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The Rendition fan fiction story, where Danny is trapped down in the blue room with a dying Steve and the baddie that shot him, continues with Part 5  below. We have also been asked to include all the links to the previous chapters so we have done that at the bottom of this one. 

The story last left off with Danny fighting his claustrophobia in order to help Steve and take care of the upcoming threat of Akua regaining conscious and taunting them both. The team was trying to figure out if anyone besides Steve or Danny had the emergency codes to the locked-down room.

Read on as Danny’s sanity slips as Steve’s life force drains from him. Chin and Jerry are working as hard as they can, but will it be in enough time?


Part FIve

Rendition fan fiction fanart- alex o'loughlin


            Chin looks around at the mob on the first floor.  The guards can barely keep them under control.  He stands on the marble stairs and yells, “Quiet!  I need quiet right now!”  in his loudest voice. 

            They all look up at him, most recognizing him as Five-0 and they turn to him. 

            “Listen, we’ve had a situation in the basement and the latest security protocol was put in effect.  Unfortunately, this storm has created another problem and shorted the system out and that is why the doors are locked.  No one is in any danger and we hope to have this corrected soon.  Please, be patient.  Thank you.”  He turns and goes back up to the second floor.  Pulling out the radio, he calls to Jerry.

            “Jerry, anything?”

            “We got a problem, Chin.  Danny is losing it.  He was ready to put another bullet in the suspect but he refrained and just brained him.  He’s unconscious right now, but Danny’s withdrawing.  I think Steve is conscious and trying to ground him, but it looks bad.  Chin, Steve’s not moving.  Not at all.”

            “Dammit.  Okay, listen.  I’m gonna see if I can get through to someone on HPD’s open channel.  If I can get Duke, maybe we can find out what’s going on outside and maybe get a timeline on the power.  I’ll be in touch.” 

            Chin starts flipping through the channels until he hears dispatch. 

            “HPD dispatch, this is Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly with Five-0.  I’m inside the Palace. Over.” 

            “We hear you, Lt. Kelly.  Is everyone okay in there?  Over.”

            “No.  We have two injured down in rendition.  One in serious condition.  Commander McGarrett has been shot and is in bad shape, from what we can see.  We have no contact with them, but we do have video.  We need assistance.  Over.”

            “Understood, Lieutenant, but we are unable to get in.  All exits are locked.  Is there any way to unlock them?  Over.” 

            “Not at this time.  We need full power back for that to happen.  Patch me through to Duke.  Over.” 

            “Copy that.  One minute.”

            Chin looks around, noticing that the crowd downstairs is a little calmer.  He hopes they can hold on until this is sorted. 

            “Chin?  This is Duke.  What the hell is going on?”

            Chin gives Duke a summary of what happened and then asks the big question.  “Duke, what’s going on out there?  Can they get the power back on any time soon?”

            “They’re working on it, but the lightning hit the transformer and then jumped to the Palace.  That’s why the whole place blacked out.  Knocked out the entire grid after that.  No time frame for when it will be fixed.”

            “Dammit, Duke, we need full power.  We’re hoping that the system will reboot itself once full power is restored and unlock all the doors.  Between you and me, Steve looks to be in bad shape and I don’t know how much time he has.”

            “I’ll see what I can do, Chin.  Give me five.” 

            “Okay.  I’m gonna see what Jerry has.  I need to keep him in the loop.  Since only Steve and Danny have the codes to unlock everything, we have to hope the reboot will work.”

            “Chin, I have the codes.  Didn’t Steve tell you?”

            “No, he didn’t Duke.  You can unlock all of this?”

            “Yeah.  Do you think it will work now?”

            “Let me check with Jerry and get back to you.  Go check with the power company and see how long before we have power restored.”

            “Copy that.”

            Chin switches back to Jerry. 

            “Jerry.  You there?”

            “Ready and waiting, Chin.  Whatcha got?”

            “Well, you were right.  The lightning blew the transformer and hit the Palace.  They’re working on it and Duke is seeing how long.”

            “Oh, that’s good news.  Cause I got some bad.”

            “What is it, Jer?”

            “Well, being on emergency power, we’re gonna lose video in about twenty minutes.  The table, to avoid losing any information, is gonna shut down before it crashes.  After that, we’ll be in the dark.”

            “Anything you can do?  We need to keep eyes on them!”

            “Sorry, Chin.  It’s hard-wired into the system.  If we don’t get full power, we’re gonna lose access until we do.”

            “If you had the codes now, could you unlock the doors?”

            “I could try, but I think, no.  They’re shorted out, Chin.  I don’t know if a full reboot will solve the problem, either.  If not, you may have to channel McGruff and blow your way in.” 

            “Dammit!  It can’t happen this way.  This is wrong.”  He looks down as the radio crackles.  “Okay, I’m going back to Duke.  See if you can stretch the video time.  We need to keep eyes on them.”  He switches back to Duke. 


            “I’m here, Chin.  I don’t have good news.  They’re saying at least forty-five minutes before they can restore power.”

            “No, that’s not good enough, Duke.  We’re gonna lose video in about twenty.  After that, we have no idea what’s going on or what we’ll find.  We need power back before that.  What about a couple of large generators?  More than just emergency power?  We need to be able to reboot this place.”

            “I’ll see what we can do.  I’m trying to get hold of the governor right now to push things along.  Maybe she can get them moving faster.  I know she won’t want to lose Steve…or Danny.” 

            “Push her, Duke.  I don’t think Steve has forty-five minutes left.  I refuse to let him go this way.  If we can’t get power in fifteen, I’m blowing my way in!”

            “Got it.  I’ll get back with you, Chin.”


            Chin takes in a deep breath.  He switches back to Jerry. 


            “Here Chin.”

            “I need ideas, Jer.  Duke says it’s gonna be at least forty-five minutes before they can get power back.  He’s leaning on the governor, but I’m not sure she can make it happen.  It’s been almost an hour and a half since Steve was shot and I don’t think he has much time left.  I NEED ideas!”

            “I’m trying, Chin, but we never anticipated anything like this.  I mean, what are the chances of the Palace being hit by lightning while interrogating a prisoner and locking both of them down there?”

            Chin pauses for moment.  “Well, it’s Five-0, it’s here at the Palace; it involves Steve and Danny; and one of them is injured.  With all that, I’d say about two to one!”  He smiles at that thought.  Only with those two would this happen. 

            “Okay, Okay.  You’re right.  But outside of their world, the odds are astronomical.  It was not a scenario we even thought about.  I guess we need to think a little harder before we reset this system.”

            “Yeah, and despite Steve’s resistance, we ARE putting radios in the first aid kits.  I know he thinks they could be used against us, but this proves we need them down there since this system knocks out cell reception.”

            “Good idea.  Look, I’m trying to shut down any other unnecessary programs that are running right now to get more power and keep video up.  I’ll let you know.”

            “Copy that, Jer.”

                             Rendition fan fiction fanart


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