HIFF Panel with Hawaii Five-0 Cast

Photo by Rae Huo of Popiroiro.com, Official HIFF Photographer

The Hawaii International Film Festival hosted an afternoon with the H50 Cast yesterday. The line-up featured executive producer Peter Lenkov, director Steve Boyum, and cast members Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, Lauren German and Taylor Wily. Here is are Alex from the Q&A:

Le: How is your  portrayal of Steve McGarrett  different from Jack Lord’s portrayal?

O’Loughlin : This is a question I’ve been asked a lot. [With Hawaii Five-0] the possibilities are endless, and in 42 minutes we try to rival what you see in feature films. My Steve McGarrett is a man with a huge past, he’s a SEAL, he’s on a mission. So I try to stay away from the old show and anything Jack did. Like other things I build it form the ground up. We do honor the old show, like the hat rack in Steve’s office is the original from Jack’s office.

Le: How was the reaction to the show in Australia?

O’Loughlin: I’ve only been back once since the show started. But my mum loves it.

Le: I like that all the characters are all flawed. Where do you pull from to build your character?

O’Loughlin: Oh I can’t tell you that. That’s like asking Anthony Bourdain how he makes his secret lobster bisque. It’s like as an actor¦ it’s a funny art form. If you’re an artist, you paint. If you’re a musician, you play a score. There’s something very tangible and specific about what you do. If you play the wrong note, you’re not playing the piece correctly, whereas with what we do, there are so many different interpretations of a role or a scene. That’s what makes casting so important. Sometimes you watch a movie and it’s just not quite right. Sometimes it’s down to just interpretation. I trained for three years in Sydney at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. I learned a lot. I guess it was the pinnacle of my training¦ I have a way that I work as an artist; you go to your experience. If you are good at what you do, you find a way to turn the objective experience into a subjective study tool.

The funny thing about television is¦ you get the material, and you’re working the next day. You don’t have time to go full Stanislavsky and go into the forest and grow a beard and do all that stuff that we thespians like to do. It’s almost like cold reading. It’s an instinct mechanism that gets stronger. It’s a muscle as well that gets stronger the more you do work like this.

Le: How is Hawaii for you?

O’Loughlin:  I love Hawaii, it’s my home. Australia will always be my home. I’ll always be an Aussie…I kind of believe that’s the way things happen… If you kind of step away from it…me being here really isn’t an accident. Each day that goes by it becomes so much more clear to me because I wake up in these islands, I’ve never felt anywhere more home than Australia than Hawaii. I’m a homeowner here. I have a dog. I think that means more than having a wife or a child. Once you get a dog, where I come from, you’re not going anywhere. No matter what happens, I’ll always have a place here.

There was a lot of other tidbits and banter back and forth with the typical Alex humor.

See more at Non Stop Honolulu.


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  1. I just received Season 1 from Library since all I’m really interested in are the out-takes, etc. I decided to re-watch the pilot anyway. OMG–the writing was so good–I had forgotten. Crisp, action-packed, witty. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. I wonder about why Lori and not Kono is the inside the locker room at the arena on tomorrows episode when Steve is going to do some MMA fight. I I mean I thought Kono for being an older member and she is cared more than Lori and Kono is a very dear friend, and Lori is jsut a newbie but Lori is the one inside the locker room with Steve not Kono wishing him luck.. Dontt ell me that for sure Lori and Steve will develop something in the future even if the producer constantly denies that is not going to happen.

    There has been some indirect innuendos on Lori to Steve, small bits but there has been and I wonder about tomorrows episode why Lori is the one isnide the locker room and not Kono. SOmething that came into my mind.

    1. I think Peter is laughing saying that Lori is not a love interest for Steve 👿 because over the episodes, it seems that the writers want to develop this relationship. Lauren is a recurring character in the series so … and the team from H50 appreciates Lauren .

      1. I mean not that Kono will be the love interest of Steve, beause that is not the objective of Kono on the team and that was never the objective of Peter and the writers, she is as part of the team as teh rest of the gang and she has another story, but in this case Lori’s story is different, since it seems she gives innuendos and on the screen she is getting more attached little by little to Steve in a different ways and as u can see Steve seems more comfortable with Lori now.

