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  1. Great preview! That patient definitely has the right idea!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you forall the info on Alex, what a beautiful man and great actor .i’m sooo excited for sunday WHOO HOOO. I love that cheeky smile. I hope i can see the bonnie hunt on this site coz we dont get her show in my area go Alex go.

  3. I love this sneak peek. How can you not fall in love with Alex when you see that smile? I can’t wait to see the entire episode, it looks like a good one.

  4. Barabara I also bought the DVD, and watched Big Wheel again. Did you watch the special feature on the same disc it’s just called VIncent as Big Wheel, Alex talks on it and there are several snatches of scenes

  5. Oh My !!!! Alex looks fabulous. I can’t wait for next Sunday. I’m watching Amazing Race now
    and CBS has actually shown two promos for TR. I will definitely be watching and taping
    Bonnie Hunt on Tuesday. I hope Alex will have more appearances before next weekend.

  6. thanks you for the video i cant wait to see the show i wish there where drs like alex

  7. OMG, another lose your breath viewing of Alex. Every single time I see him I can’t believe how much he affects me. This is a great scene which again totally captivates.Earlier tonite I watched the DVD of Crim Minds, The Big Wheel episode with Alex as Vincent. A show I am just as obsessed with as Alex in Moonlight. This is going to be a very long week, waiting for Oct 4th. Hope I can find Bonnie Hunt’s show on my Cable station….

  8. If I am not mistaken this is Tick Tick the now number 2 show. The firts show now he delivers a baby, perhaps more dramatic and everyone loves a baby.
    Yep, such a beautiful, though at times very cheeky smile, melt the hearts of anyone seeing it.

    1. Yeah, they switched the episodes on us. I saw a sneak peak where Christopher Hanke’s character was introduced to the crew, like it was his first day at work. I always thought that was the original episode 1 (Tick Tick) but maybe I’m mistaken or they’ve changed it around.

      You know a lot of times the series premier always gives a basic introduction to things. That’s just what I was wondering about.

  9. Yeah, I’d travel all the way from Africa for some Dr. Alex/Andy care. 😉

    It seems like it’s filmed in a different way then House and Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe because it’s a sneak peek and they’ve spiffed up the main thing, but in the other sneak peak, it seems more bare bones and like a documentary, that we just happen to be following these people around on their day to day interactions.

    And I wonder how it’s going to work that they switched episode 1 and 2. Wouldn’t (though not necessarily) episode 1 have valuable information about the hospital, their jobs and the characters, and episode 2 would just bypass all that because “hey, you’ve seen episode 1, you know what’s going on right?” Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want to be wondering “woa, who the crap is that guy,” and then next week be like “OH that’s who he is” kinda deal, ya know? CBS, once again, you’d better not fuck up a good show that involves Alex.

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