New Alex O’Loughlin Interview – Was Moonlight a Career Mistake?

A new interview with Alex is posted at Inquirer Entertainment today. In it he talks about his injury on the show and his subsequent dependence on pain medication. He blames the fact that he insisted on doing most of his own stunts, which he is now saying in’t the smartest idea.

I do a lot of my own stunts and I have done so from the beginning. I am not 20-something anymore as you can see from the dusting of grey on the sides of my head.

He is feeling MUCH better now and appears to have recommitted to his health:

Personally, I’m fantastic. It’s like nothing happened. I am still doing physical therapy three times a week. I’m back and doing lots of jiu jitsu. I’m surfing, running, doing all that stuff. I just have to say no to some of the stunts that I love doing so much. I enjoy doing that stuff but I’ve learned to let the stuntmen do those.

He also talks about his taste in women and what he wants and values in a woman. AND he talks about his son Saxon living with him and the time they spend together including a trip to France to take him snowboarding.

I’ve been promising to take him snowboarding his whole life which essentially makes me a neglectful parent, doesn’t it? Because it took me 15 years to do it. I’ve taken him to do virtually everything else. He surfs every day. He does a lot of stuff but he’s like, ˜We got to go snowboarding.™ I thought, OK, since it has taken me so long, I’m going to take him somewhere really special, where the snow is really good. I took him to Charmonix (France). He did great. He snowboarded for four days. I snowboarded for about a day and a half and then spent the next two days with ice packs on my hips. I had a great time. I love Europe. I don’t speak a lick of French but I speak a bit of Italian. I can get through Italy better than I get through the rest of Europe.

Though the bit that stuck out the most to me was his mention of Moonlight and eluded to it being a career error because some fans can’t seem to let it go and let him be anything other than Mick St. John.

One of the errors of my career was doing a vampire show (˜Moonlight™). The fans that I got from that show are very committed. They will never ever see me as anything other than Mick St. John.

Sadly, I can see his point. Had Moonlight never been cancelled, and it shouldn’t have been, I think Alex would be an even bigger star than he currently is. That role suited him better than any other he has been cast in IMO. When something that special gets tossed aside some can’t over the heartbreak. It created a big rift in the fandom when it was cancelled. I remember fights breaking out on this site every week between fans who wanted to forget about Moonlight and support whatever new project Alex had and those fans who were opposed to supporting anything but a return of Moonlight to TV. Apparently that whole sad business still follows him around.

** Wanted to add a note that if any readers/fans want to be able to post to this site and help update just email me and let me know. I know some of you are keeping better tabs on Alex than I am of late and if you feel you could keep the site updated I would love to chat with you.

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    🙁 Comment Yes this is correct regarding Moodnlight. I cant let it go either. This character was made for Alex. I like him in Hawaii 5 but because vampires is still on the front burning in a lot of shows, including True Blood and Twilight series, moon light would have become a great show. He was soooooooo good in this series and thank goodness I bought the first season but I still think they need to make a movie at least having an ending to this great love story. I miss all the characters in the show too. I know a lot of people still hopeing for at least a Movie. This is to Alex: Please dont say you shouldnt have done this because we see you only as a vampire. Look at Paterson and other characters that have played vampires. They are all doing other characters not only vampires expecially Robert Paterson from Twilight. So this is not true. We see you as an actor playing a part. Please come back and be Mick anagain, if only for one movie. People will COME. SONGBIRD

  2. II don’t care what show alex is doing and isn’t , as long as he is happy and enjoys what he does I’m happy 😀 good luck to everything you do in life alex .D

  3. I’m at work so was unable to view the blessing, etc. I’m guessing that will be a link to view it, not in live stream, like last year? Does anyone know, and, if so, if/when you get the link, would you mind posting it here? Thanks much.

    BTW, did anyone view Daniel’s interview in Singapore where he talks about Alex dancing after flubbing a line? The very short video they have of him doing so is cute. And Daniel’s description of Alex is ‘driven.’ Just about sums it up, doesn’t it?

  4. Thanks girls for being on top of things. I need to check this site more often.
    I got lucky to check today and now watched the Blessing and interviews which I didn’t know about. I am excited they are shooting now and we have another season.!

  5. Muffie- thanks for the reply I clicked on the first link, I live in Ohio so I checked Columbus, is that right? It starts at 1100am, so at that time I should click on the second link, is that right? When I click on now nothing plays, does that mean nothing is being boardcast? I feel so foolish asking for help, thanks for the rescue.

    1. Sorry I’m late getting back to you. Yes you are right…the second link lead to a blank screen because they were off-air. But there has been a time change since I posted my last comment. The live-streaming will begin at 8:30am pacific time with the Blessing taking place at 9am pacific time. I figure you are 3 hours ahead of us so that would be 11:30 am for the live-feed start and 12noon the actual time of the Ceremony. You may just want to check the time differences between where we both live just to be sure. Hope this wasn’t too confusing.

      1. muffie- thanks, your the GREATEST :p I did get in and it worked, got your message, and they did say there was a change of time.thanks again. ENJOY

  6. Ladies remember the Season 3 blessing ceremony this Monday. This is the link where u can see teh event taken place stream live to u can book ur calendars You have to verify for ur specific location and this is the link I found for that ;

    The link to see the event stream live is this:

    The only cast member with the possibility of no show for the ceremony may be Scott Caan. As his play in LA will finish until Sunday and the blessing ceremony will take place very early Monday morning so we do not know that he be on time the next day in Hawaii so early for the ceremony we will have to wait to see if he makes it on time or not.

    I just read some bad news there is a possibility, although nothing has been officialy confirmed but there has been rumors on the internet, that this year there wont be a SOTB Season 3 event,. CBS has not announced anything at this time of the month, CBS has not said if there is going to be one or not, it is uncertain.

    Even the reporter from the Hawaiian News Channel who will cover the blessing ceremon
    and she is always very close and have contacts to search for that information, she responded to a fan who ask her about it, she responded to that fan; ” No word of a Sunset on the Beach Waikiki Premiere. Crossing my fingers, but it may not happen.”

    1. cinthia, I logged on to both links but don’t know were to go after that. Would you please step me through it so I can also watch? I’m ashamed to admit I don’t know much about using the computer. Thanks.