        I mean like I said why Lori is the one cheering up Steve on the locker room and not Kono? Because Kono is just a friend and a member of 5-0, she is not seen like anything else but Lori presence may have other motives for him and vice versa. So i believe Lori and Steve will eventually end up together at some point in the series even if Peter had insisted that no , I guess the writers may change their mind.

        Do you think ladies if they do, will it tarnish Steve character and make him a soft because he is not seen like the type of a sentimental guy , he has to show a strong presence as the team leader and having a real love interest will misguide him of his task, you know conflict of interests? Will it be good for the show itself to have this relationship between those 2? Now I dont know.

        What do u think?

      2. I agree with you Diana. And what we should all remember is that they are filming episodes so far in advance it’s not as if they can change the storyline from week to week. We’ve voiced our opinion about Lori and Steve being “involved”. Peter has listened and now I think it’s time we gave it a rest and trust that whatever decisions are made will have a positive effect on Five-0’s ratings. We all care about the success of this show not just for Alex’s sake but for everyone involved with it’s production – that’s why we’re here.
        I appreciate your comments Maria, but I think you are over-thinking everything and instead you should sit back and enjoy the show. One of the ways you can show your support is to vote for them for a People’s Choice Award. Thank goodness it’s Monday. :woot: I am so looking forward to tonight’s episode. I finally saw it’s promo on the internet – the channels here don’t air them – and it looks fantastic. I feel for those of you who won’t be able to view it tonight 🙁 but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.. :p

  3. Was there no review for the last episode? I look forward to Tiffany’s weekly reviews.

  4. Did u know for those who did not know, there was a internet rumor some years ago that our, beloved koala Alex was the son of the AC/DC heavy metal group front man Bon Scott? HEHE!!! I really dotn know who started the rumor but i found that so funny! I never heard of that guy (Im not a AC/DC fan though) until today that I read that on the internet, so funny!!! :woot: ;-(

  5. I think Peter and the writers will have to spice up the stories better otherwise the ratings will keep going down and that be a terrible thing. I dont want Alex to have another of his shows cancelled, it be his third show cancelled BY CBS!!!!! Not fair I mean it really will make Alex so so sad if that happens. I mean we are in the 5 episode of thet season already this is where people notice how good or not is a show so far.

    . I believe that among young people H50 is not their favorite, H50 hits more to people above 30 yrs old, my opinion.

    Now a question. Why the little girl who plays Danny’s daughter was on the SOTB premiere if at this very moment she has not even showed up not even in 1 episode? I mean why she was at the premiere if she was not going to be a part of this season story? Unless she will appear in latter episodes, then I understand, but fi she plans on not returning at all, it was weird she was part of the premiere if her character is not part of the story. I mean I know Danny speaks about her during the show, but she is not present.

    Also Jenna needs to return not recurring role but at least a few episodes more, I mean the team has to know she is a mole and she works for Wo-Fat, Is like the team will never know that and it was a very important clue because she just left because her bf may be alive but she wont return and her participation ended there? At least the Victor Hesse story had a closure. She may know some clues as to Steve past or his father past that need to be revealed in the season piece by piece. I hope that when Steve heard of what was Gov jamiseon speaking with his father on the video will give us more clues about the relationship and that story dont have a closure for the moment.

    We need to know more of Steve when he was a Seal and include that in some story. What about a story of Stevé’s mother? What about Mary. Steve sister. A good story could be that she is asking for help to Steve and Steve has to go to LA for some days to help her, this could be a NCIS crossover from H50 to NCIS for one episode and even more if NCSI deals with conducts criminal investigations involving the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. and Steve being a Seal.

    Some stories are still untold or they are half told and need to be continue to be told this season to give them a proper closure so they can move to other stories and be revealed this season.

    Sorry for the long post , just wanted to say what I think.

