Alex O’Loughlin Wrap Up – Week of August 29


Time to wrap up the week again and there is sure  a lot to wrap up as it gets closer to the beginning of the new season. Excitement continues to grow as some fans get ready for Sunset on the Beach and the rest that can not make it this year, get ready to join the celebration from their homes across the world.

In the meantime lets look the back at the Alex sightings of the past week. Enjoy!


Fan Photos

Eden Marie who works for United at the San Francisco airport check him on August 31 and provided us with these gems. He was probably headed back to Honolulu to get back to the set. Hopefully he got a long weekend prior to celebrate his 40th.


Alex O'Loughlin at San Francisco Airport
Alex O'Loughlin at San Francisco Airport
Alex O'Loughlin at San Francisco Airport
Alex O'Loughlin at San Francisco Airport
Alex O'Loughlin at San Francisco Airport



This fan photo popped up this week but was actually posted on FB on August 24th and looks like it was taken prior. Some vacationers got a chance to run into Alex and Scott. Whether it was by purpose (set visit) or accident is not clear.

Alex O'Loughlin fan photo



Behind the Scenes


Check out the size of the Brawner board Alex is holding in the below pic. Looks like twice his size. Apparently Steve will be riding a wave this season.  Although Steve will be,  Alex will not be (at least not on screen) as the photo said his double, Bruce Irons, would be the one on screen. Oh well.  Guess you have to catch Alex in Hawaii if you want to  see him surf.  Looking forward to seeing the waves McGarrett catches.

Alex O'Loughlin with brawner board surfboard



This photo just popped up and looks as if there is always fun to be had behind the scenes. In this case he is hanging with the doubles of Adam and Kono.

Alex O'Loughlin Behind the scenes



This one was posted for a TBT post so not sure when it was actually taken. Any ideas?

Alex O'Loughlin Behind the Scenes



Peter Lenkov was busy as well making sure the fans got some more tidbits. Thanks Peter as it is always appreciated.

First an editing pic of an introspective Steve which appears to be in a church in episode 1 of season 7.  They did shoot at the Epiphany Episcopal Church back in July so it makes sense that is where it was shot. Details here.

Alex O'Loughlin editing pic



Peter also shared a clip of the scene that some tourists got videos of previously by the blowhole. Wonder how our hero gets out of this. (we know he will as he is seen again 🙂 in the next episode)

A video posted by plenkov (@plenkov) on



There were also numerous pics that showed up that some fans had not seen before so we posted those in our gallery and on our two Facebook pages so check them out.


Also a couple of notable events. Episode 150 was christened on Friday so congrats to everyone involved to making it to that monumental occasion. There will surely be some cake and other celebratory events during the week so we will post any that occur. Also with the arrival of Christine Lahti (Mom), Sarah Carter (Lynn), and Michelle Borth (Catherine) there is also like to  be some BTS photos as they are all active on social media. Stay tuned. 


Thanks Peter for the inside look at the breakfast celebration.

hawaii five o 150th episode

Breakfast art @hawaiifive0cbs #h50

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AND we launched our September to Remember contest so check it out and see how you can win. 

Have a great Labor Day for those in the US states..



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  1. That’s cool! I love that he doesn’t seem to mind fans taking pics with him!

    1. Yes he has always been very gracious about that. Another positive thing to respect about him. Thanks for commenting.

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