      1. It is quite easy carrie..believe me if I can do it, anyone can. Click on the second link cinthia posted

        That will take directly to the website. Wait for a few minutes and a box will appear, like when you are watching a video. If HawaiiNewsNow is on the air..the livefeed will appear. You may have to wait a couple of minutes for this to happen. I believe the first link cinthia posted was for a world clock so you can see what time the Blessing will take place in your time zone. If you have any problems…leave a comment again and I`m sure you will get some additional help. I don`t always explain things clearly. 🙁

  7. I seen her picture and I didn’t think she was old enough for the role, she looks a little older then him.

    1. I guess we have to wait until this Monday when the H50 S3 blessing ceremony will take place and see how she look like now because it is expected she will be there. I havent seen Christine in years doing any TV or movies so I am curious how she look like now if she looks very old or she has kept herlself just with some wrinkles here and there as she is a lady in her 50´s

      1. I hadn’t heard about the blessing, what time is it on? Cinthia, I had to smile when I read your reply. I am well into my 50’s and my youngest son is 39, well older than our Alex. I guess she is old enough! 😮

    2. Carrie: The blessing ceremony as I have read in other H50 sites is this Monday in the morning I do not know the time though. I have to look for it. The Hawaiian news channel HNN will do a live stream from taht ceremony. I googled teh age of the actress Christine Lahti and now she is 62 yrs old I still thought she was in her mid 50’s. I havent seen her in photos in the last couple of years so I do not know how she looks like now. She is expected to attend the belssing ceremony on Monday I read.

  8. It was just confirmed Christine Lahti, will play Steve’s mom..

    1. Fans, What do u think about Christine Lahti in the role of Steve mom?

  9. I wont say much beause I guess some of us already know but it is finally revealed who is going to play Steve mom

  10. Ohh I just read this on the following site: This is like a confession now we may all now who is nor returning for S3

    I guess her character was poorly introduced too even if she was on S1, she never had like a lot of development on S1

  11. Casting news for Season 3 Christine Lahti will have a reucrring role on the new season, this is according to CBS statement. The statement did not say what role she will play, Most fans believe it could be finally Steve mom, but the statment did not say her role. I want her to be the new Chief of Detectives it be neat it be a woman this time.

    1. to cinthia, I don’t know this Christine Lahti, has she been in any other shows?

      1. Carrie: I bet you’ll know her when you see her; she’s been on a ton of shows, guest starring, and I believe was on Chicago Hope years ago. On Law & Order SUV, she was on a couple of shows where she was a prosecutor, I think, who did something sneaky to get convictions and then she went crazy. That’s the most recent thing I think I’ve seen her in, but that was a couple of years ago as well. I don’t care for her as Steve’s mom, if that’s the role she’ll have, but, who knows, she may surprise us.

  12. Linda Shirley The e is a gag reel already for Season 2 in the internet but I do not know who got a hold of that some fans are saying that gag reel was leaked from some source perhaps and post it on the internet alreayd as I believe it was so soon to have a season 2 gag reel already. as I thought the gag reel was going to be out in the internet like in August not that soon in June

    1. Hi Cinthia, I know when I clicked on it –it said it had been removed. Your right in thinking there obviously was a problem and had to pull it. I love watching bloopers from shows I really think they are so entertaining and can enjoy the lighter side of the grueling hours of filming. Hope it comes on soon and would like to see a whole lot more,

  13. Hi ladies: Has anyone been able to view the Season 2 gag video? Both at work and at home, I get a message stating that the page is no longer available. Did CBS perhaps pull the plug because they haven’t released Season 2 yet on DVD?

    I loved Season 1’s gag reel. To me, the gag reels give a great, behind-the-scenes look at the actors rather than the characters they portray. Alex trying to tie up his arm when Steve broke it was hilarious as well as Alex in the helicopter with the mic stuck up his nose as well as his sing-songs, “is anybody out there?” and ‘what’s my line?” He must be a riot on set.


    I re-watched Whiteout over the weekend. Never realized the guy from Suits is also in it. Alex’s accent was very strong in the film. I wonder if he was playing it up since his character was from Oz, or if, since he’s been in the States a lot and using an American accent so often for roles, his natural accent is now a cross between the two. I love his accent now.

    1. Shirley I had seen the gag reel but I elieve there was a copyright problem as in some sites they pull it out . I do no tknow if in some sites the video was leaked so is the reason why it was ull out from the site. LThe site VIMEO I heard is no longer availabel for the same reason. IThere are also some deleted scenes out there and again they are not available in some sites for the copyright issues as tthose scenes were leaked. I havent seen the deleted scenes though

    2. Hi Shirley, I did not know they had gag reels. I haven’t seen 1 let alone 2.
      I agree with you I think they are so entertaining and humorous.
      I really don’t know how to find what you saw. Maybe I will try just to put in H50 gag reels?

    3. Hi Shirley again. I just looked it up and the reel is great. Very funny stuff in it.
      I didn’t see number 2 but glad I got to see 1 at least.
      I saw White Out I believe true accent since he was I think younger there.
      It does sound like his accent has curved a bit but any way he talks is great to me! LOL!

  14. Hello Tiffany. I just have heard that Alex had a very tiny tiny role as a cop in the background in the movie “Mission Impossible 2” (the one that was filmed in Australia). Do u by any chance have or can find a pic of Alex in that movie? I did not know Alex was on that movie until today so Im curious to see if there is a pic of Alex out there to check it out.

    1. Cinthia, I do remember a photo floating around but that was a long time ago. I have no idea where it is now and a search didn’t bring anything up.

  15. wanted to share what I miss about Mick- I love that boyish innocese when he raised his one eyebrow, thought it was so sexy! Mick’s sunglasses and long jacket, so hot! Mick’s ball cap ( from the ep in the desert) that is when I immedialy fell in love. I was channel surfing one Friday night and that scene of him with his coller up, sunglasses and ball cap at the payphone sent my heart in over drive! I went crazy checking TVGuide and trying to figure out what I was watching and who this guy was. I have never put my Moonlight videos away, and get all giddy like a schol girl when I watch them. :love: :love: :love:

    1. Hi Carrie and Ladies hope all are well. I have to agree with Carrie. Having seen Moonlight that was my first sight of Alex. Show was very different as no vampires at that time. Of course showing age for me was Bela Lagosi LOL! I think whatever show or movie alex does if your a fan good, bad or indifferent as long as alex is in it I enjoy. Tattoo;s I have one son with- one son without. The son with forgive- I said before, I know crazy but, actually looks like alex and is one year younger. So, wonder if he would let me adopt him LOL! Have a great day ladies. Tiff love this site. It is nice to know older or younger I can jump on this and keep up with things. I think all you ladies are great and know offense when I seem to agree alot with 2 or 3 of yo the most..

