performances I’ve missed besides Australian TV.

    1. Shirley: I watched 3 Rivers can be seen on “tv.blinkx.com”. It’s a bit of a pain because they stop you after 72 mins. but they list other available sites and you can usually find one to continue watching. I read an in-depth review of Feed. The author said he almost threw-up and couldn’t eat for three days after seeing it. I can’t bring myself to buy it – not even with the temptation of seeing Alex “au natural” (he’s nude for most of it). FYI-Peter Lenkov just tweeted that Catherine will be back”. Hurray!! I know that makes my day.

      1. Muffie: I have had a copy of Feed for around eighteen months, but haven’t had the nerve to watch it. That could be because I’m worried it might change my opinion of Alex. Every report I’ve read from fans who’ve seen it acknowledge the disturbing elements, but also really praise Alex’s acting. I will keep that in mind when I do watch it, and try to remember that it’s “just a movie”.

      2. Linda E. Have you watched any of the interviews Alex did re: Feed? The one where Alex tells how the movie came about is at
        http://youtube.com.watch?v=sxw6Q1ehd60 or you can simply google
        youtube – Alex O’Loughlin Feed Interview
        Also, youtube – Feed Movie Prescreening in Philadelphia with Alex O’Loughlin. (I couldn’t get the url they gave to work so won’t include it). The author of the review I read said that even though the movie isn’t for everyone, he commended Alex for having the “balls” to do it.

      3. Yes, Feed is very disturbing–but Alex plays a TERRIFIC bad guy!! His performance as a weirdo/pervert/sick-o is kind of like watching the wonderful Anthony Hopkins play Hannibal. I didn’t like Man-Thing coz Alex’s character dies. Not only can he perfectly mimic an American accent, but in Man-Thing he has a Southern accent!

      4. Muffie: Re: our Feed posts. I have seen Alex’s interviews on Youtube. He was certainly very candid about his interest in the subject matter. My copy of the movie fortunately does include all the extras.

      5. Linda E: I just watched Feed (0n Netflex) and have to admit that I had to turn my face away from some of the scenes. But I found I really had to watch it to the end. I wouldn’t worry about your opinion of Alex changing. As always, Alex transformed himself completely into this character and I saw absolutely no resemblance to the Alex we have grown to love. I must add that Alex does “crazy” exceedingly well and his transformation at the end was amazing. I’m glad I saw it through – Alex does indeed make a point with this one. Kudos to him for having the “guts” – no pun intended – to make the film.

    2. Shirly try Netflex for Man Thing, thats were i found it.

  9. Ladies: Have you seen Alex in Season 6 of The Shield? I had never watched the show, but got the video from the library and watched it last weekend. OMG–there is one hot and steamy segment in the 6th episode (Alex was in 7 episodes). He looked really good back then; hair short but not too short so it curled a bit, and he was in good shape. I also saw the one guest star episode he was in Criminal Minds where he played a serial killer. He was great in that as well. Because of his acting ability, he made a serial killer sympathetic.

    So now I think I’ve seen everything he’s been in except for some of the Australian TV and Feed. I’m going to try to work myself up to see Feed and keep an open mind. Has anyone seen it? Was it difficult to watch? Thanks and have a great weekend–brings us that much closer to Monday H50 night!

    1. Shirley, The Sheild is where I first “met” Alex, so to speak. LOL He looked beautiful in that dim, gritty lighting and I knew he had it in him to be like Paul Newman then.

      And I felt he did an excellent job on Criminal Minds, too. Now, for Feed, he is wonderful, but that is not a film that is at all easy to watch.

    2. Shirly I watched it more than once, and agree ti was a bit disturbing. I couldn’t belive he would be involved in this type of film. I then found out alex helped write and produce it. I watched it again trying to understand were he was coming from. Still didn’t think it was in good taste, but the ending was very touching. I like the way the writers wrapped it up. It was sad but brought the whole film togeather for me.

    3. I know which segment of “The Shield” you’re talking about 😉 “The Chair Scene” has a following on YouTube!! It’s pretty steammy alright 😆

  10. M.L.-I understand where you’re coming from. As a veteran of the US Air Force(6 yrs) and US Navy (4 yrs) I know what its like saying goodbye to someone who you were in a relationship with. Even fwb because it happened to me in 1974 I was 21 and fell head over heels w/my Squadron Cmdr in the USAF. He left for Vietnam. That was one of the worst days of my life. Yes, we were fwb-because I trusted him and so, I know what Catherine was feeling. Maybe the hug was for the best because my guy left me high and dry. No meeting in Thailand for us!

