Interview with Jennifer Lopez About Alex

alex and jlo

An interesting interview from in which Jennifer Lopez shares that she has cast approval rights on The Backup Plan movie and she was instrumental in choosing Alex as her costar.

Not surprisingly, she also had cast approval and lots to say in selecting co-star O’Loughlin, the Australian actor best known for his detective role in The Shield and private investigator and vampire in the now cancelled Moonlight series.

Her assessment? She says she decided he had lots of charm, but more critically O’Loughlin had the strength of character to stand up to the strong-willed Lopez on screen.

Towards the end of the interview Alex shares that he thinks JLo  is super hot. 😉

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  1. There is an extended Access Hollywood interview with just JLo talking about Alex and the movie.

  2. Go you good thing Alex!

    Love the Arod

  3. whoahh..I really like Alex.and JLO as well..seeing them together would be great!!!!

  4. it’s great that he always join her in Her interviews, they must have become really good friends, and Jennifer did a great choice by picking Alex, and Alex is right she’s super Hot !
    Can’t wait to see theire Hot chemistry on screen, Thanks Tiffany for posting !

  5. Well, reading the tabloids, apparently Jennifer Aniston is releasing a movie at the same time as JLO’s ‘Back up plan’ with the same story line. Critics are saying that JLO’s movie will flop as she can’t compete with Jennifer Aniston’s popularity. Well I don’t know about that, but I am sure if JLO did have a say in chosing her leading man then she is a very smart woman and definitely knows the power of Alex’s popularity and his very dedicated fans. Alex will definitely be a huge draw card for this movie and yes I agree with Tish S that Alex should show much more prominently in the pre movie advertising. This well may be JLO’s movie but she should wake up and realise that without Alex the movie well may flop. The promoters should be aware of Alex’s fans and putting him out there to create more interest for the upcoming movie would definitely make good sense.

    Alex’s fans are counting the days to when we are able to see him once again on our TV screens when Three Rivers goes to air in the fall. We are desperate to watch him in anything we can in an effort to get our Alex fix and yes if that means watching JLO, to be able to see Alex on the big screen, then so be it.
    I am sure Alex will make the movie come alive with his fantastic acting and we have all seen a glimpse of his playful sense of humour which can only add to this romantic comedy.

    Jennifer, eat your heart out as JLO has the number one leading man with the huge sex appeal, to co-star in her movie.

    Go Arod !!!!!!!!!

  6. Choice or no choice, if JLo was so “hot” to get Alex as her “Co-Star” then she should have also seen to it that he was not left off of the billing on the teaser poster, which just shows me of how the Diva’s pwer is weilded…And it also shows me no respect for Alex by Paramount or CBS…

  7. I’ve been mulling over JLo’s comment about his strength of character, and I think she put her finger on why Alex has managed to capture so many of our hearts.

    I call it the aniti-Tom Cruise- phenomenon.

    Not that I don’t think that Tom is an okay actor in a very narrow genre, and I’ll try to explain something that’s just becoming clear to me.

    Tom Cruise was WONDERFUL in Risky Business. Perfect…. and he went down hill from there. His Lestat inIInterview with a Vampire was rediculous. I know Ann Rice wrote the part for Rutger Howard, but the big wigs wanted a “face”. Tom tried his best, acted up a storm, but could never tap into that vein of darkness the part called for. Just didn’t have it in him.

    And the mission impossible roles …. lets not go there. Some actors just can’t dig down and find what they need. If it ain’t there, they can’t show it.

    Now our Alex.

    If for the first time,you just saw an everyday pic of him, I’m sure you’d say “hmm, cute guy, but nothing really special.”..He doesn’t have that chisled male star face. His eyes are huge down turned puppy-dog eyes. His eyebrow slant down, His nose is sort of beaky and his profile is almost feninine. I’m sure that he did alot of that body art when he was younger to make himself look more manly — I’ll bet that until he was in his mid 20’s he looked like he was 12.

    But boy can he turn it on! Not being an actor, I have no idea what place he pulls out what he needs to fit the role, but he manages to tap into incredibly deep emotions with just a glance. He has no limits. He can be a playful kid one moment, a lover the next, then a rapid killer — and you buy it. He pulls you into his character.

    I HATE, repeat HATE romantic comedies. The man always ends up looking silly, or stupid, or gullible, but I’m lining up to see this one. I have faith he can pull this off too.

    I hope I made some sense…?

    1. I agree. Alex moves from ordinary to extraordinary in a flash. He draws you in, his expressive face, movement, and voice. He is talented and I am thankful I get to watch and admire.

  8. i completely agree, Natalie! Good choice Jlo

  9. JLo has good taste, she chose Alex.

  10. He oozes charm charisma and also a fantastic actor. I didn’t know him form adam until I watched Moonlight. We only had 8 eps aired in Oz, so I had to catch up with the other eps in thre internet. Now i Have 2 copies of Moonlight, also 5 other DVD’s that he is in, whether it is a bit part or a lot of him, Mary Bryant, Black Jack sweet Science, August Rush, Oyster Farmer and The Invisible, as well a recording The Big Wheel Criminal Mind eps. So yes, he’s taken over my existence.

  11. Well , not to mention he has bucket,s of charisma a fantastic actor,
    and an army of fans who would follow him any where.

  12. So glad Jlo approved of Alex. I wonder what she saw him o make er decide he would be good in Back Up Plan? I wonder if she is the Diva on film sets so needs someone storng she can’t be divaish with.
    We all know his dashing good looks, but they are two a penny in Hollywood. His dedication isn’t two a penny nor his acting ability, and that say it all face and so expressive eyes drool drool.. Not sure who said it, but his left eyebrow says a lot. That’s the one he had pierced, but glad he’s taken bar or whatever out, also nose stud, I can’t imagine him with all that extra stuff on his beautiful face.

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