Alex O’Loughlin Wrap Up- Week of Sept 5


Another week has wrapped bringing us all closer to the the double premiere night on Sept 23. Although it is closer, it is still too far away for dire Hawaii Five O fans who want to see Alex and the team back on their screens again to continue where it left off in May. Although they were shooting the 150th episode this past week there was very little behind the scenes pics or activity to hold fans over. (maybe because they were doing a lot of night shoots and/or pics would be spoilers) Thankfully the season 6 DVD will be releasing in a couple of days.

In the meantime here are a few pics that did pop up for your enjoyment.


Thanks to Daniel Dae Kim for this shot of most of the team and the return of Michelle Borth to wrap story according to Peter Lenkov.

Alex O'loughlin BTS with cast



From Christine Lahti who plays “Mom” as we so “lovingly” met her as at the beginning of season 3. She was in town to wrap story line also, which many fans think it is about time. (including us)

Alex Oloughlin and Christine Lahti



At the beginning of the week Alex was out and about town and Robert Warner was able to meet and have a chat with him. Through Robert’s post on FB we learned some more inside info about Alex  as he revealed to Robert that he had hearing loss and Tinnitus. Depending on the severity of this, it can drive one crazy so let’s hope it is not severe in his case.



Alex shared on his FB page, an opportunity for everyone no matter where you are to take part in an upcoming charity event for Taylor’s Gift which is a charity he supports.

You can learn more about participating and joining Alex on the Taylor’s Gift blog.



Also this pic was posted by Ben Dunthorne this past week but was from back in July. Being from Australia as well, they seem to hit it off when Ben was able to catch some shooting of the show.

Alex O'loughlin fan photo



Since is was a slow week, this could be a good time to throw some old pics in that either you have or have not seen originally. Here are some collages and you can find all the credits in our gallery here. You can also double click on each photo to make them bigger.







To top off the week hopefully this will provide a funny.


You can go to our twitter page post and check out a few of the funny responses. And while you are there, follow us for all the fun.


This upcoming week we will have the release of the Season Six Hawaii Five O DVD and we will post all the extras and fun as soon as we can so keep an eye out for it. You can still get yours at the same time upon release if you want by going to Amazon. They actually ship so you have it the date of release. The price just went down too!


And finally on a more reflective note, today marks the 15th anniversary of the attacks on The World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the heroic events of Flight 93. Since the effects were felt worldwide, lets take a moment to think back. The families of the lost, AND all affected that day are in our prayers and thoughts. Never Forget.



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  1. There is so much good stuff just on this one post alone no wonder this is the best Alex page of all, and always will be. ?? And 2nd, Taylor’s Gift is amazing, so hopefully whoever will catch that mistake, I love Taylor’s Gift. All those pictures are really good. Just makes me more excited for all the new shows coming. Keep all the good stuff flowing, I’ll always be here & good job! ????

    1. Thank you so much as that is very sweet and humbling comment. We strive to bring the best stuff to the fans in a positive uplifting manner so thanks for appreciating it.

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