Alex O’Loughlin- Father’s Day Everyday


As today is Father’s Day in the US, we would like to wish Alex the very best day ever! From the time his young sons pounce on him in the morning to telling them what to fetch for him all day, we hope it truly is great! Maybe he will even get some alone time that he desires.

With that being said, being a father is an everyday all day job and from all we have seen looking in from the outside, Alex is truly a great Dad! From the age of 19, he has known nothing less. Saxon, his first born is a young adult now and is in Australia. Lion, his most recent, is of course residing with him and Malia in Hawaii and will be turning 5 in October and Spike, his stepson also lives with them in Hawaii and just turned 8 in March.

To honor this part of him on this day, we have added videos and pics revolving around Alex and fatherhood below starting with his most recent CBS Watch video discussing the special day.


Credit CBS Watch


Alex and Saxon


alex o'loughlin bora bora saxon

Credit Bora Bora Turtle Center


alex o'loughlin with Saxon and Egan

Credit Royce Gracie


Alex and Lion


There are very few pics of Alex and Lion as he is very protective of him when it comes to photos. These few below are from the ALS Walk the family did in 2014. 

alex o'loughlin als walk   alex o'loughlin als walk

Credit Honolulu Pulse


Here is a snapshot of the the reveal of Lion on the Ellen Degeneres show May 17 2013.  

alex o'loughlin and lion



Ellen gave him a surfboard which as you can see was a proud moment for the new Dad.

alex o'louhglin ellen May 17 2013

Credit NBC/Ellen Show


Here is a clip from his appearance as he talks about his new baby, Lion So sweet.


Alex and Spike 


For the same reasons there are not many of him and Spike either. Here is one of Alex holding Spike who seemed to not want to leave his side when Alex made an appearance at the ALS Walk event.  

alex o'loughlin als walk spike

Credit on photo



There is just a glimpse into Alex as a Dad as he has also spoken numerous times in interviews about how his kids are his life. Once again we hope he is having the amazing Father’s Day that he deserves.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers! We hope you have a great day!





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