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  1. Want to add my thanks to the great picturess of Alex. Tiffany, how do you manage to get all of these great pictures? The very best picture is the one of Alex from Backup Plan where he is wearing those LOW cut brown pants. WOW!!!!

  2. Que bien le queda este traje esta impresionante. Me encantas eres el mejor

  3. Just got back from watching Wihieout for the 2nd time!! We loved it, even though Alex didn’t have much screentime,!! we thought the movie was great!!! Love this photos of Alex, he looks fantasticx in black, or in anything for that matter!!! tThis guy sure does take your breath away. Thanks TIffany1!

  4. JEEEZZZZZ is it possible for this man to just get more and more handsome lol greta pics thanks so much to tiffany you do a great job

  5. So very true…the pictures get better and better. But I fell head over heels with the pitching ones.

  6. How does he manage to look even more gorgeous each time. He is certainly getting everywhere, must be getting noticed more which is good for him. You can certianly see he lost weight, but hey his body is so toned and beautiful.

  7. thanks tiffanyi love the photos of alex he does look so handsome in black
    thanks once again

  8. WOW!! He always looks good in BLACK. Thanks Tiffany these are great.

  9. That first glance of him is always the killer!! Just leaves you breathless!! Absolutely fabulous, gorgeous hot shots!! Thank you Tiffany!!

  10. I loved the pics – just when you think there could not be a better picture of Alex out there, our dear Tiffany comes through again. I agree with Almu – that pic does look like he knows your secrets – hmmmmmmm – The man is hot. 🙂

  11. Alex is everywhere. He looks very handsome. Thank you for the photos. Keep them coming please.


  13. I liked the third picture. What a beautiful smile he has! Thanks Tiffany.

  14. YUM! He’s looks fantastic!

  15. Looking great, as usual, our Alex O’Loughlin. Good guys wear black, and that guy looks good.

  16. is the lady in the last pic married?

    1. Yes, she is. Her husband is the actor Bodhi Elfman. The couple married in 1995.

  17. On the last photo, that’s Jenna Elfman. She is featured in the new series “Accidentally on Purpose,” where she’s a movie critic who becomes pregnant following a fling with a younger man. In real life, she’s expecting her second child.

  18. I love that look in the second photo. It’s just so awesome. Looks like he can read what you’re thinking.

  19. Holy Cow! He absolutely takes my breath away. Loved Whiteout and can’t wait for Three Rivers!

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