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  1. I guess I was right when I posted on October 16 that I had heard the baby was due on ther 25th, how about that 😮

    1. sissy your right you did post that, go to your source and see if you can get us anymore details

    2. So if you heard that the baby was due on the 25ht i means she delivered the baby of C-Section becaue of the exact date, other wise it shoud been natural, it could have fluctuated between days before or days after that time as when it is time it is time regardless of the 25th or not, if it is born the natural way

  2. Fan ladies. Brace yourselves because Alex baby finally arrived yesterday October 25th but it was announced today by US magazine and that is why everyone today knows (including me). Ohh my my. I guess sleepless nites for Alex just started, I hope he can manage to deal that with his hard working schedule on the show long hours. I bet he will take some days off for that so maybe he might not be shooting some scenes for the show for episodes that are being filmed now, I mean some scenes. my guess.

    1. Don’t think CBS will let him as they have a schedule to keep. Time is money

      1. Well now u do have a point hahah So the more to think the poor Alex will arrive at home tired and the sleepless nite had already started.

        Had any of you find the baby arrival annoucement odd like they just want to let things out of the way? I did not read any mention of a happy couple or proud parents or any word that says happy or proud or joyful they just said that Alex and Malia had a baby and again they re-repeat the information that they both have kids from previous relationships and again they like recall who was Malia in case people did not know who she was.

        I just believed the annoucement was going to be different I mean not a lot of detail becuase that is an personal issue but anything that implied at least on a written statement given by Alex own rep that the proud parents or the mother and child are ok or that they are happy, anything

      2. If they are true partners then i would have thought something like ‘Alex and Malia are happy to announce…” or ‘the happy couple announce….” This just a partnership for convenience. Ihope Alex gets away fromthis arrangement and finds someone who will love him for who he is and not for what he is-his fame. If ever H50 finishes where is her payday going to come from. Alex needs to get out now.

      3. Want to add that I too believe the announcement has been made quickly to get it out of the way. I don’t think we will hear his name as quick possibly if Alex does an interview. Sounds he may be going to LA to do an interview for Asioan TV but don’t know when

      4. Does anyone knows if Malia had job or something or work I mean when she was dating Alex adn even during her pregnancy?

  3. Have been on twitter saw tweet from someone in HI according to their source no news about baby

    1. I think the baby will be born the last days of October i mean next week or the first days of November I was told the same thing

  4. I really do not understand why there is no positive body language between her and alex. if i was having his baby i would wear a smile on my face you could see from the moon AND be proud of him by my side. i would also let him be his own person. i just dont get why she is so controlling, im beginning to think ladies you are right about malia. maybe she is a wrong un for our sexy sailor, poor alex all we want is to see him happy but right now it seems he is not. 🙁

    1. There never was any body language between them. This is a ‘partnership’ for the baby’s sake. I do believe Alex is not happy there. I have been looking at that photo at cocojor on 8 October with Spike. Why is Alex wearing sunglasses? His expression does not look happy behind them.

      1. It seems there is a photo out there taken by perhaps some fan that was undercover in order not to be seen of Alex and Malia I dont know when it was taken, of the 2 of them walking and hugging each other from the back!! Is it possible???????????? IN the photo they are facing back so you can see only their backs not their faces but the height looks like Alex and she resembles Malia. Is it really possible that Alex do love Malia?? Could we all be wrong about him not loving Malia?

        I mean until this pic I see Alex hugging Malia.

      2. Cinthia have you a link for this photo?

      3. Lizzie

        This is the link http://web.stagram.com/p/235153180844761976_179130903

        I have read comments from other sites and some say they could be them becaue the photo even if blurry it is genuine as it was taken without them knowing it. on the set.

        Another fan say it cant be as she does not see tattoos and it could be a He looks a like Alex’s dubbing actor and maybe those are stunt doublesmaking eveyrone believe it is them?

        I mean the hug part is what for me make me believe if that pic is Alex she may love Malia for sure but other fans say that one pic does not mean anything of their bond to each other and when there is smoke there is fire and at this mometn since is is a joyful occassion eveyrone is in cloud 9 but what will happen after everything returns to normal?

        Even from the back they do resemble them/.

        But you can see some baby foot there and the lady carrying a sling.

      4. My question is is that really a recent pic or and old one when Malia was still pregnant and she stop by the set to visit Alex? So he help her walking so that is why he looks like hugging her? My 2 cents

      5. I correct myself but please to be just sure if anyone checks on that pic and read it closely, it seems that pic is from 3 momths ago is not recent. It can be really Alex and malia and the foot that looks like a baby foot it could be maybe Spike holding Malias hand?

