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  1. Alex,s new project sounds interesting. What chance do you think we have of getting Three Rivers onto to our screens over here in England. We Brits need our Alex fix just as much as everyone else!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you soooooo much for your updates. It’s always a pleasure to know what’s going on in Alex’s life and you get that info to us. Bless you!

  3. Read it on another website that Jennifer Lopez will be interviewed by Entertainment Tonight Kevin Frazier, airs tomorrow 6/3/2009. Along side JLO will be Alex O’Loughlin. So check it out tomorrow. I tried to check on on ET online and it’s twitter listing. The tweet states that ETProdSharlette was working on the Back-Up Plan set tonight and that ExecProd Linda will let you know when it airs. So although one website said the interview is tomorrow, you may have to check again.

  4. I so agre Karen C…Sophia would be so great to see again playing with Alex… Their chemistry is undeniable & unbeatable no matter who Alex co-stars with & can definitely make look sensual… Thay Sophia/Alex combo is so real & I don’t feel it was Alex just making it look that way…Sophia was really into it & I truly think she had/has feelings for Alex even though both claimed it to be just like sister & brother or just friends…

    Now America wants back its little British sweetheart back, so Sophia come back from England…Amercans miss you…

  5. Great Interview. I think this series is going to make it. Some of the clips of the pilot look fantastic, very exciting. The cast looks/seems diverse, which is important to Alex’s character. I am very anxious to see the pilot. I noticed a bit of an american accent mixed with the aussie accent. I guess that comes with working in the states. Alex looks a bit thinner but he also has a different hair style, a little shorter, looks younger too, but that is a really good thing, this comment coming from someone a bit older. Good Luck Alex!

  6. Thanks for posting the interview. You can clearly see that Alex takes his career seriously and wants to give his all to this very important role. It’s great to see his playful side still coming through and I hope this also flows over, at times, into his new role on Three Rivers. Not sure if the female cast is going to provide any stimulating romantice drama to the show but like many others I’m sure we could spend the whole hour just watching Alex. Hope the serious is all Alex aspires it to be and I am sure he will give 100% of himself as he always does. Not sure when Fans in Australia will get the opportunity to see the show but will be counting the days and watching for updates. Congratulation Alex you look GREAT !!!!!! in the scrubs.

  7. Yes, Alex is a very handsome man and the sparkle is beginning to show in his those beautiful eyes again. In this interview, you could see the excitement in his face for “Three Rivers” and what this role means to him. As he said, this “role is too important” because the doctor that his character is based on is a very important man. Alex was unsure about “having the knowledge to pull it off” – well, he will be able to do that convincingly because that’s Alex. He will give it everything he’s got and then some. He will make “Dr. Gonzo” proud. I also loved the interaction between Alex and the interviewer about “the blood” thing. I loved his response. You definitely saw the playful side of Alex. Looks like everything is beginning to fall into place, as it should. Can’t wait for September!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I just noted something different about ALex besides him looking thinner, which also can be him maturing as we all do… Take a look at one of your old pix when you were younger where you had fuller cheeks, different hairstyle, then look at one of you today; so see the difference? Partly I think this is what is happening to Alex, not that he is old, not by a long shot, but for the most part of a year we did not see him except for 1 video he did with another actor, someone named Nathan…

    Anyway, I also have noticed, not only this interview but some pix taken of him at the CBS Upfront in NY, Alex’s hair seems to be getting a tad thinner at the front…Of course, it is also shorter than his Mick St John Do, not parted down the middle as it was then with some casually falling on hi brow… He is still a very handsome man & his eyes almost gleam…

    Now you are all saying you do not hear his Aussie accent, I hear it perfectly…It is still there, but also take into consideration he has lived here for over 4 years & one is bound to pick up some of the sounds of local speech… I know I did wherever we traveled to live with the military & lived in different states… When I came home for a visit from NC my now late Mom wanted to know where I put her real daughter??? I bet when he goes home to AU, his Mom might say the same thing to him…but if he spends sometime back there I bet he picks up his native accent distinctly then…

  9. Thank you so much, Tiffany.

  10. He looks gret, tired, thinner, but great.
    He always gets so into this roles., lives rhem.
    Tes, so glad he acknowledged his love of Moonlight. Also his great fans.
    He was asked before in another interview about his aussie accent. He states he’s doing the other accent so much during all his shows, like american, that he stays in that mode so to speak.
    Hugh Hackman, Nicol Kidman , russell Crowe they all have partly lost their oz accent. But it’s there somewhere, actors need to change their voice regularly, to fit the one called for the characater they are portraying. Hugh’s character Drover in “Australia? was slighly over the top Aussie. Alex is living and working in USA ‘so when in Rome’. His Oyster Farmer movie was also slightly over the top oz speach. Vincent C.M speech was also so different to Mick S.J’s.

  11. Super hot as always..but yes..where’s his accent? 🙁

  12. Tiffany, I agree with JoJo, “keep on doing what you are doing” because we love Alex.
    He seems so very happy with Three Rivers. Hope it’s a hit for him. Can’t wait till Sept.

  13. Where has his Australian accent gone? 🙁

  14. He did a wonderful interview though one can see clearly how tired the man looked…what a trouper!!!!!

  15. Tiffany – don’t know how you do it girl, but keep on doing what you’re doing because we love to see these litle bits from Alex. He looks soooooooooooo hot! He sounds very excited about his new role and because of his excitement, it makes all of us excited for him. I am glad that he acknowledged his fans, as he always does in any interview he’s ever given. He loves us just as much as we love him, if that’s possible, LOL! Definitely looking forward to a long run with “Three Rivers” – Hurry September!

  16. The pilot will likely be aired as the first episode in the fall.

    1. Tiffany,

      Many thanks for keeping us in touch with Alex and the success he so deserves. Can’t wait for the pilot to air. I was thinking how cool it would be to have Sophia Myles guest star on Three Rivers. She was afterall half of MickBeth and I do miss her. They had such great chemistry and she’s such a great actress

  17. Hi Tiffany, Thank you so much for the tape of the interview. Alex looks great and says that he loved Moonlight too. It sounds like he is really happy with Three Rivers but is there going to be a pilot before September fall shows? Let us know if you know. Signed Hopeful

    1. Tiffany..thanks so much for all the updates..three rivers sounds great.I am sure all the Moonlight fans will follow him to Three Rivers. I know i will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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