  16. I jsut read outthere some spoilers on S3 and on Michelle Borth character.

  17. First of all thanks for the website tiff, i always come here to see what our sexy sailor is up to. the pictures are stunning, alex you are looking so healthy even with the flecks of grey, im three years older than you and i have noticed a few!!!!! beard looks sexy, too! i have never seen moonlight so i dont know what all the fuss is about, i only know alex through five-o and the back up plan. i suppose in every persons career they have good and bad roles, it is what makes the person more determined. alex, i am so very proud of what you have achieved career and healthwise i really dont think you should question yourself, you are doing brilliant so far. please lets see more of your tattoos! the back one is a bit big, but its part of the package and the package is just perfection!!! all the best to you and everyone on this page. :heart: :heart:

    1. Im with u Mandy I never saw Moonlight so I do not know what was all the fuss was about and I only know Alex thru Back up plan and H50. But Im sure he did not mean what he say, fans of Moonlight had to take his comment with a grain of salt, and not take it so perosnally as he said it in a aussie humor. Not all actors or actresses have starred in the roles of their dreams, so roles could have sink, others could have succeed it but that is where the person attitude and determination towards those mistakes comes into place,.

    2. Well said Mandy.

      I was thinking, however, this hysteria is the same type that’s funnels H50 at times: i.e. Kono coming back; the Lori Weston /Lauren German debacle. The discussion of whether Grace was coming back was so ridiculous to me, as it was a known fact that she was. But the fans, some of them, have a different boisterous take on it.

      And let us not forget what the fans did to Lauren German. I still feel for her, although I know this is the business. But if you go back and objectively look at the episodes with Lauren in them, the blame goes to the production staff. Because on episodes where she had decent material she was fine. And if you want a piece of trivia, Alex supposedly went through the same thing on The Shield, coming in after one of the beloved characters had been killed off.

      Just food for thought.

      1. Hi Niecie: I think this is the first time I have a different point of view from you! I just could not stand the Lori character and much of that is because of Lauren German. I just found her to be just bland, dead eyes, etc. No talent. Now there’s no way you could say that about Alex in The Shield. No idea why they didn’t keep his character on that show but am sort of glad that they didn’t. We would have missed out on a lot of other fine performances of his.

        Of course, I do agree with your first paragraph. The nonsense that one reads about Alex from “fans: who just make this stuff up is amazing. No wonder he doesn’t read any of this stuff.

        Anybody hear when the season premier is going to be? Can you tell I’m in need of a new Alex fix?! I’ll just bet I’m not the only one.

      2. Shirley, you know I could never be upset with you. We all have our opinions, and I do agree Lauren was not the right person cast, because they really thought because she was cute everyone would like her. But she was really never given a chance, one because Grace’s lines were cut, and they gave Lauren NO direction and the writing for that character was horrible, and it didn’t get better until her last couple of episodes. If you really look at each of the character’s lines at times, they are horrible.

        I guess what I really don’t like is for the past years we have had a new person trying to be a 5th team member and it just doesn’t work. Call the person the office manager, or something to that effect, leave them in the office, because really there is no one running it when the 4 are in the field.


      3. Niecie: I do agree; even though I really didn’t like the actress; the lines they gave her to say were horrible. Very poor writing last season except for the first and last episodes.

        I really like your suggestion of the office manager. It makes so much more sense than messing with our team. I’ll gladly volunteer for that role; where do I sign up? LOL

      4. Hi Niecie& Shirley, I know a few days late but, I finally got to see 3 granddaughters dance in NC. I have to say I agree with both of you. Big suprise there LOL! Niecie what you said in the beginning and Shirley about Lori. I don’t doubt she probably is good actress but, they she jumped in at an awkward time line and I really didn’t enjoy her. I guess Grace has it all. I do agree with the lame lines and yes, there were times where it was fine. But thats show biz as they say! Just a note. I saw that poor clip of the guys in the theater. I really couldn’t make out hardly anything. I guess if you want to take snap because you are excited over seeing them is one thing but I think that clip was lame and invasion. Guess, I agree with you 2 again! have nice day.

  18. I am going to share with you some good news .

    Members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences are currently voting to decide the final nominations for the 2012 Primetime Emmys. Hawaii Five-0 appears on the nominating ballots in the following categories:

    â– Outstanding Drama Series: Hawaii Five-0
    ■Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett

    ■Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Scott Caan as Danny “Danno” Williams

    â– Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series: James Caan as Tony Archer
    â– Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series: Ed Asner as August March
    ■Outstanding Stunt Coordination: Kame’e
    ■Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series: Ua Hopu – James L. Carter, Director of Photography
    ■Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series: Ki’ilua – Maja Vrvilo, Editor
    ■Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series: Pa Make Loa – John Keris, Edited by
    Scott is also a possible nominee for his role as Scott Lavin in Entourage. The final contenders will be announced live on July 19;

    I hope Alex, the show or Scott are nominated at least. Good luck for them!!

    1. Thanks for the info. I don’t keep up as much as you do so nice to know the info.
      Hope they win. If we could vote they would.Where will it be announced?
      Exciting to have them nominated for so many things.

  19. Is it really that important to know every aspect of Alex’s life? For those of you not in the United States, that footage is illegal. First theaters do not allow videotaping and yes it was done in a sneaky way. Yes, Alex is a star and the presumption is that cameras are always around, but the difference in let’s say the footage from the 7 Eleven and the theater is that Alex was facing the cameras so he knew they were there. The presumption at the theater is no one should be filming which makes it illegal, doubly so if signs were posted. If that footage would have crossed my inbox I would not have posted it, because as a card carrying member of the media who works for legitimate and integrity entities, not the tabloids, I would be sued.

    1. Niece I was just given the footage by a fan. I did not search for it. I do not know who gave this footage video to her, she just gave it to me and if I post it is because some fans here were asking for it I was not even going to post it on my own, I did beacuse here some ladies wanted to see it that was all my intention to post the link here. I apologize if that could not be done on the page

      1. Cinthia I really wasn’t pointing to you but rather the person who took the footage in the first place, and the person who uploaded it for the world to copy. I know of three people as I write this that are being sued for doing just that, and I know a host of others who have had their attys call people who video taped them with their cell phones without their permission. No apologies necessary, just trying to keep people out of trouble.

    2. Thanks Niece I know some people go to the extend of videotaping people or situations that are not allow in certain places. So perhpas the person who took that footage obviously it was sneaky.

  20. Sorry I didn’t post the link. I’ve been offline for 24 hours and didn’t realize people were asking for it. I don’t have it anymore I’m afraid. I don’t know if what I saw is the same as what Cinthia posted the link to, because her link isn’t loading for me. Well, the page loads, but not the video. Unfortunately it wasn’t very clear footage at all, although it is clearly Alex. It was shaky and taken from behind. As photographs were not allowed the person who shot it was trying not to be obvious and that showed in the finished product I’m afraid. All it was really was the three of them walking back into the theater. It doesn’t tell us much at all except he was there with Saxon and Malia. Sorry about that. But it’s nice to know he’s supporting Scott by going to see the play isn’t it? It made me very happy to see 😀 .

