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  1. hi love the photos of alex and jlo cant wait to see the movie

  2. How excited is everyone to see Alex in his new role in “The Back-up Plan”? I’m working with the movie and can tell you that his performance as JLO’s love interest is spectacular! His character is so sweet (and of course gorgeous) that he basically melts your heart. And it looks like you guys have found some of the trailers, so I hope you enjoy this one as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHpsCCcXLJk Let me know what you think!


  3. I have everything of Alex, ManThing, Shield even Criminal Minds for just his episode. BUT not Feed, I don’t think I would like that. Mary Bryant, Invisisble, Oyster, Black Jack, August Rush and 3 copies of Moonlight. Can’t get enough of Alex

  4. alex is adorable,i loved him with longer hair in moonlight but he is just as lovely how he as it now.

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    MickStruck 9 you have said it all. Everything I would say is in your comment. Totally. I do not want to be repetitious so thank you for taking all the words out of my mouth, completely I do own the Shield season with Mick; that’s the only difference. I love all of his work and can’t wait for this beautiful adorable movie….and THEN Hawaii 5 – 0. What a gift. Can’t wait And thank you Tiffany for these beautiful photos..

    1. Thanks!! I enjoyed your comments. There are people still today on youtube and facebook that are still angry that Moonlight is off the air, that should send a loud message to CBS they made a huge mistake. Two-three years later and people are still talking about missing Moonlight – think about that CBS.

  6. I can’t wait to see this movie! I found a trailer of The Back-Up Plan on YouTube. It’s different from the others. You should check it out.


  7. Thanks Tiffany for this great pictures, like them all !!!

  8. I can only imagine how breathtaking he must be in person! His pictures just melt my heart!! 🙂

  9. Thanks Tiffany!!! Great pics of Alex!! He is the true star of Back Up Plan 🙂

  10. More of Alex!!! (oh yeah, I guess JLo is there too) LOVE HIM! Tell me Tiffany,do you think Alex reads any of this? Anyone else would have an ego as big as outdoors if they did but I don’t think he would…he’s too nice and modest, but I’m curious. GO SEE ALEX AND JLO IN BACK UP PLAN APRIL 23RD!!!!! PASS IT ON TO YOUR FRIENDS & RELATIVES…ANYONE! sUZANNE FOREVER HIS FAN.

  11. He has to be looking at himself in that restaurant because he is the sweetest thing on the menu!!

    1. I wish I could have Alex off the menus at my local restaurant 🙂 An order of Alex please!

  12. Do people actually think Jaylo is the star of the movie? We know better

    1. It would be great if Alex did read these BUT most importantly the ones on CBS page and YouTube. I cannot express all the fans across the world that write on all the YouTube photos, music pic’s of Alex. Tall Dark Handsome Stranger by Heart is fantastic song with ALOT of Alex. he is a fantastic actor and very veristile. I own everything he has done except Sheild Season because I just have not ordered it yet. Seriously as fans donors and recipients wrote on the CBS Three Rivers web page about how “ground breaking” and wonderful it is to actuallt have comfort in knowing your loved one saved a life and for the recipients to receive a gift of life, a second chance. he will always be Mick St. John a show that never should have ended. That show came out before Twilight and True Blood and look at the phenomonon now. Cbs sure did blow it. I’ll take Mick St. John over Edward any day. And I will admit Josef also was great. Those two together created something TV has longed for and not all this reality crap of losing weight, or stuck on a desert island, shall I go on. CBS has ground breaking shows with Alex and they were stupid not to put 3 Rivers on another time slot. They were up against World Series games and Football (Sunday). If they could change the Mentalist to another night why not 3 Rivers. I loved everyone on that show. Go to this web page and enjoy ALEX!!

  13. How does God make someone this good looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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