  6. I just saw that The People’s Choice Awards is taking votes for Best TV drama actor and crime drama: http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/ (Sorry–not sure how to hyperlink this for you.) You can vote for up to 5 on the list. Of course Alex and H5O are listed and I think you can vote as many times as you want. Let’s show TV Guide they don’t know what they’re talking about!! Alex and 5-O all the way!!! 😀

  7. I just read on Word Press that, “TV Guide has compiled a list of 11 shows that they believe are in the most danger due to “low ratings, poor performances among younger viewers and other typical bad signs. TV Guide has put Hawaii Five-0 on that list without even factoring in the MLB playoffs which upset the ratings for many tv shows.”

    “The Good News: The show, one of few from last season’s class to earn a second season, still regularly wins its timeslot in the coveted adults-18-to-49 demographic. Plus, the show brought Lost’s Terry O’Quinn back to “The Island” for a meaty multi-episode arc.”

    “The Bad News: Despite ruling the demo, the show routinely has a smaller audience than timeslot rival Castle. Though the show pulled in 14 million viewers in its debut a year ago, the first-season finale drew only 10 million, the same number this season is averaging. For comparison, that’s 2 million fewer viewers than CSI: Miami averaged in that timeslot when it was bumped.”

    I hope things turn around and quickly. I can’t imagine Alex getting yet another series cancelled especially since he obviously has made himself a home now in Hawaii.

    Sending all good thoughts his way.

    1. um, i just went to the tvguide.com “11 Bubble Shows — Which Will Survive?”
      its listed #7 and just as you posted shirley…

      1. Tranquila gente ,acabo de leer en el portal de tv guide que Hawaii five-o es SEGURO y las lista se redujo a 10 ¡ultima actualizacion!

    2. Just read on WordPress that H50 fans made their disgust known to TV Guide and as a result, TV Guide has taken Five-0 off their bubble list. Peter Lenkov tweeted that Five-0 is indeed SAFE – it isn’t going anywhere. Kudos to the “power of the fans”.

      1. Alex and HFO have some devoted and devout fans!

  8. I think Lauren German / Lori has won on twitter, fans have asked Peter to keep Lori and Peter re tweeted on his twitter that:
    kaideejay @PLenkov Loved Ma’ema’e! And I think Lori Weston is a nice addition to the team. I hope she gets to stay for awhile.

    Maybe, she has a good relationship with Peter, the team and the cast like Alex (off camera)

  9. Great pic and interview! Thanks Tiffany! :love: :heart:

  10. Just watched this week’s episode again, thinking I should know who played the character Trisha Joyner. Guess who?? Another link to Moonlight!! It was the actress who played Cynthia, Coraline’s friend who got her out of the hospital!! This was a great episode–lots of action and an angry Steve is a SEXY Steve!! 😉

  11. i agrr, this episoid was better than the others.The part with lori questioning chin was very poor.I had the same confused lok as chin did. maybe thats how they will get her off the show, like they don’t think think couples can work togeather for the safety of the team. I hope so.

    1. i agree Carol the dialogue between Lori and Chin was awkward and poor, i mean I guess soemthign had to be said in the dialogue beacuse they were just waiting for the lady to come to the room and they have to kill time, but they kill the time there by having that dialogue which was poor and awkward, starting with Lori, I dotn have anything agaisnt the actress but it is her character that is not fitting the team. They should have killed the time by searching more in the room not just by sitting and waiting, I guess this particular part of the script was poor. In many cops show the main character or lets say the team leader really never gets romatically involved in teh show becaue it will cloud their task at the workplace. I mean they may have like someone or seems to like someone, but is liek their jobs need to be neutral and always focus on the job and more if they are the head of the team. My humble opinion here.

      1. I agree.. Now that Kono is back, Lori needs to go..
        Like said, as a real person, she is fine, but her character DOES NOT FIT IN and she is awkward.
        They need to leave Steve as is.. he doesn’t need a steady love interest.. it would interfere { and make us WAY JEALOUS TOO!!}
        I pray the rating pick back up.. I freaked after they stated that last week ratings dropped 19%.. that is not good.. not good at all..

  12. What did I say earlier? Here’s some quotes from Alex at the recent 50 panel discussion.

    question: Why do you think your show is so successful considering so many recent remakes have failed on network television?

