Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction -SEAL of Approval-Part 8

We last left off with Steve telling Danny about his secret. Danny did not believe him and thought he was messing with him or that there had to be something else going on. As we move on in this next part of SEAL of Approval, Steve goes to extreme measures to make sure Danny believes and the kids respond, too. Will this change their relationships forever? and will Steve ever be able to return to the sea to his water family? What do you think?


Part 8  

       hawaii five 0 seal of approval fan fiction


          Danny, his vision blurring before him, jumps back as the shape changes before him and suddenly Steve is lying naked on the sand. 

            “What the hell?  No, this is not happening.  What did you give me?  Huh?  What kind of mind altering substance did you give me to get me to believe this insanity?”  He moves further back and then remembers his kids.  “Grace!  Charlie!  We have to leave.  Your Uncle Steve is still sick from his mission.”  He waves at his kids, moving down the beach.  Looking at them, he sees them staring at their Uncle Steve, eyes wide in shock. 

            “Danno.  Uncle Steve just changed from a seal.  He can change into a seal!  Did you see him?”  Charlie starts yelling, jumping up and down.  “He can change into a seal!” 

            Danny scoops him up in his arms, nodding for Grace to follow.  “No, he didn’t Charlie.  No one can do that.  That’s impossible.”  Danny grabs their things, motioning for Grace to get what he can’t. 

            “But I saw it!  Hey, Uncle Steve!  Is this the big secret?”  Charlie leans over his dad’s shoulder as he rushes them toward the house.  “If this is your big secret, I promise, I won’t say anything to anyone!”  He grins at his favorite uncle, who now has a towel wrapped around his waist.  “I promise.  No one will know.”


            Steve watches as Danny gathers up his kids and rushes towards the house.  “Danny, wait!  Please, let me explain.  I can explain it all.  I can show you proof.”  He runs after them. 

            But he’s too late.  By the time he makes his way in the house, he hears the start of the Camaro as it speeds away. 

            Hanging his head, he sits down on the ottoman, head in his hands.  This was not what I expected.  Yeah, I expected shock and disbelief but not that he’d run out.  I figured he’d at least give me a chance to explain.  What am I gonna do now? 


            “My love?  Where are you?”   He hears in his head the next morning.  Steve is sitting at the water’s edge, hair and skin wet, trunks sitting near him. 

            “I am here, my dearest.”

            “Why are you not out here for our usual swim?”

            “I can no longer.”

            “What do you mean?”  the voice sounds closer.

            “I can no longer join you as before.”

            He hears no answer and figures she has left him…finally.  He knew it wouldn’t last.  Why would a relationship with another species be any different than the human ones he has? 

            Looking up at the sound of splashing, he sees her coming toward him, out of the water and moving to him.  He’s sitting cross-legged, and she comes all the way up and places her head in his lap.  He gazes into her deep, black eyes, wishing he could be swimming with her right now. 

            “What happened, my love?”

            He gently lays his hand on her head, caressing her the way he knows she likes.  “I told him.  I showed him.”  The pain evident in his tone.

            “He did not accept?”

            “No, he did not.  I thought for sure he would.  He has accepted so many other things about me, with no questions.  But he could not accept this.”

            “I am sorry, my love.  I know he cares deeply for you and I thought he would accept.  It pains me to see you going through this.”

            “Thank you, my dearest.  It pains me that I will never be able to swim with you again as we do.  That we will never have another pup after the one you are with.  That I will never be able to be with my ‘family’ as I always have been.  I am so sorry.  I did not mean for this to happen.”

            “Do not concern yourself.  You will always be here, as will I.  We may never have another pup, but I will not leave.  If we have to swim as two different, then so be it.  I know the pups will not abandon you, either.  They will be here for you, also.” 

            As if on cue, he hears their barking from beyond the sand bar.  They know not to come in unless invited.  But they feel his pain. 

            “See, my love.  They are here for you.  They are different from other seals and they know it.  They will not abandon their ‘father’.”  Her voice soothes him.  He’s glad he hasn’t lost the ability to communicate with her.  He sits with her in his lap for several hours, finally moving when the sun becomes too much and he must go to work. 

            The day is filled with tension as soon as he walks in the door.  Danny won’t even look at him.  It makes it hard to work efficiently, but thankfully they don’t catch any cases.  He wants to approach him, but every time he tries, Danny walks away. 

            He can’t help but smile when he gets a text from Charlie telling him, again, that he will always keep his secret and when can he come swimming with him.  Not wanting to upset Danny more, he simply replies that he will have to ask Danno about coming over for a swim, and thanks him for keeping his secret.

            He gets a text from Grace, too, which surprises him.  She tells him she always knew he was different and special and how sad she is he didn’t share this before now.  She tells him that Danno might have accepted it easier a few years ago than now.  He doesn’t know what she’s talking about and is about to ask when a knock on his office door distracts him.

            Danny pokes his head in.  “I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t encourage my son to come swimming with you.  He has sent at least ten texts asking when he can go swimming with you.”

            Steve tries a smile.  “I’m sorry.  I never meant that.  I just told him he needs to ask you and get your permission.  That’s all.”  He hopes this will open a dialogue between the two of them.

            “Yes, you are right.  He does need to ask my permission.  And I don’t think that will be happening any time in the near, or far, future.”  Danny nods at him and lets the door close behind him.


            Steve sits out, looking over the water, watching his kids jumping and playing in the water.  Lilly had been right.  They had not abandoned him, like he thought they would, and have been here every day.  He longs to be able to get in the water with them; to be able to speed through the water, side-by-side, to the far northern islands.  He yearns to be close to his love and rub and caress her as a seal. 

            In short, he misses it.

            And he misses Danny.  He never thought that telling his secret would take away everything.  It’s been over two weeks and not a word has been said.  He still gets almost daily texts from Grace, but Danny must be watching Charlie and forbade him from contacting Steve. 

            His heart hurts at all he’s lost and he wishes he could go back and stop himself from ever telling anyone.  The pain is too much and he needs it to end. 

            His focus is so on his problems, he doesn’t hear the lanai door open and the footsteps until they are upon him.  Turning quickly in the chair, he sees the last person he ever expected to see.

To Be Continued...


Story by P_Street_7609

Fan Art by Becoming_Bryna



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  1. I’m so glad I found this. I found the last several chapters all at the same time, so I’m only now having to sit on pins and needles to see what happens. I feel so bad for Steve, but I am sure all things will eventually be okay. You have written this very well with certainly an original concept.

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    I feel so bad for Steve I hope that Danny comes to his senses I look forward to part 9.

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