The Back-up Plan “She Glows” Featurette

alex o'loughlin interview she glows

New scenes from The Back-Up Plan and some interviews. I love the dinner scene and the banter, especially the look Alex gives the crew when Jennifer insists that if he lets her hit him in the face… “it will be really funny.” LOL. It looks like she was hitting him pretty hard!

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  1. hi i have to watch it have been very busy but i watched it i judt watched just now great alex looked good

  2. i can’t see it. </3 D:

  3. aww they’re so freaking cute together.

  4. I just want to echo Jeanine’s and Patty’s comments. Enough said!

  5. I’d glow too, if I were next to Alex!!! 🙂

  6. This movie is gonna be SOOOO good! I have written to I don’t know how How many sites for Alex and Jennifer and said one thing ‘”GO GET ALL YOUR RELATIVES AND FRIENDS AND GO SEE BACK UP PLAN WITH ALEX AND JENNIFER APRIL 23RD PASS IT ON!!! Please Tiffany, you doll baby whoever you are, don’t you think this is a good idea???? Also promote Alex in Hawaii Five O …he’s SO georgous. Forget all the negative stuff about no more Moonlight (I miss it too very much) and being mad at CBS GO WITH ALEX IN WHAT HE’S DOING RIGHT NOW.!! SUZANNE FOREVER FAN

  7. OMG! That is so funny when Alex tells JLO that her ass is on fire! Too…too funny! I can’t wait
    to see this film. Boy, I am counting the days.

  8. Love it! Alex and JLo seem to have enjoyed working together, looks like fun!

  9. Thanks for the great video – every trailer for this movie just makes me smile the whole time I am watching them. Looks like they had so much fun. I just can’t wait – I will be there on opening day – and then will be waiting for the DVD – LOL.

  10. Thank you so much for the new peek at the movie, I totally appreciate your hard work in keeping us informed with the latest Alex news. You rock!

  11. It’s great to see new trailers!! I simply can’t wait to see this movie! It looks hysterical, and I want to see Alex on the big screen!! 🙂

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