    Answer from Alex: O’Loughlin: I think this is a good one for the final question, and I’ve been on a run of failures, so I think I’ll start the answering process. I think that what Peter said is right, luck is definitely a part of it. The world is always changing. What’s topical is always changing. What people want to see? What’s happening in pop culture? It’s the sum of all those parts, but it’s also very much you have to have a good cast, a good crew, and everything has got to be in place. I think in my experience in television, the most important thing is you have to have good stories. You have to have a good team of writers, and good scripts continually. If you give me a bad script, there is only so much that I can do. The most important part is having a good person to run the show and the material that is being given to the rest of us to do what we do.

    1. I can’t believe this. I viewed the extended photos of this panel yesterday and now can’t find the link. If anyone finds it, would you mind posting the url to this site? Arrgggg.

      Thanks much!

  13. thanks tiffany.. like always…

    1. Alex is alex…himself.

  14. OK, I haven’t seen a recap article yet, so I’ll post my comments here. BEST SHOW OF THE SEASON THUS FAR in my humble opinion!!! Action and suspense packed. Kono’s finally back with the team at the end. Yea! Steve going all postal on Kono in interrogation room and then again with IA–Loved it! A cargument–can’t miss with those. Touching scene between Chin and his lady, although I do wonder why Chin doesn’t just tell Kono that he broke it off with her instead of the other way around. She might be more congenial with her in future (sorry, can’t remember Chin’s lady’s name). I’m wondering, however, why Lori is asking Chin about Steve–it did sound to me like she’s interested in him no matter what Peter has tweeted. Although I liked that Chin told her that she’s a lot like McGarrett–LOL!

    1. I am wondering the same thing about Lori, it seems she is getting interested in Steve more in the romantic field than the work field and this is the second time she hinted that. Last week episode also if u remember when Catherine was waiting for Steve in his office to tell him teh bad news about her departure, when Lori was walking with Steve on the hall before Steve going to his office, Lori ask him who was the lady and he replied he is a friend then Steve excused himself so he can go to Catherine and Lori stared at his office a little bit longer than necessary like to figure it out who was that lady.

      Is it because Peter L. is hiding something from the fans even if he tweeted Lori was not going to be a love interest for Steve? You know there always be surprises. Now Im wondering if indeed Lori will be a potential love interest for Steve, 2 hints already that Lori is getting interested in Steve more than her boss

      1. When this week’s episode was shot it was like August 20th or something. I personally believe they are back tracking some things that were said do to the fans reaction to Lori. If you’re monitoring all the sights it is probably 20 to 1 that Lori Weston’s character needs to go. Because I do recall it was said by “whomever” that she was a possible love interest for Steve, and the “female McGarrett.”

        What really bothers me in all of this, is that they think people don’t remember. Kono is McGarrett’s mentee, and if anything she is the female side kick to him, which has been hinted at throughout episodes since the pilot.

  15. Thanks Tiffany for the link. Alex looks so handsome and relaxed. I liked the episode of Hawaii Five-O last night very much. Looking forward to next Monday’s episode for sure. :love:

  16. Doesnt Alex look incredible sexy and handsome on the above photo?He looks ubber handsome smiling. He looks so laid back and relaxed attending this event. with a simple T shirt and some khaki shorts and tennis shoes, nothing too uptight. I love this man and how simple he really is, so approachable

  17. It is very exciting to learn what we thought was right about Kono. But please remember, that other countires don’ get their episodes as quick as you guys do. So it is better to be general and not give too much away. I myself unless I go on the interent willnot see this eppie on TV until a week tomorrow.luckier than last year we are only a week behind. Other countires not sure if they even have it yet.

    1. Ohh Sandra Im sorry to give away details I forgot not all people watch the series in the same time slot.

    2. Sandra you are right. In Romania just started Hawai 5-O in september…….so …..we are at the “beginning”.
      Was just epsode nmb 6……………………..one episode per week unfortunately 🙁
      I want more….. 😀
      Thanks Tiff for keeping posted us

  18. What did u think of todays episode ladies? Wow I certainly like it and see we all were right about Kono going undercover, I mean she still is in the opening credits i did not think she was leaving the show or being sided out it was just a matter of time she went back to the force Although the Delano guy did not die I believe so I think he will be back at some point perhaps to get revenge??? Who knows.

