Three Rivers Will Shoot in LA

alex in scrubs

It has been confirmed by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that future episodes of Three Rivers will be filmed in Los Angeles, not Pittsburgh. This is pretty common for the industry as they usually have contracts with their actors that guarantee they won’t have to be uprooted for filming.

According to the article CBS plans to shoot some Pittsburgh scenery and landmarks to make the location believable.

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  1. I’m so glad that cbs picked up Three Rivers. Being a MoonLight junkie i’m glad to see Alex back as the lead actor. I’ve purchased MoonLight DVD, The shield season 6, also the Man-Thing, August Rush. I wish Alex the best of LUCK with his new series.Can’t wait til fall for his 2 movies being released.

    Lots of LOVE 2 U Alex


  2. Hi Loretta – hope you ladies on the West coast get the chance to meet Alex – just remember to think of us back here on the East coast and give us a shout out . I think the episode on Sci-Fi was the one where he thought he had a son, I’ve been taping them to watch later so I’m not sure of the sequence. Anyway, if that was the episode, then the final one should be next week. Sad to see it go but very excited about “Three Rivers”. I guess CBS has already been showing promos for it. Let’s hope they promote the he – – out of it so that everyone knows about it. We want it to be an over-the-top success!

  3. I think that’s great about filming in LA. And maybe now Tiffany can start working the Mussos restaurant angle for meeting with Alex. I’m from California so I can always find a reason to travel there. Like the rest of you I just want to see that yummy man back in the acting business – weekly. Just watched another Moonlight on Friday night on Sci Fi.

  4. That’s how things are done in Hollywood – the cost of an actual location shoot is very expensive, besides, I don’t think that Alex and the cast would like being in PIttsburgh during the winter – but then it would be cool to see him at Heinz Field during a Steelers game. I am an East coast girl who is just happy that Alex is back on TV and beginning in September, we’ll get to see him every week. For our friends on the West coast – let us know of any Alex sightings and think of us here on the East when you get to meet him. 🙂

  5. They have done this for years with Grey’s Anatomy… But I am sure Alex fans in Pittsburgh & the tri-state areas (NY, NJ, PA) have all just had their hopes dashed of ever meeting Alex in person or filling in as an extra on the Three Rivers set…

    Knowing this. Loretta Averna, perhaps plans can now be made for that lunch or dinner with Alex at Musso’s…

    1. I wonder where in L.A. I lived across from a hospital that lost funding so it was actually being used for a medical show I can’t think of the name off hand but yea they did that for a number of years. Man it was oh it was “Strong Medicine” that’s the name,. you could not tell anything was going on unfortunately I found out as they were closing the show. Would love to find Alex I would make that trek.

  6. You’re right ladies! We couldn’t care less about the location! We just want to see Alex at his best. I truly hope the show will be a success. He is a wonderful actor and oh, so darn handsome. I still watch Moonlight whenever I desire. Alex will always be my favorite vampire.

  7. I agree with Sandra – doesn’t matter where “Three Rivers” is filmed as long as it continues a long and successful run. After all, if you’ve seen one hospital, they all pretty much look alike but I must say, my local hospital does not have any doctors that look like Alex!

  8. Doesn’t really bother me where it’s shot. I wouldn’t know the dfference anyway. I am sure the people in Pittsbourgh was rather it was shot there. I imagine a lot of it will be shot in a hospital anyway.

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