Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction- Rendition Part 2


For those of you that have been waiting for the next part of the fan fiction Rendition that we started last Thursday , we have good news for you as here it is! It just might leave you wanting more and if so we have good news about that too, as Part 3 will release tomorrow. We decided this was a good change of pace from the fanart so we will let the next part take its place. If you missed Part 1 then check it out first.

The first part left Steve in a dire situation, so do you think Danny will be able to keep his partner alive? It is time to find out below.


Part Two

Rendition fan fiction

“What the fuck?  Jerry, what the hell is going on?”  He yells, hoping the geek king can hear him.  “Jerry?”  He carefully makes his way back to Steve.  “Jerry?  Can you hear me?”  Nothing. 

            As he kneels down next to Steve, the emergency lights come on and his vision is worse than it is under the blue lights, but at least he can see.  In the normal light, his partner looks worse than under the blue.  His face is pale and slack, no feeling or emotion at all.  He mouth is open, jaw slack and loose; his eyes closed and head leaning to one side.  He sees his chest rising and falling rapidly, almost a pant, and the pool beneath him still growing.  Only able to concentrate on one emergency at a time, he knows getting out of here won’t matter if he can’t stop the bleeding. 

            Opening the kit, he sighs, glad that this animal before him had listened to his team and packed the kit with some useful items.  The most useful being the combat gauze.  After so many years with this man, Danny has insisted that this be almost everywhere this man can go.  He even has some in the glove box of the Camaro.  Finally, it’s gonna come in handy and probably save his life. 

            Keeping up a constant flood of words, he tries to keep Steve engaged while hoping that Jerry can hear them and that maybe the power loss is centered on the basement only.  If it’s a total power loss, the doors should have opened and they haven’t.  That much he knows. 

            Not clear what he’s actually doing, he unpacks the gauze and packs it into the wound.  Tearing off his t-shirt, he puts the ‘clean’ shirt over it and keeps pressure on it, hoping the gauze will do its job enough to keep this stubborn man alive. 

            “Steve?  Can you hear me?  Come on, buddy, let me know you can hear me?”  He places his blood covered fingers against his throat and feels a thready, faint pulse.  He sighs at that, knowing the big man is still alive, but that relief is short lived as he hears a groan from behind him.

Rendition fanart- Alex O'Loughlin

           “Motherfucker!  How the hell can he be conscious?”  He shouts, moving quickly.  He goes to the small lockbox, opens it and drags out the shackles.  Going to the body on the floor, he drags Akua over to the bolted chair and applies the chains, making sure his hands are tight to the legs and unable to manipulate them in any way.  He chains up his legs and neck and, after making sure everything is tight, goes back to his partners side. 

            “Open those eyes, Steve.  Come on, you can’t leave me down here alone with this psychopath.”  He looks around, it starting to sink in where his is.  He’s in a room with no windows, two levels underground with the power out and the doors locked tight.  The keypads will not work from the inside. 

            But that doesn’t compute and he goes to the door, trying the keypad. 


            No sound; no door opening; no movement at all.  He looks up to where the camera is and waves at.  “Jerry!  We need help!  Steve’s been shot and it’s bad.  Get down here now with some help.  He’s not gonna last long.”  He screams. 

            He moves back down to his partner’s side, touching his face, trying to wake him up.  “Hey, Steve, wake up.  I need you to wake up now.  I know you are in there, you stubborn son-of-a-bitch.  Open those eyes.  Let me see you.  Come on, babe.”  He lightly taps Steve’s face. 

            He gets no reaction and he feels at the neck again, getting a very faint, but steady beat.  Looking at the wound, he sees less blood than before on his t-shirt and hopes it’s because the gauze is doing its job.  He sits back against the wall, breathing heavy and hard, looking around the room, his eyes wide and panicked. 

            Again, he looks up at the camera, pleading with his eyes that someone sees him and will get help down here.  He doesn’t understand why they’re not there yet.  It’s been over twenty minutes since Steve was shot and they should be here.  They should be here, packing up Steve and getting him to the hospital by now.  Why weren’t they here?           

“Where are you?  Why aren’t you here?  You should be breaking down these doors by now to save him.  Why aren’t you?”  He says to the empty room.  He hears Akua stirring but ignores him.  “Where are you, Chin?  He needs help.  I need help.  I can’t do this.  This isn’t happening.  I can’t be down here like this.  Please, I need help.”  He pleads, looking up at the camera.  “Where are you?”  He mumbles as he feels his claustrophobia cover him like a blanket. 


Stay tuned for Part 3 (tomorrow)




Story by P_Street_7609


Fanart by Becoming_Bryna















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