    1. Linda, I remember the Vietnam goodbyes. They were heartbreaking. And I am going to be very honest here but I don’t see anything wrong with the Friends With Benefits arrangements if you are with someone you trust. It is far more personal than one night stands and if a person is not ready to commit and everyone is on the same page and consenting adults, this is an understandable situation. Hopefully, when one does commit and marry, one is a good friend to one’s spouse for the sake of long term happiness. In my own case, Husband and I started out as FWB and now have been married 28 years. I would literally give up my life for him and he is my best friend who can still utterly crack me up.

      All that said, I think the character of Steve is way too conflicted and focused on putting the pieces of his family back together to be able to commit to anyone yet. But when he is ready, he strikes me as the type who would fall deeply in love and commit heart and soul. So, no, I don’t judge him or Catherine. Nor do I think it’s odd that some people choose to wait till they find the person whom he or she wish to commit to before having a physical relationship. This is a personal choice and up to the people involved.

      Kudos to the actress who plays Catherine for capturing the dignity, commitment to her country and yes, the frear in that scene.

      1. Very well said….

  11. I believe Kono will be back to the team not soon though I believe. I mean how can not she be back if she is the one of the main characters of the opening credits and the title song of H50 and if you could see the credits where Lauren German appears after that when the first scene starts to roll up, she is not even part of the main characters at the opening sequence, Grace Park is so for that I believe she will be back but not soon.

    1. Tina: just received a posting from “Hawaii Five-0 Online” stating Lauren German has officially been added to the H5-0 cast page. But Kono will be back; rumors of her leaving the show are just that – rumors and Peter Lenkov said that we are in for a surprise regarding her story-line.

  12. Tiffany, thank you for the latest review. I certainly enjoyed this episode. I like the quality of the writing and performances by Alex and the H5O cast. It was terrific seeing Patty Duke and Peter Fonda in their roles as well.

  13. I really think Steve and Catherine were a bit more than FwB. Remember in first season, Steve and Dano were undercover in some bar, and they were dressed to the nines and some girl was giving Steve the eye? This was the day following one of S/C hookups. And Steve didn’t bite, and Dano asked him why. Steve just grinned that wicked grin. I truly think they were in love but the service got in their way–and now it did it again. Hopefully, the actor’s schedule will allow her time to come back for an episode or two unless they pair Steve up with someone more seriously. I, myself, enjoyed the character and the actress. I thought they looked right together and very natural.

  14. I still dont understand why all the big investigation on Kono for the HPD stolen money? I mean is that the only reason she is being charged with or there are other things that we dont know and they were never seen on the series? I mean the stolen money was part to save Chin Ho and Steve and Kono were the responsible for that robbery. I know there was a witness that saw Kono but never saw Steve when they were leaving the scene and that is why she is the only charged. I mean is the rest of the gang is quiet because if they know that money was to pay Chin Ho fro getting killed on hands on Victor Hesse, noone will believe them and all the gang could be in trouble and not just Kono or there is no proof to back that up? I had been confused about that since all this Kono problem

  15. Great review as usual, Tiffany–great episode. Hopefully the 19% ratings drop will go back up with quality episodes like we saw Monday night.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking–this and last week’s episodes were better stories, so, if word gets out, ratings will improve for future episodes.

  16. Another wonderful recap, Tiffany! Touching scene with Catherine. Enjoying Masi very much! Glad he’s playing a bigger role now. Also, like Alex and Terry. They work great together! Thanks!

  17. I loved it=)..As always Alex was awesome..So sexy :woot: :love: :heart: ..But I say Steve should have kissed Katherine :kiss: :love: :heart:

  18. I thought this episode was much better than the season premier; it had just the right balance between the main storyline and the sub-plots. Alex is an action-hero superstar. Did you notice the nimble grace he exhibited while climbing the rigging to get to the bad guy? Loved it ! :love:

  19. Monday’s epi was simply swooning-that man in uniform!! Mmmm! Very sad about Cat-why didn’t he KISS her? You could see the fear on her face, going back to the Gulf. Meet half way in Dubai after she has enough leave time? Steve, couldn’t you see the love on her face or in her eyes? My God man she’s in love w/you! All he did was hug her. I am sorry to see her go. Kono is making a real mess of her life-she’ll never get her badge back w/these antics. But, I really enjoyed the episode and hope many more like it. Ratings? We need H50 :love:

    1. Linda, I think Steve hugged her because up until then, their relationship was one of friends with benefits and favors. I think at that moment he DID see her fear and worry and responded with genuine emotion and concern. And if he doesn’t love her in return, best to be honest and keep it real. He is military and very aware of what she is facing and his hug was one of respect, admiration and concern and real friendship. I thought that was a hopeful sign that he would meet her halfway because now she is not just a booty call or someone he leans on when he needs an important favor.

      Good episode and now Steve has to decide if he wants the truth about his dad or does he want to keep the family name unsullied. That is a tough decision and one I don’t envy.

      1. M L: I agree with you re Catherine and the hug. I think it was very touching; you could see her fear and Steve’s fear for her. He just wanted to protect her, and what do you do when you want to protect someone? You envelope/surround them–hence, the hug. I think this kept this scene real.

        I loved the scene when Steve went to meet Catherine to ask the favor. Picking her a flower was such a gentlemanly thing to do. I saw a homemade video of this weeks ago, and truly wasn’t sure if it was part of the show or the two of them killing time between filming. Alex seemed so natural and relaxed–what an actor! To not know if it’s ‘real or Memorex” (LOL). He has such a gift.

        I hope that Joe is just worried about sullying the McGarrett name and not that he’s involved somehow in some shady dealings. I think that would be too much for Steve to handle since Joe is a father figure, and he’s had to deal with so much already. My husband thinks he’s hiding something.

        I loved the scene that Alex did with Patty Duke when they were talking about Steve serving. My husband met Patty years ago; he works in psych, and Patty was at his hospital promoting mental health since she suffers from bi-polar disease. Class act all the way. They work well off each, Alex and Patty.

        And Alex in uniform? I’d rather dress blues, but I’ll take these as well. In addition to the dive boat scene–whoa!

      2. Thank you for seeing that Catherine and Steve’s relationship was “friends with benefits.” Nobody else seems to have gotten this. I really did not like the way he always called her when he wanted something, then repaid her with sex or dinner, and yes she had much deeper feelings than he had. You said it pefectly… plus their are too many other major backstories to the McGarrett character.

      3. Well I believe that Cat and Steve relationship was not of a bf/gf like i and other poster said they were more like friends with benefits , they did not seem to really love each other more than protect and care for each other because they understand each other for their militayr background, I mean they did not even date. Steve was protective of her for sure the odd part for sure was why he did not kiss her good bye not even on the cheek!! I mean they slept together and and they made love also how is it possible he did not even kiss her good bye and it was just a good bye hug??? Maybe that got him off guard and by total surprise that perhaps he did not knwo what to do when she told him she was leaving.

  20. I like this episode very much but Im afraid about the ratings. Next Mondays episode it seems like a very good one I just watched a preview of it and wow Kono is really in big trouble, it seems she is responsible for upps I was going to give away some details… haha!! .

    You have to see it to find out . But be sure to watch our Steve Mcgarrett really angry and pissed off about Kono situation, . I mean he is really pissed offf!! and it seems Chin Ho is totally clueless about how deep Kono problem is .You will see.

  21. Thanks for the great pictures & perfect updates. I’m not alone saying “I live for Monday nights!” and I don’t mean football. The Syfy station had 2 episodes of Moonlight on last night, 5-7pm EST. That truly made my day. I think all the episodes are action packed & beautiful to watch. Thanks again, Tiffany!

  22. Love ALex in uniform. but especailly the dress blues, but any will do. Shame about Catherine, it’s probably got to do with her new role in another programme got picked up so she will nto be available. WOnder if she will ever come back though. No Steve doesn’t get to smile much, but when he does, that ‘smile. Wonder if little Grace willbe in it soon instead of just a one way convo Dano’s having on the phone.

  23. Tiffany, Thanks for the review of Monday night’s episode. I love it and missed alittleof it so it’s nice to catch it again. Alex’s character doesn’t smile much, maybe we should petition to get him a girlfriend in the show. Sincerely Deanna

  24. Oh, those men in uniform! Alex wears one very well, to say the very least. Great scene with Catherine, very touching. Good groove this week.

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