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moonlight boxed setI have now watched the entire DVD set of Moonlight Season 1. Oh how nice that was to watch it straight through. Well, kinda. I think I stretched it out over 3-4 evenings.

Anyway, I am still really bummed by the ending. I don’t feel closure but I try to imagine I am just watching a  really long movie.

I am also bummed that there are NO special features. No commentary, no trailers, no deleted scenes, no bloopers, no interviews, nada. After the long wait the fans had this is kind of a let down.

Still any moonlight fan should have this set. I just think someone in marketing blew it. They could have added a bunch of features and doubled the price.

For those of you that bought it…were you disappointed?

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  1. Welcome Back Char, great hearing your input on this site again… You have been missed…

  2. Not dissapointed at all!
    I had completely missed the series when it first aired, so I got to see it for the first time when I bought the DVDs.
    What a treat!
    I love Alex’s “feral” side when he turns into his vampire side. Love the chemistry between him and Sophia.

    He is such a talented actor, I just can’t wait to see him in his next project!

  3. I thought that the reason that the DVD was so long in being released, was that Alex and Jason were doing some comments and that there would be additional outtakes, etc. I guess that I misunderstood what I had read. I don’t think that I am alone in this misunderstanding, am I?

    So many DVDs of shows were released faster than Moonlight, so it is obvious that it can be done. Why do they want to punish loyal fans? I have never before been involved in caring what happened to a cancelled show. In my very long life time, I have seen a plethora of shows come and go and I really never cared that much. I really looked forward to Fridays to watch Ghost Whisperer followed by Moonlight. Now of course, I am only watching Moonlight on the SciFi channel, which is being show very early in the LA area. I don’t know if it is the same time slot everywhere.

  4. Hi Moonlight Hopefuls, I bought Moonlight DVD and was also disappointed that there was not anything besides the regular TV show. I still love it though. Watch the reruns tonight so the ratings look good. signed hopeful

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