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  1. The wishes for Alex’s birthday was sent by Hope not Hiope. Type error.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Alex and have a great day! Love Hope

  3. Oh by the way, look at that. OMG. That was funny. idk if anyone else thinks that but hey it was sudden for me and i almost chocked on some cereal because i was laughing so hard. LOL. sorry 2 laugh at you tho dude.

  4. Thanks Tiffany once again – Seeing this clip makes me even more excited about TR, if that’s possible. You can tell by the way Alex is talking that he is so excited about this role and you know he will give it his all and do the best he can. How can anyone NOT want to support Alex after seeing this. He has worked so hard, we can’t let him down!!!!

  5. Alex is amazing! Can not wait to see him in this role! Thank you for the post!

  6. I am too Sandra!!! Germany Copyringht infringements!!!! Can watch te vid!!! BAD!!!!

  7. Copyringht infringements. Can’t watch it in your country.
    They got something against the Country of Alex’s birth?
    Will try the direct link.

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