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  1. Hi Veronica and Ladies – I couldn’t agree with you more, however, I do feel that “Three Rivers” will rise above the other medical dramas becasue of the serious subject matter and also the fact that Alex’s character is based on a real life physician who performs miracles everyday. The only thing that would make “Three RIvers” even more believable is if it were going to be filmed in Pittsburgh where the pilot was filmed. That would give it a sense of realism. Guess we’ll find out in September.

  2. As much I love Alex, and God knows I really do, I hope this story gets original and makes a difference from the preceeding Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, ER, etc. because otherwise Alex’s hotness and talent may not be enough to keep this project alive. This last scene is very similar to others we’ve watched before (Meredith’s issues with her mother, for example). Besides that, it’s so cool to watch our beloved Alex again. I wish he could keep that sexy beard in the show.

  3. I never thought Alex could look better (especially with short hair) BUT HE DOES!!!
    And those tight fitting shirts really show off his HOT body. Can’t wait for 3 Rivers to start.

  4. thanks for evythink! can wait to see tree rivers and alex u are alwys hooot and nice man ….. love u xxx

  5. Wow. Thans for psoting that. I looked at photo but not at the side to see what else there was.
    So, look forward to it. Dr Andy sounds so compassionate. Not quite in Mick’s voice, but almost.
    He looks gorgeous, even with a leather jacket over his scrubs.

  6. Thanks for posting! Can’t wait to see Three Rivers and Alex!!!

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