  21. Ok ladies this si the footage video that anotehr fan sent me. I do not know who sent this fan this video but here it goes: http://andyjiang1646…ort-each-others

  22. MH-Cinthia, Please please were can we see thes clip? I have been all over the internet with no luck. I’m dying to see it.

  23. Yes, Alex did see Scott’s play Annie. Someone who was there actually took some sneaky footage during intermission with her smartphone of Alex, Saxon and Malia. Saxon is so tall now!

    Cinthia, I agree with you. Not only has Peter Lenkov come to Alex’s defence, but a fan tweeted the author of the article in question and the journalist confirmed that although Alex did say “error” he was joking. Some people are just determined to see Alex in a bad light and of course the fact that it was a tongue in cheek comment won’t mean a thing to them, but I hope Alex’s true fans who somehow missed the joking reference in the article and who were offended, are at least mollified by the clarification. Personally I think it’s a storm in a teacup and people shouldn’t take themselves so seriously. He loved ML and the show’s fans, many of whom are now his fans. Why would he seriously regret doing the show? The only thing he should regret is that so many people lack an understanding of his sense of humor.

    1. Hi MH, great to here about Alex at the play,do you know if the sneaky photos are anywere to be found, I would love to see them. Some people are so lucky, I would be so excited to see him I doubt if I would remember how to use my smartphone :angel:

      1. I even saw a tiny tiny home video of Alex attending the play but it was someone wiht a cell phone who taped Alex getting out of the theather like after the play is over or when he was entering the theater, u cant tell from the video, it was just like 30 seconds of video. I mean u cant really tell is Alex as the video is recorded in a sneaky matter from like a back, but it seems it is him with his son and malia in a yellow skirt.

    2. That is the footage I just mention heheh indeed SO I guess the footage is now all over the internet as well. hahah!!

    3. MH, please let us ( the fans ) know how we can see the clip of Alex !!! :heart:

    4. MH if u want i can share the link here of the footage as I know what is the site I see it. Just le tme know if I share it or u

    5. Just thought I’d jump in here with additional info about Alex being at the Falcon Theater to see Scott’s play. According to a woman who sat behind Alex and Saxon, the lady in the yellow skirt was not Malia but instead was Katy, Scott’s girlfriend.

      1. Cinthia I really wasn’t pointing to you but rather the person who took the footage in the first place, and the person who uploaded it for the world to copy. I know of three people as I write this that are being sued for doing just that, and I know a host of others who have had their attys call people who video taped them with their cell phones without their permission. No apologies necessary, just trying to keep people out of trouble.

        Muffie knew that wasn’t Malia in that video. I just didn’t say anything. Damn I’m good!!

  24. I just read that Scott’s play all is talking about is his movie “Mercy”. I had seen the show sometime ago,and mentioned here how good it was. Scott wrote, directed and stared with his dad in it. Holly Valance also had a part. Wow was not aware that it was made into a play. I hope Alex had time to see it when he was in the states.

  25. Ohh my thi sis embarrasing. It seems Alex comment about ML had caused a stir around the internet. to the extend Peter Lenkow had to step in and defend Alex. It is so sad that after all Alex had been through now he has to face some absurd accusations of some ML fans that cannot let go a show that finished 5 yrs ago and are still stuck on that show, like if the show were going to re surface, If those fans do not like Alex to move further in his career, that is being selfish, so if they do not like to watch Alex in other shows then do not watch him but do not bad mouth him, it is totally unfair.

    Peter tweeted and he said: “For those who think he does not adore his fans, ur wrong. We all get misquoted…sometimes tone misunderstood””.

    I never watched Moonlight, but is not fair what those ML are doing to him. FOr me those people are not fans.
    Poor Alex!

  26. I love all his tats, I think they are very sexy, but I don’t like what h e did with his tramp stamp. Originally I found it very very sexy, and it looked good on him, but I would love ato know what he is trying to accomplish with what he’s doing with it now, and why Anyone know? I do wish he would not have had the ones on his arms taken off, they were really, really sexy

    1. That is the one I was talking about the tramp stamp I do not like it at all is huge I wonder also why the tatt is huge and if there a reason behind it it be interesting to finally know the story behind his tatts as he never talked about them before.

    2. What are you talking about? What has he done to the tattoo?

      1. Niecie: Hi, on a couple of photos, you can see that the tramp tat is encroaching to the sides of Alex now; before, it appeared to be limited to just his back. From what I could tell, it looks like he is enlarging it.

      2. Hey Shirley, you know ever since I’ve been following Alex, that tat has always been on his sides, that’s why I didn’t understand.

        Girl I tell you Alex reminds me of my sons, who are basketball players. No I don’t like their tats, but they knew that they better be places where they would be hidden when they had on real clothes.

      3. Niecie: Really? I better get Oyster Farmer again and take a look. I really thought that it was relegated just to his back. My bad.

        I get your point about your sons, but Alex has them on his shoulders, arms, chest, back and sides. OK, if he’s in a suit, I guess he’s covered. I just think it must be a nightmare for the makeup or CGI folks when he’s in a period piece or even in Back-Up Plan. You didn’t see one tat in that movie, and there were a fair amount of times when he was shirtless.

        Just my opinion, but I think people sometimes do this when they are young and a lot of times regret it later–especially when they are working in a traditional setting. I hear from 30 somethings at work all of the time that they regret getting the tats. Apparently, this doesn’t apply to Alex since he’s had some reinked lately (the shoulder ones) and he doesn’t work in a traditional office setting.

        But I’d still love to hear from him as to why he’s gotten them and so many, knowing that they might create problems in filming projects and that might deter folks from hiring him for certain roles.

      4. I guess for the make up department in all Alex roles in series or the movies must have been be a bit tedious to cover the tattoos each time they film a scene, Even if Alex does not work in a traditional office setting for the make up departments on the series or movies he had been in, for them it can be tricky to cover all the tattoos each time, becaue some of the roles Alex had portrayed do not require the character to have tattoos. Since in H50, he is a modern cop, former Navy SEAL, the shoulders tattoos are ok to keep and I do not mind seeing them on H50.

        Lucky the lady at the Make up Deparment of H 50 who has to touch Alex skin each time they need Alex to cover his tattoos, in this case the tramp stamp. Ohh what a lucky lady!!!:p :love: 😉

      5. You know I didn’t start following Alex until H50 so I didn’t really see his tats before then. I will have to look into that.

