Directing With Alex O’Loughlin- Special DVD Feature


It was quite a treat to see the episode Alex directed this past season and most will agree he gave it his all and did an awesome job. The finished piece was quite good.

Now thanks to the DVD that was just released, CBS has provided another special treat, a special feature with behind the scenes of Alex’s first time as a director. Listen to some of the cast speak about how well he did and also how much they respected him during it. Along with being well prepared, he was professional and was able to keep up the pace of this fast paced TV show.

It is good to hear that the writers gave him something difficult and special to do for his episode as they apparently had faith that he could meet the challenge. He not only met it but he seemed to excel at it.

Also, in the feature, Alex talks about his new role from his perspective, he has many different outfits on compared to his usual Steve McGarrett look, and as a bonus, you can even see him celebrate with his son, Lion. 



credit CBS


It looks like there will be more directing opportunities for Alex in the years to come. Alex fans had no doubt that he would do a great job as he puts his all in everything he does.Congrats once again ALEX!


The DVD has lots of great stuff on it and this is only one small part. Make sure you get your own copy and keepsake.






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  1. Thanks so much for sharing I would like to buy the DVD but so expensive. Can you please please share any extras. If you can’t I’ll understand here’s hoping.????

    1. Will share a few over time but in fairness to CBS, we do not like to release all of them.

  2. Bonjour
    Merci pour toutes ses bonnes informations s’est toujours avec autant de plaisir que mon époux et moi-même suivont cette série , qui est toujours aussi passionnante , avec de nouvelle intrigue ,histoire et se côte Ohana qui fait sin charme. j’ai hates que la saison neuf sort en VF pour voir Alex en temps réalisateur , j’adore se qu’il fait , il est trés prof et trés humain. En espérant la retourvé pour d’autre saison si CBS veux bien continuer et Alex et Scott également.

  3. Here’s hoping he gets to do another ep. Hey, maybe a Magnum too!

  4. I love Alex he’s so amazing and he did amazing on his director episode I can’t wait for him to direct again in season 9. I’m so proud to call myself a Alex O’loughlin fan for life.

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