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  1. Thank you so much Mar;

  2. Naturally CBS have done it again, can’t watch video in out country (Australia) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr/

  3. Too bad, couldn’t see the vid in the Nehterlands! But I can see the photo’s and Alex looks great!! Still love this man… Thanks Tiffany for sharing Alex with us.

  4. Too bad!! I can’t watch it in Spain!! Why does Youtube hate me so much? This is the second video I can’t watch. Thanks, any way.

  5. Youtube won’t let us view it in the UK. Sounds good though.

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    ses rengin çok güzel,

  7. Thanks Tiffany, another great video, he is soooooooooooooo handsolme, I love the light blue scrubs, he looks amazing!!! He is such a hottie!!! Counting down for Three Rivers, 3 more Sundays!!

  8. Valérie if you search the video on youtbe you find it. Here is the link:

  9. I can’t see the vidéo in France…

  10. I love Alex with long hair or short hair if he is a doctor or a vampire, I think he is great no matter what he does.

  11. Well, Alex comes thru again in a great little interview. Is he just delicious or what? And so candid and upfront with his comments. I absolutely love his expressions and sense of humor and good naturedness. And isn’t he right as an actor to want to play many different roles and not the same one all the time…let him be Alex cause Alex is theeeee best.

  12. thanks for the video of alex playing the dr

  13. Love the light blue, looser fitting scrubs – blue is definitely a great color for Alex. Not all guys look good in scrubs, but Alex does. 🙂

  14. hi Tiffany thanks for all the pictures there great but could not see the video

  15. Thank you for posting the video. Alex and the cast are very funny in the video. Alex refers to his fans wanting his hair long 🙂 Ah well, can’t wait to see Three Rivers and blog about it. Thanks again Tiffany!

  16. Thanks Tiffany, but we can not see the video in germany!!! I cant crying!!!

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