    3. I was reading about Alex tattoos from other fans in another site and one of them mention Alex piercings. It is very noticeable that Alex did pierce his ears back perhaps in his early years or when when he was a teenager. But they also mention that Alex has piercing scars on his eye lid and nose. Does anyone have noticed that? I havent taken a closer look at Alex piercings or scars, but I can only find his ears pierced.

      I bet Alex was a rebel in his teenage years, I mean tats and piercings, sounds like rebel teenager LOL!! ;-( , Im not saying in a bad way but I was commenting that he perhaps was that kind of a boy when growing up.

      1. to cinthia, yesin an interview some time ago he said he had pearcings in his eye lid and both ears His origianl tramp stamp was thin around his lower back and down towards his crack, he then had it extended to come around his waist towards his front. But now it has been made to cover his whole lower back, it is no longer a tramp stamp. I love tats on the right kind of guy, and your right he did admit to being a rebel but that wasn’t the term he used (don’t rember what) he diffently was and looks like a bad boy, but I too would like to know what they mean to him.

      2. WOW….. Cinthia, never thought about a make up artist w/ Alex. I would diffently love to trade places with her just for one day !! Luv Alex :heart:

  27. These pics of Alex are excellent, he looks like his old self again Just love his happy eyes and the face hairs! I seen his chipped tooth, I’m glad he didn’t get it fixed, I don’t go for that perfect look.I wasn’t aware that Scott was in Beverly Hills, but it makes sence since he’s in LA. anyone know about the others if they were there?

  28. I really thought Aex was the best looking in Moonlight. Since he cut his hair off, got all those tattoos and has five o’clock shadow he sort of has that skid row bum look, but he is stilll hot but I did like Moonlight very much (mainly because of his looks and sexy voice).
    Things change in life or come about unexpectedly, but he is still very appealing and a good actor. Take care and stay away from prescription drugs if you can, it certainly has done a lot of people very bad and even taken their lives.

    1. Linda: If you look at old photos and old movies of Alex’s (Oyster Farmer, Feed), you’ll see that he’s had those tats forever. I’m guessing he had them even before he started acting. He’s added to them, sure, and had them colored recently, but he had most of them to begin with. They were just covered up in makeup or GCI for some roles.

      It’s hard for me to wrap my head around why someone would get one tat, let alone as many as Alex has. It’s painful and potentially dangerous, and it’s pretty much permanent. Maybe because he is so good looking in a boy-next-door sort of way, he wanted to get an edgy look. Wish some interviewer would ask him this; I’ve always been curious.

      1. I always wish too that an interviewer ask Alex the meaning behind all the tattoos he has, it be interesting to know the story behind each one. But Im with Shirley, Alex has had those tattoos for a long time. The only tattooe I dont like in Alex is the one on his lower back, besides being so huge, I think it is really weird having in in taht body location because is really big. Alex tattooes I have noticed, they are in very odd places in his body, not the regular tattoo body locations

  29. · Edit

    We don’t think that Moonlight was a career error for Alex, it started a fan base for him that will always be behind him 150% of whatever he decides to do. We loved Moonlight, we never missed an episode, but we love anything that Alex does. We will always be a fan. And we are delighted to here he’s giving up doing most of his stunts. We just want you to stay healthy and happy, so we can see you in whatever you decide to do. We are an Alex fan, that will never change!!!!!!!

  30. I love Alex, no matter what role he plays!!!! Of course I loved him in Moonlight and am sorry that that show was cancelled after only one year! Alex’s character of “Mick St John” will always be my favorite vampire!!!!!!!!! :love: Thank God I have the Moonlight season on DVD and can get my fix! 😀 I also love Alex in his new role in Hawaii Five-O!!!!!! I will always support Alex in any role that comes along his way. Alex is a very talented actor and seems to a very down to earth person. I wish him only the very best and will support him in all of endeavors!

  31. I never watched ML before as I first heard of Alex on H50. Im sure the wording Alex used was not the right one, but I guess he did not mean it. I also believe that if ML was never aired perhaps people will never know who Alex was. But Alex wants fans of ML to move on, ML was cancelled period and support him in his other roles. I was sad perhaps it was cancelled for the fans, but for me it is being selfish for fans to bash Alex just becaue he said it was a mistake, There are actors who are typecast in one particular character perhaps this was the case of Alex in ML and he felt his character was of that kind and he feelt it was a mistake, so he did not want to typecast anymore so is why he asked fans to move on, the show is over and fans of that show have to move on. You cant blame the actor, for an unsuccessful show.

    Celebrities need to develop themselves in other roles, that is they they are actors.

  32. What an ungrateful thing to say. Doesn’t he know the epsiodes of Hawaii 50 without him got more viewers than the ones he was in?
    Ungrateful and mean comment. No doubt. Which proves money doesn’t buy class .
    Well, Alex, from now on, you are banned from my Moonlight home. Hope you have better luck next year getting the People’s Choice Award, I will be voting for whoever is against you.

    1. LOL! Get your facts straight Susan about ratings why don’t you? You’re nasty, YOU have no class and are also petty. You can’t hurt him with your silly revenge voting. Go pop in your Moonlight DVD and enjoy.

  33. Ladies — Chris and Carrie (if she is Lucia) have caused other sites to shut down (refuse comments) because of their nasty bickering, name calling and accusations. If you value this site, please don’t take sides with either of them. Thanks

  34. I loved Moonlight, I never missed an episode, mostly because of Alex , his looks, his charm, but also because the interaction among the characters was great…the scenes with Jason Dohring and Alex were funny and smart. I also loved the settings ( Mick’s place was so cool). In conclusion, there was a great crew behind that show.
    Saying that it was a mistake because his fans were not able to move on after Moonlight is a little unfair…I watched Three Rivers and it was really boring, that movie with JLo….uhmmm no comments, and Hawaii 5-0 …well, it has its moments but it is not that special. I still consider myself as an Alex’s fan but that doesn’t mean I am mind blinded.

    1. First of all do any of you walk in Alex’s shoes? The answer is NO. So you do not know how many people or how often folks are saying something to him about ML. Personally I never saw ML until after researching how he got the role of SM, which for me didn’t start until April of last year.

      And really some of you fans think that you have more power than you do. CBS put him on a holding contract so no one else would grab him, plain and simple, of which he was getting paid. And without ML Alex would have made it big because he is an excellent actor. His work ethic is just awesome.

      And if you know Alex like you say you do, you will know that when he made that statement, he said it in humor. That’s Alex. And to be quite frank, yeah he could have worded it better, but simply it is the truth. Look at all the evidence from the past few days, all anyone is talking about is ML. Yes Alex is grateful for ML, to say otherwise means you don’t understand the genre. And understanding that genre means as an actor, Alex does not have the power to save a show, renew it, cancel it or move it from one time spot to another.