    . I lkike how Steve defended Kono to the AI guy, but I he looked so handsome being mad also when he was interrogating Kono. Todays was the kindo of action we needed and missed from the series, unlike the first 2 episodes of this season, today it was good. I love the way it ended by Steve hitting Vincent and telling him: “Noone messes with my team” and then at the end all 5 members were walking together. That was awesome I cant wait for next week when again we see or beloved Alex shirtless :love: 😀 :heart: in the arena. Upps he is going to be “killed” fighting Chuck Lidell figure of speaking. Like tonites episode.

    1. How nice that you’ve watched 5-0 already. I have to wait for almost an hour and a half before it comes on here. Thanks for the info. ^_^

  19. Just heard that Hawaii Five-0 is now in the Guinness Book of World Records. It has been named “The Highest-rated New Show (US)…drew an audience of 19.34 million for it’s highest-rated episode on 23 January 2011. Congratulations to H 5-0 and to the viewers that made it possible. Keep on watching!!

  20. I really like what Alex had to say regarding how he pulls a character out of hmself. He is a very articulate, intelligent man and I love that about him. Yes, he looks a bit thin in the face, but he looks HAPPY and that makes me happy!

    1. I remember reading that Alex was working with a trainer on his core over hiatus because of the injuries he had last season. Don’t you think that the fitness training plus changes in his diet might account for his leaner look? But, as you said, he does look happy (and I think very healthy) and that is all that really matters. He has certainly toned-up since his Moonlight days.

  21. Me encantan sus palabras y muy cierto en eso ke dise de ke el modo de actuar se obtiene del instinto y a practica porsupuesto … es un hombre tan talentoso ! :love: lo amo ! :heart:

    gracias Tiffany 😉 😀

  22. Hey girls dont u find our beloved Alex a bit thin on this picture? I do see him thin. Poor guy Is he eating well? Otherwise I will have to fly to Hawaii and cook for him, haha!! LOL!!! But he looks thin. Ohh I hope he wont get thinner, that be so bad


  24. Tiffany: Thank you so much for this. It is absolutely wonderful! This is just great. It’s refreshing to see Alex so relaxed–I love all of the photos–great looking pair of orange shoes, Alex! He just slays me with his fashion sense. 🙂

    I don’t understand the “not down to earth guy” comment at all. He’s just stating a fact–how he trained, what he does to prep.

    The article says part 2 is coming tomorrow. Can’t wait. Oh how I wish I could have been there in person.

    I can’t believe it, but only Alex could get us all to wish Monday–Monday of all days–would come faster. Behold the power of Alex!

    1. In what picture I can see Alex orange shoes I havent seen them here where?

      1. Click on the link for the full article and there are photos there.

  25. I thought Alex did an excellent job, answering the question. He is still, the great guy we all love & admire. Thanks Tiffany, as always, for a great pic of Alex & interesting interview..

  26. @sue

    I think he’s exactly the same. I’ve heard him say something very similar to this in a previous interview…I think right before th series premiere??

    Look at what he’s wearing and combine that with what he’s saying…it’s the same ol Alex. He’s always been a very intelligent, eloquent, and humble speaker/person…when he wants to be. 😀

  27. Thanks, Tiffany for the picture and article. I think Alex is of course the same “down to earth guy” that he used to be. He was asked a question and he answered and I found the answer interesting. Now on to Honolulu Pulse for the rest!

  28. man he’s not the same down to earth guy he used to be.

    1. Sue: I’d like to know why you made that comment? What are you basing your opinion on? I, personally, can’t understand why you drew this conclusion. Could you elaborate please. Thanx

  29. Thanks Tiffany! Alex looks so relaxed–perhaps moreso than this time last season when everything was very hectic for the cast. He has fit right in to the Hawaiian lifestyle–Hawaiian time!

    1. Yup, I agree!!!

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