Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction -SEAL of Approval-Part 5

We last left off with Steve being kept in a animal rescue in order for him to heal. He was worried about both his families and was not sure what would become of him. As we move on in this next part of SEAL of Approval, it is a big day for Steve but he needs to get over a big hurdle first before he is free again. What will he do to protect himself and those he loves? Find out now.


Part 5

hawaii five 0 seal of approval fan fiction


            Over the next week, Danny, making good on a promise made to both of his children, goes after the poachers who’d injured the big bull seal.  With some help from Kamekona, Duke and Nancy, they’d tracked them down and arrested them.  Putting them in jail had helped ease his mind, but he is still concerned for Steve.  Two weeks and not a word.  Nothing.  If he didn’t hear soon, he was going to have to go straight to the top to find out if he’s dead or alive. 

            To celebrate the jailing of those monsters, he takes Grace and Charlie back to the house, hoping maybe Steve might make an appearance.  To his surprise, as they are playing in the water, a large mammal makes its way toward them.  As he runs into the water, he sees it’s a seal.  Moving to his children, he watches as it slowly circles them, moving with ease and grace.  It almost seems to be mocking him as it glides through the water.


            Steve can tell today is going to be different.  Just the way he’s being treated tells him something big is happening.  He’d been given extra food for his early morning meal and now they pull him in, checking him over carefully.  He had learned to trust them, going to them easily and allowing them to check him over each day.  But today is different. 

            “Hey, big guy!  How ya feeling today?”  Nancy says, getting into the water with him.  She’d never done that before and he’s a little leery. 

            “Don’t worry.  I’m not gonna hurt you, but we do need to keep track of you.  Before we let you go, we need to tag you.”  She reaches for his fin.

            Tag me?  No!  That cannot happen.  If they do that, everyone will know!  He pulls away from her and swims out to deepest part of the pond.  He shakes his head, trying to tell her she can’t do that.

            “Hey, hey, big guy.  Come back here.  It won’t hurt.  I promise.  But we need to be able to identify you.  That’s all.”  She motions for him to come back. 

            He stays in the middle, not moving.  He can’t be tagged.  Besides them being able to track him, how would affect him in his human form.  Where would it appear?  No, he can’t allow it.

            She looks him over, still amazed at his size and coloring. 


            That’s it.  “You know what?  Since you seem to be so opposed to us doing anything else to you, I’ve got an idea.  Will you let me get a couple of good pictures of you?  You have some of the most unusual markings just above and on your flippers, I could pass that off as unique enough to be able to track you.  I know we have not seen anything matching this on any other seal I’ve come across.  Those markings should be enough.  What do you say?”  She speaks to him as if he can understand her. 

            Oh, if she only knew!

            He considers her a moment.  She’s never been cruel to him and she has always been honest.  He swims in circles for a bit, acting as if he can’t understand her.  She gets out of the water, grabs her camera and gets back in.  It’s a long time before he makes his way back over to her, seeing the camera and not the tagging device. 

            Finally, he relents and gets close enough for her to get a few good shots.  He knows what she’s seeing are the conversion of his tattoos on each bicep and he’s never been happier to have them.  Once she has enough, she gets out of the water and leaves him be.  

            The day and night are long, but he can feel a change is coming. 

            Early the next morning, he sees her return, a large smile on her face.  “Well, they went for it, big guy.  Your markings are definitely unique, and they accepted my idea of using those for tracking purposes.  We won’t be able to know where you are, but I am sure you will be around.  This way, we can know where you propagate and how long you live.  You are now a part of our legacy.”  She throws some live fish to him.  He devours them all. 

            “And now the bad news.  At least for me.  It’s time to let you go.  You are healed well enough that you can take care of yourself.  You don’t belong cooped up in this little pond so it’s time for you to leave.  I wish you could understand me.  I will miss you.  I’m glad I was the one that got the call the day you were injured.  I wish you well, big guy, and I hope to see you around.”  She punches a button on the wall and he can hear a buzzing sound. 

            Going under the water, the sound becomes clearer and he can see the gate opening out into the open ocean.  He comes above again and glances back at her.  He swears he sees tears falling; he can’t be sure.  Moving slowly, he makes his way toward the gate, not wanting to be too eager.  Finally, he can contain himself no longer and he launches himself out into the open water.  Elated to be free again, he dives and jumps, showing his joy at being free.  Without a glance back, he makes a beeline for his love. 

            “My dear?  Are you near?”

            “Koa?  My love, where are you?”

            “Making my way to you right now.”  He moves swiftly through the water, a reunion with her the only thing on his mind. 

            In what seems like moments, he sees her gliding toward him and he doesn’t hesitate to show her his joy at reuniting with her.

            “Oh, I missed you, my love.  Are you well?”

            “Yes.  I am well.  I am overjoyed to be with you again.  The pups?  Are they all safe?”

            “They are.  I watched as the one you call ‘Danny’ came and took the bad men away.  They will not hurt another seal.”

            “He did?  Good for him.  I am glad.”  He nuzzles her, wanting to spend all day and night with her.  At this time, he wished they understood the pleasure of sex for no other reason than to enjoy it.  But for most females, it is not a pleasurable experience. 

            “Are you returning to him?  He has been worried.”

            “How do you know?”

            “I have observed him sitting out on your beach, a strange look on his face.  I have been watching him for you.  I know how much you care for him.”

            “Oh, my dear, you are wonderful.  I am appreciative of that.  You did not have to do that.  You were in danger.”

            “For you, I took on that danger.”  She nuzzles him.  She marvels at how much his human ways have affected her.  Before he came along, she never acted this way with another bull.  He changed her.  She feels uncontrollably attached to him and she never wants him to leave.  Even if she only gets him for a small amount of time each day. 

            “You must remain safe.  I can tell you are carrying.  You cannot risk the new pup.”

            “It, and I, will be fine.  You could always tell.  We will be well.” 

            “I must go.  I need to get back and explain my absence.”

            “I understand.  Go.  I will be here.”

            He nuzzles her one more time and heads back to his beach.  As he stops near the sand bar, miraculously his trunks still there, he sees them.  Grace and Charlie playing in the water and he can’t resist.  Moving over the bar, he slowly glides toward them, his only intention to play.  He hears Danny’s voice yelling at them to come out of the water as he runs in.  Carefully, Steve circles around them, knowing something they don’t. 

To Be Continued...


Story by P_Street_7609

Fan Art by Becoming_Bryna



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