      The fact is SM will make him a huge star in the end. He is after all playing an iconic part, of which he has made his own. I am just so proud of the man he is, because leaving the set to get help and he is the #1 was huge. You really don’t know how huge that was.

      Once again, SM is his breakout role. And he is doing fantastic in it. We all should be emphasizing that instead of a show that was cancelled five years ago.

      1. Niecie I always seem to agree with you and thank you for the compliment of being voice of reason. On a site you always take a chance when voicing an opinion. Now I believe you are the voice of reason. As I stated before on my being through the experience of rehab and also, going through that same person relapsing after 5 years you are right! Unless you go through it with someone you don;t know or understand without walking in either ones shoes.
        I agree with him being number #1 not to take away from everyone else because I love them all but to leave when there was the crossover was gigantic move! He did it and came back strong. God Bless his Heart and hope he keeps up the program and stamina. Geez, he is awesome but lets remember he is a human being. He bleeds when he gets cut. Give the guy some praise and a break. Again, just saying.

      2. Niece & Linda S.: It seems as though I always agree with both you, and I do so now as well.

        Alex does like to joke; we’ve seen this before in interviews. The sentence before the Moonlight comment, he stated that he has the greatest fans in the world–what’s wrong with that? I love, love, love Moonlight; it’s what introduced me to this talented guy. But I can definitely watch him in other productions, and he is totally believable in them as well. He IS Steve McGarrett. I can’t see anyone else in that role, can you? He is totally believable. He always steps into a role and takes it over as his own–that’s what makes him a great actor. I completely believed him to be Will Bryant, Stan, Andy, Marshall, Marcus, etc.

        And, as Linda put it so eloquently, he is human and we should give him a break. Actually, I don’t see what all the hoopla is about. He didn’t say anything nasty. I was just glad to read a new interview of his.

        I’m probably not conveying this as well as others. But let’s settle down and enjoy!




    1. Alex has asked his fans to move on from ML – it’s over. He also said that he hoped his true fans would support him in whatever he did. And yes, thank goodness for ML, it definitely brought him to everyone’s attention. BUT, an actor of Alex’ caliper would not have gone unnoticed for long.

      I agree that without fans, NO actor would gain fame. Alex has thanked his fans many, many times. He owes us nothing more. What on earth do you expect, Nana? Do you want him to publicly get down on his knees and sing our praises? Oh and one last thing, STOP SHOUTING!!! Tiffany has asked us more than once to show respect and not yell on this site. If you can’t, then please find another site to rant and rave. I’m sure I am not the only one who will be extremely grateful. And before you turn your anger into another tirade directed towards me…Tiffany has set up some guidelines for those of us who visit this site…if nothing else, at least have respect for her wishes. Thank you.





    2. Nana, people have been dogging on Alex since he signed a contract with CBS. And when Three Rivers was cancelled they were told that he had the choice of doing ML or H5-0. It was a lie I’m sure, but a handful of easily influenced fans thought it was true. Some of those people actually contacted Alex through his MS page and told him off for betraying them, ML and his co-stars. And people wonder why he stopped using his MS page and refuses to join up on Twitter. :whistle:

      Clearly some ML fans want him to do nothing else or they wouldn’t have responded like they did to his signing up for H5-0. I don’t believe for a second that he actually was given a choice between H5-0 and ML, but if he had been given a choice, then it’s his right to choose what he wants to do with his career. If all that self absorbed behavior from some fans has left a bad taste in his mouth about ML who could blame him? Personally though, I think he was misquoted. The journalist is foreign speaking and something could well have been lost in translation, so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. But it’s obvious he sees a delineation between ML fans and HIS fans. I just hope he doesn’t think all ML fans feel that way because of course many fans are fans of both him AND ML and most of them are quite happy to enjoy the show without any further expectations from him.

      As for him doing a ML movie, that’s his choice if the opportunity ever arose (very unlikely), but considering how some of the so-called fans have treated him who could blame him for saying no? Karma for the nasty people who’ve done nothing but criticize him ever since he signed that contract, and you’ve been one of the loudest critics.

      As for patting yourself on the back for creating his success, you need to get real. ML got him his break, the show’s fans got him noticed by TPTB, but it’s his own hard work and perseverence that’s given him his continued success. Fans loved Jason and Sophia as well but how did our appreciating them get them up the ladder? It didn’t. Also, assuming he would still be a nobody without having done ML is wrong. No one can know how something would have turned out if things had been done differently. If it wasn’t ML, maybe he would have been ‘discovered’ in another show.

  36. Just want to say Thank You Tiff for the site. I do not search all over for stories on Alex since i don’t have time and I appreciate your notice so I can stay somewhat updated. With that said-
    I am a ML fan. My opinion is that the show was beyond its time. Now there are so many vampire shows I think if alex was not in H50 and came out with ML it would be renewed. However, like some said it did introduce me to alex and I am a huge fan even though I am older and oddly enough looks like my 35 yr. old son LOL!
    I am happy for alex no matter what he does and hope he is happy in his life. I sadly know the experience of having someone hooked on pain killers and I know the joy of seeing them after rehab. That is something that is personnal,heartbreaking and mentally a challenge sometimes on a day to day basis. My guess is alex is not a very sharing person with personal life only to a point and that is his right. Being an actor and an ordinary man is two different things.
    This may make some mad but I usually end up agreeing with Muffie and Niecie.
    Are you a fan or not? Then be nice about his life. Just saying. Thanks again Tiff

    1. sorry Neicie I spelled your name wrong several times.

      1. That’s OK Linda. Thanks for the compliment. And thanks for always being a voice of reason. xoxo

  37. Tiffany, thx for posting this. PLEASE KEEP YOUR SITE OPEN !! I love to read about Alex here. Knew about his house but didn’t know Saxon was living w/ him ( I’m glad for Saxon). Yes i’m a ML fan but Alex is the “ACTOR”. I will watch him in what he stars in ( except Feed ). Loved ML , Oyster Farmer, Back up Plan & The J of Mary B. so much so that I bought the movies to watch over & over. Plan to buy season 1 & 2 of H50. I do think that CBS doesn’t do enough advertising to get Alex out there in the public eye. He should be a house hold name by now. There are still people who do not know who he is. Luv Alex & you Tiffany….Thx again :heart:

    1. Pamela, you said it: CBS does not promote H50 enough. If they did yes he would be a household name. That is the main reason I wished Alex had been in the crossover, and that was CBS’ intent. When I think of all the people that would have seen him act for the first time, as we all know, they would have been hooked.

