New Photos – Waimanalo Beach Park on July 28

Season two filming is still going strong and the cast shot some scenes at Waimanalo Beach Park yesterday. In these photos we see McGarrett, Danno, and McG’s new potential love interest who looks really lovely in orange AND pencil skirts, if I do say so myself.

Looks like business at 5-0 is back on track and the team has maybe been called to a crime scene? Enjoy!

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Photos by Tina Lau 

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  1. Wooooowwwww :heart: :heart: :heart: :love:

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    So very happy to see that badge back on Steve!!! And as for Alex’s new look in these photos, well He’s Alex O’LOughlin. How could he not look awesome. Thanks Tiffany for this preview into the new season.

  3. Thanks Tiffany for the pictures. Alex looks so good in blue. Hope he wears it in the second season. He really looks sexy. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  4. I hsve 2 copies of the Mens Fitness with Alex on the front. Will send to whomever could not get a copy.
    Cannot help but feel sorry for those who are unable to see 50 on the TV. I clicked the FOLLOWUP button so the first 2 I hear from are the winners.”
    Love our boy in blue.

    1. Hi Glory. I can’t get a copy of Men’s Fitness here so if you still have one, I would be in your debt forever. And I is certainly Alex’s color, but then he’d look awesome in just about any color.

      1. Muffie – send me your address so I can mail you a copy. PO Box 495 Dunlap, CA 93621

      2. Thanks Glory. Great to hear from you. I live on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia so it shouldn’t take too long for my letter to reach you. Do you think it will get to you okay with just your first name on the envelope? You’re a doll. :heart: Our Men’s Fitness has a different cover on it. 🙁 Thanks again.

    2. Glory – you’re a doll!! I’ll be in your debt forever. :heart: I live in British Columbia so my letter should reach you quickly, although it won’t be fast enough. Ha Ha Love Steve in blue but miss the cargo pants. Where’s he gonna carry all his stuff? Alex you rock :love:

    3. Hi Glory I can’t get a copy of the Mens Fitness magazine with Alex on the cover. If you still have any I would love a copy of it. I would owe you big time.

  5. Nice back side, Alex! :love: :heart: :kiss:

  6. Where are the famous cargo pants? :kiss:

  7. sorry girls, but I don’t care for the way he is standing in the last picture. Don’t get me wrong, I love his little butt, but it looks a little not man :straight:

    1. Nah, its just the way his gun is pulling on his pants that makes his hips look like that.

      1. tiffany, yeah maybe your right, I can see that now. Me Bad, Me very very bad… ;-(

    2. no problm ^_^ 😉 … I like the hips of the man! 👿 small or large! :heart: he is a bombom!

  8. All I can say is YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. I always enjoy seeing him dressed up, down or whatever – it doesn’t matter. Must say his butt looks amazing in the second pic. Those runs up and down the mountains are doing wonders…

  10. wow wow wow cant wait for the new season, he looks so catlicious… meow 😉

  11. well, I don’t want him to have a love interest, I am so jealous, I have to agree with ML Staats 👿

  12. Great pics! Our guy looks sooo handsome! I liked Catherine too but I heard she is doing another show now. Let’s hope Alex will have the same chemistry with the new love interest! Thanks Tiffany! :love: :heart:

  13. These are very nice photos of Alex, Tiffany. It looks like an exciting second season for McG.

  14. I agree with you guys. McG and Catherine were great together. He has a new look…looks good and his badge back:D . Season two looks very interesting, can’t wait to see it!!

  15. Alex looks HOT in blue as always.:heart: (be still my throbbing heart)

    Not sure what’s going to happen with Catherine, because Michelle Borth is actually filming Combat Hospital here in Toronto so I’m not sure about their romance.

  16. oh and thanks tiffany for all the pics and updates. 😀

  17. Looking good Cant wait.Alex is sooo handsome. :love: :heart:


  19. I love McGarrett in his cargo pants and t-shirts but got to admit he does look sexy in the button down shirt and trousers

    1. Gem, I’m w/ you !! He looks good no matter what he’s wereing !!!!

  20. At least with Catherine, she didn’t look like the typical Alex girl (Holly, Amber). I agree–I think S and C looked good together. And I don’t think those are jeans in the photo–looks like dress pants to me.

  21. Thanks Tiffany great photos. Alex looks great,especially love him in a blue shirt. :love: I also liked Catherine much better in show. Steve and Catherine made an attractive looking couple.

  22. Alex looks wonderful, as usual. And let’s face it, I don’t think there is a “love interest” we would approve of completely, unless it was one of us. LOL

  23. Wonder what the storyline is with the split with Catherine? perhaps they were in an on and off relationship. Looks like blue shsirt and jeans is going to be McG’s new gear, He looks trim and terrific.

  24. I liked Catherine better.

  25. The last picture is my favorite, nice view… Lol 😀

    1. I was thinking exactly the same thing!! 😆

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