Three Rivers Preview Video!

Special thanks to Rob Owen, TV Editor for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for sending me the linkage to this spectacular video and and info about Three Rivers. Can you believe he said we have “insane enthusiasm”? Hehe… if only he knew…muahaaawww. Check out the article and enjoy the video!

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  2. Jane. I am in Australia and you can watch it.
    Go to and type in CBS Three Rivers.
    I couldn’t watch on the above link either. But no trouble on youtube.

    Enjoy Jame I did. Got to let us Auusies see everything Alex. LOL

  3. Darn it all!!! Can’t see it here in Australia 🙁

  4. Feeling the excitement already. Looks very hopeful for long run.

  5. Hi Everyone:

    The preview of “Three Rivers” looks very powerful and exciting. The cast looks like they will mesh well and the storylines should be very interesting. I believe everyone should consider donating their organs. The thought of helping someone else with your organs is the ultimate act of giving. It can be done by checking the box on your Motor Vehicle license.
    Hopefully, CBS will know what they have when all of Alex’s fans tune in to “Three Rivers”. Hopefully, this show will run as long as, if not longer then ER.

  6. Hi Everyone – go onto “CBS/Three Rivers” and read the comments that they have received about “Three Rivers”. Sounds like the buzz is good. I think we should all post a comment or two in support of Alex and “Three Rivers” to let CBS know that we think they made the right decision by picking up “Three Rivers”.

  7. Hi Everybody, again. I was looking at the fall lineup for CBS again and noticed that the “other” medical drama is waiting on the side lines as a “mid season” replacement for new shows that may fail. This is even MORE reason to support Alex and “Three Rivers”. CBS has made no bones about wanting a “medical drama” in their programming. Since they chose “Three Rivers” over that other one, this to me says that they think this is the stronger of the two. Let’s make sure that we let them know they made the right decision when “Three Rivers” premiers in September.

  8. Jeannie – I guess in the field of transplant surgery, having a likeable, easy-going personality is essential because after all, what can be more stressful than trying to save someone’s life through organ transplantation. I think Alex will bring every emotion he can muster into the character of “Dr. Andy” because he knows no other way to do it. We need to remember that
    “Dr. Andy” is based on a real life physician in Pittsburgh who is very successful and Alex shadowed him for several weeks just to get that vibe for “Dr. Andy” and the physician in Pittsburgh is a very important, well respected physician, not only in Pittsburgh, but known all over. I can definitely see Alex portraying that type of character.

  9. Thanks for the suggestion, I went on YuoTube and I finally got to see it!!! It was awesome, Alex is Alex, what else canone say!
    Thank yuo Tiffany for keeping us up to date!!!

  10. Loved the video, but am a little concerned about the discription of his character. I really hope that they don’t make him too “nice”. Being a character that is discribed as “easy going and liked by all”, can also mean boring.

    Ya gotta have some edges to be interesting. I’m not looling for a House character (waaaay too over the top for me), but I’m worried that the big CBS machine might write him to sweet.

    Make sense??

  11. Sandra Fegan wrote
    “I don;t get how the one fan says she fell in love with Mick St John, not Alex.”

    I just hope Alex had a good varied, long term career with a lot of interesting roles. As long as he does not get stuck doing direct to video movies where he gets eaten by bugs…I’ll be perfectly happy 🙂
    Something along the lines of Keanu Reeves career, only without The Watcher LOL!

  12. Wow just watche the clip on Youtube. Fast pace, real action. Dr Andy!!! It can;t imiagine it getting broing. In the interview you get to hear just a few bits of that aussie accent. Dr Andy, you hears bits of Mick speaking, and a little bit of something else.

    I don;t get how the one fan says she fell in love with Mick St John, not Alex. Alex is Mick, a lot of his mannerisms are Alex, the speak with his eyes etc.I watched lots of other stuff just to see him. Whilst I would be there with Bells on if Moonlight ever came back, it isn;t going to anytime soon. So just be content with whatever Alex O does.

  13. I hate that! My mom just got back from three weeks in Mexico and she couldn’t watch any of her TV shows online because of that International content coding thing. They really make it hard for International fans to get access… I think it is because they want other countries to buy the rights to show it there and don’t want people to be able to watch online for free.

  14. I can;t watch it either. I says unavailable in my country or domain. Perhaps I can get to watch it direct fromYoutube worth a try anyway. But he ooks gorgoeous in the pic, leaning over a patient.

  15. Help!!! I can’t see it at all!!!

  16. Patrica-You can also use an address proxy to watch video content from other countries, but that is a bit complicated.

  17. Go on Youtube, try “Three Rivers CBS” and you’ll see.

  18. · Edit

    I’ desperate, I can’t see the video here in Spain!!!!

  19. It looks like it will be an exciting show, plus also meaningful…and Alex will bring to it his passion and integrity.

    One of the “insane enthusiasts”

  20. It will if we all have something to say about it and we will by tuning in every week to watch. It looks very exciting.

  21. The show looks like it is going to be great and very touching and caring which Alex seems to always fits in. I too hope it runs as long as ER.

  22. Now if it will only run as long as ER…:)

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