      1. Thx Niecie…. 😀

  38. wow, all coments are trashing Alex for something said before hearing how it came out I would rather know about Malia Do you think his coments about what he likes in a girl were about her or directed to her? He talks of Saxon but not of her Maybe she got such bad press he decided to avoid bringing her into the spot light I read that they were on again off again, and he let us to belive he and she were living together in the house he bought Why then did Saxon go back home when he went into rehab, if she was living there she could have cared for him the short time Alex was away. He seems to be back into keeeping his body primed and making up for the time he lost with Saxon. Hope that means no time for her.

    1. Ooh sorry “Carrie” (or is it Lucia) he does have time for Malia clearly despite your disapproval. Saxon’s trip to Oz was for Spring Break and planned since at least since as far back as Feb. You’re desperately reaching as always. Nice try though.

      1. OMG!!! here we go again Was hoping you and yours had moved onto anothe site.When you don’t agree wtth someone you call them “lucia”. Guess what, your wrong again……

      2. OMG!!! here we go again with attempting to malign his girlfriend based on nothing! Such bad press??? Lie! And here we go again too with trying to get personal info on him that no one knows here!! He doesn’t avoid bringing her into anything or are you that blind? She was there in la with him! Went on the vacation with him that he mentioned, events, parties – she’s there! His “beautiful hawaiian woman” he said he’s in love with is by his side. What’s ur problem?

    2. Carrie, you hit the nail on the head. I have always said that Alex and Malia are just friends. They might have tried to make it more, but it didn’t pan out. That of course is my humble opinion based on my skills as an investigative journalist. Instincts, which coincidentally, never lead me wrong. That doesn’t mean they don’t do things together, but as a bonafide couple, just don’t see it. And as to that interview, yeah he said a mouthful without saying it out right.

  39. Alex said that playing a vampire was a career mistake for him, not that everything having to do with Moonlight was a mistake. There are other actors (Robert Pattinson, anyone?) who might agree, who feel typecast after certain roles and go to great lengths to play against type and show that they can be convincing in all sorts of different roles. But a successful career can start in lots of ways, and who’s to say that one is ultimately better than any other?

    I watched Moonlight and I thought that Alex was terrific in it, but the show itself had problems. I think I remember reading that there was 3 different showrunners, and that can’t be good. There was no cohesion, no consistent goal or “arc” for any of the characters. It was all mood and style and emotion, which was great as far as that went, but not much in the way of storytelling. Each week, it seemed to me that they were making it up as they went along (the producers and writers, not Alex and the rest of the cast.)

    Three Rivers was a bit better in storylines, but it was a confusing series, and the viewers weren’t given much of a chance to get to know the characters before we were asked to care about them. At times, I couldn’t even remember all their names, and I watched every episode! It was a good idea for a show, but it went wrong.

    I don’t much like traditional cop shows, either, as others here have commented. But I do watch those that have unique characters and show their lives outside of being cops, and 5-0 is pretty good at doing that. I’ve enjoyed watching Danny play scenes with his ex-wife, daughter and brother; and seeing Chin and his dedication to his family, including Kono. In fact, on 5-0, watching McGarrett’s vendetta against Wo Fat for his father’s murder is my least favorite part…the whole “conspiracy that I have to figure out or die trying” thing got old fast.

    I’ll watch 5-0 when it comes back this fall, mainly because of Alex, the beautiful scenery of Hawaii, and the “bromance” between Steve and Danno. I hope the producers give Danny a chance to keep Grace and move on from Rachel, and bring some genuine romance into McGarrett’s life. He deserves some love and happiness. I was very glad to see Terry O’Quinn get his own show on ABC for the fall. Maybe now his character on 5-0 (what was his name again…Joe?) won’t just keep mysteriously popping up out of nowhere to drop clues and hints before disappearing again. Every time that happened, I felt the show got off-track. 8)

  40. Hey Everyone is it okay if I jump in here ?

    Despite the comment that Alex about Moonlight & the fans I thought it was a great interview but
    let me start out by saying first and foremost that I am in no way condoning Alex’s comments in this article when it comes to Moonlight & the fans , in fact I am disagreeing with him on what he hard to say about Moonlight & the fans. Speaking as a Moonlight Fan I do know that there are some Moonlight Fans & some Alex Fans that are bit crazy and go to far but let’s be real here It’s not fair for him to group all the fans of Moonlight together like we all won’t let him move on and that we only see him as Mick St. John because I know speaking for just myself that is not the case. Alex has contradicted himself before in other interviews where Moonlight is concerned time and time again for the last 4 years since Moonlight was unjustly canceled that is nothing new for Moonlight Fans. But strictly speaking as a fan I am very disappointed in him with this comment. Whether Alex said it like he meant it or whether or not it was taken out of context and he said it jokingly. It doesn’t matter now really because what’s said is said and the damage has already been done and there is no way that Alex can take it back. I’m actually studying to be a filmmaker with the ultimate goal of being a producer & director for feature film & television series; The one thing I am learning is that you never ever make public comments like this. It’s because comments of this sort can alienate your fans and the people who made you a star and in this case that would be the show’s creators along with the cast & crew he worked with. It was Trevor Munson & Ron Koslow who first cast Alex in the role of Mick St. John because they saw something in him that worked. They ended up recasting everyone except Alex after they shot the first pilot and that is how we ended up with the great cast that we got when Moonlight first premiered on CBS. If it had been not been for Trevor & Ron casting him as the lead Mick St. John in Moonlight Alex would have never gotten the breaks that he has gotten. CBS would not have given Alex that talent hold contract, The Criminal Minds episode. The Back Up Plan , Three Rivers & Now Hawaii Five-0 if had not been for Moonlight & the fans. Alex has to know that you don’t alienate the people who made you because someday you might just need them again.

    I am not trying to piss anyone off here. I’m stating my opinion on this.

    Don’t throw to many tomatoes at me

  41. I was a late-comer to ML–I didn’t see it until a marathon on SyFy channel (or Chiller–I forget). But I was mesmerized by his dark portrayal of Mick–and his eyes could melt butter!! He played such a conflicted character that we can’t help but want more. Sadly, it was not to be. Alex had to move on–and we must move with him if we are his fans. Since seeing him in ML I think I’ve bought every video he’s in–because I love watching him–what a hunky man! :heart: Takes me back to being a teenager LOL!!

  42. I loved Ml, it is the show that brought Alex to me. And I mourned the loss of ML like everyone else. But we have to move on. ALex is an actor with a son to care for and needs work to do so. He is not ungrateful to his fans, in fact he is a very caring man to make sure he can spend time with his fans.
    Nana I have sent two photos for him to sign for two of his birthdays, and as yet not received one back at all. Yes, I wish he would sign and return them. But I do not hold it against him, he is a busy man. He may never have received them who knows.
    I am sure he siad the comment in alight hearted way. I have read another interview where he says he was devastated when ML was cancelled. ALso that he may never play a vamp again. And he didn’t think it would be good for him to play MSJ again. But MSJ was special for him, he put his heart and sole into that role. It is instrumental in making him the star he is today. And I think your comeents, and everyone is intitled to their own opinion. But what you wrote is partly why he says that about ML. It could have also been said in jest, he is after all a great joker. And yes there was a great cast in ML, but less face it without AOL there wouldn’t have been ML. He also said on one show to all his fans who only wanted to see him as a vampire, bye bye. But again he said it in jest.

  43. It’s sad to read some of the comments here about Alex. He owes his fans nothing. I don’t think Moonlight was a mistake because it introduced most of us to this extraordinary man. If he thinks it was an “error”, I don’t blame him, with all the sh*t he’s had to put up with.
    I enjoyed the interview very much and the photos are gorgeous. :heart: :love: :heart:

    I really feel sorry for the so-called ‘fans’ who can’t move on from Moonlight. To be so obsessed about one thing is not good for mental health.

    Love you Alex !!! :love: :heart: :love:

    1. Thank you, Linda. You just said exactly what I was thinking.

  44. I’ve been a big fan of his for years. Moonlight, H5O and everything else he does-I’m on board. I loved him in Moonlight but I think he is fantastic regardless. If it had stuck around, and I wish it had, he would’ve been bigger now I think. But I’m so glad he’s done so well over the past few years. He is, by far, one of my favorite actors and he is SOOOO nice to look at. :heart:

  45. hi thanks a lot i am going to read this right now alex looks so much better

  46. How can he say Moonlight was a mistake?? I’m a die-hard fan of his (I only watch CB$ for H50 because they cancelled Moonlight) but I’m not one to think of him as only good as Mick St John. August Rush, H50, I even watched Man-Thing because he’s in it. He’s an ACTOR. Which means he’s good for LOTS of characters. The only thing I really think was a mistake was for him to cut his hair (but that’s just ’cause I have a Hair Thing).

    Alex, say you’re sorry to your fans, man! Rude! ;P

  47. I really do admire Alex for his getting his life back on track. His comment on Moonlight possibly being an error in his career is wrong in my book. I loved him in Moonlight and was
    glad that in ending the show was the way I thought it should in. You can just go so far with
    vampires but with Hawaii 5-0 there is years in that show. The first one should give you the clue. Of course I am very prejudiced for in anything that Mr. Alex O’Loughlin does will be great. He is a very down to earth man who is a very fine actor and I hope he goes far in his

  48. Kind of sad to hear that Alex thinks Moonlight was a mistake. I loved him in that show and love him in 5 O as well. Not all of his fans had a problem with his transition.

  49. Well goodness — after reading some of these comments seems like A has a legitimate gripe. It’s too bad some of you feel that way to an actor who has given his all and then some to his craft. I too loved ML with a passion, was devastated when it got axed, but glad to see CBS knew a talented actor when they saw one, and finally gave him a show with staying power. I adore you, Alex — I’m sorry some fans think they “own” you. I can assure you most of us don’t. Be well, stay safe and best wishes! 🙂

  50. I am a huge Alex O’Loughlin fan & although I agree that Moonlight should have never been canceled, I also believe that the show was amazing for other reasons, as well. Credit also needs to go to the other amazing cast members & its director. All of these talented people working together were instrumental in making Moonlight the great series that it was-imo. That being said, Alex is an accomplished actor in his own right…lots of films, including ones he has produced & directed himself while he was still in Australia. I still believe he’ll hit it REALLY big one day. It’s too bad some Moonlight fans don’t give him credit as the multi-talented actor that he is & are still obsessing about the Mick St. John character. Time to get off that bandwagon & jump onto the Alex O’Loughlin one…this young man is going places 😀




  51. It’s great that Alex has finally realised that he doesn’t have to do all his own stunts, even though maybe he’d like to. It’s also sad that he feels Moonlight was a mistake because the fans won’t let him escape it and won’t move on. Imagine how the actors on the many Star Trek series feel? A genre cult show will do that for you. I’m sure he’ll mellow with time, but I also believe it hurts to keep being reminded the show, as it was so rudely pulled from under him. We all have to pick ourselves up from the disappointments and move on. Nothing stays the same forever!

  52. SAD..VERY SAD.






    1. And sadly this comment kind of confirms what he said and why he may feel it was a mistake. As fans we can afford to live in the past and cry in our Cheerios about the fall of Moonlight. Alex needs to live in the present and concentrate on his career and looking behind him all the time does nothing for him. It is not self centered.

      Also we have no idea of the context or his mood when he said this. He very well could have said it jokingly since he also referenced dirty underwear being sent to him. I can see him chuckling about that. I don’t think he would have said it with any malice towards his fans. Its a shame his “fans” are so quick to turn on him.

      1. Well said Tiffany. Sounds like someone had a bad day and decided to take out her tirade here….like a spoiled child, stomping her feet. I’m concerned for you Nana, you shouldn’t rant like this…your blood pressure will go through the roof. Hope you can relax before that happens.

        What I don’t understand is why some people have to make a mountain out of a molehill and blow everything Alex says, or doesn’t say, way out of proportion. No matter what the circumstances, he is continually being ripped to shreds. IMO these are NOT the actions of a “true” fan. IMO

      2. Well said Tiffany. Well said Muffie.

      3. I just wrote something but, decided to just send a shout out to you in case you,muffie and neicie don’t get to read it. I agree with you and want to make sure you get my thank you for your site. I know everyone has difference of opinion that is what makes this world but, when you bring that difference into an actor/actress life because your a fan doesn’t make you right. Not when you display such disgust. Alex has his own life and problems he is an actor but, remember he is still just a man trying to survive. I am older and have learned unless you are actually talking with a person and seeing their expression and tone very very hard to determine how somethings were meant. So how can he be judged when things can be taken out of context so easily.

  53. 8) 8) I think Alex’s best year’s are a head of him! I also think he has grown just hearing him talk
    about himself. I would like to see him in more movie’s! Alex would have been a great
    James Bond!! I mean oh yes he should have been!

  54. I have to tell you that reading this today – originally on another site – kind of breaks my heart a little bit. While some Moonlight fans have not let Alex move on, it is my belief that were it not for the majority of Moonlight fans who wrote to CBS, etc, Alex wouldn’t have had all the opportunities he has had. “Three Rivers” failed for a number of reasons, and it definitely wasn’t Alex’s fault, but there are plenty of good looking talented actors out there, and I am not sure most would have been given another chance were it not for all the positive buzz the true fans generated. This is almost like a stab in the back to some extent.

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