      6. photo not very good. Would not want to speculate but I cannot see any tattooes and the shape of his head does not look like Alex’s see photos from shooting yesterday. But could be wrong…

      7. Lizzie but it is said now that pic is old from 3 months ago I mean it it is not recent.. If you look at the time stamp and fans post commetns there from 3 momths ago it seems Where did u see Alex pics from yesterdya shooting/

      8. Go to facebook for h50hana used these pictures from yesterday only to compare

  5. Has anyone seen the necklace Alex is wearing? It is a Maori piece and one of the reasons it is given is when there has been a birth? I wonder if the baby is here? Someone did see him week before last at whole foods and said he looked tired. Sleepless nights?

    1. There is a picture of Alex wearing the same necklace but like 3 weeks ago or more at what it look slike a doctors office with a pretty Hawaiian lady and his eyes look tired tehre as well. So maybe the baby was alreayd born like 1 month ago or at least 3 weeks ago??

      1. I also think the baby is here, and we will hear about it after the fact. As far as him being tired, I doubt it, she doesn’t seem much of the mommy type so I’m sure the baby’s nursey is on the other side of the house, taken care of a round the clock nanny. Unless Malia has it going to school already? I’m sure Alex is with his son as much as he can be, but I doubt if the B allow him to leave the bed to care for the baby!

    2. I read yesterday that the baby prolly is not here already and it be due one of these days or the first days of November.
      U are right carrie I did not thiink about it that Malia will ahve a sitter to take care of the newborn already at home. I understand the need of a sitter when both parents work, but what does Malia does for a living at this very moment anyone knows?

      What a mess Alex got himself into. I was thinking and doing numbers. 1. He is daddy and mommy to Saxon, 2. he has to be the man of the house, 3. he works long hours 4. His partner/gf move in with him along with her son, 5. A baby with the gf is on the way too. I hope he wotn be suffocated, he has tonns of responsabilities now.

      I believe Alex is trying so hard to to be the best thing he can be and set a good example to Saxon, and he tries so hard to feel accepted and have a relationship with M, so is why he wants to convince us all he really is happy and he is very happy to live in Hawaii and haev a family now. I dont doubt he is not happy in Hawaii of course he is, becase Hawaii has given him a job, a house to live, he is grateful so therefore now witha baby he may think he is 100% happy and he does not need anything else.

      Im starting to think that if we neer seen Alex and Malia togeher in months before all this pregnancy was exactly for that. Malia did not want to be seen in public pregnant so she tried not to get out and be seen, then Alex was in healing process too during the pregnancy so Ims ure he did not want to be seen in public either that is why rumors of breaking up perhaps arosed., my theory.

  6. It seems to me Alex can’t win no matter where he lives LOL! I think simple. He is an Aussie
    now on a hit show in Hawaii. Has a son living with him,a doggie, GF and new baby anytime now.
    He is living and working there. Makes sense for him to buy a home and get everyone settled in without renting or bouncing around. He has a place in LA unless he sold that. He never is there so again makes sense to buy in Hawaii. IMO I can’t imagine him not keeping up with his family. DDK did LOST there and stayed he loved it so much. I doubt if he forgot his roots. How about Scott C. or Grace. I think Alex really refers to the beautiful landscaping of Hawaii which does look like Aust. so he doesn’t get so home sick and really tries to show appreciation for the people and their culture I think that is respectful. Hey, He can afford to buy a house for his family God Bless. I know I would have wanted our own home especially if I was Malia.Lucky Girl!

    1. I know Linda what u mean I dont think Alex has forgotten his native Australia, he did say that Australia is similar like Hawaii so perhaps he is not home sick in that way. Im sure he is grateful Hawaii has given him a job and a place to live. The odd thing is that how come Alex do not mention his family in Australia in recent interviews, he just mention Malia and her family. I know Alex is protective of his family and we all understnad that, but mentioning his folks it does not mean he is saying private things on them. Some fans stated that in Australia people do nto care for him that much and that is the reason Alex moved to USA, Is that really true? Also they say that Alex do not visit his family in Aust or his family never visit him in Hawaii. Well, there is no certainty of that ever happen so I do know know where those fans gather that particular information.

      Maybe Alex do visit them and viceversa we just do not know that happens or simply the media do not inform the public of that. Perhaps fans take that info because we always see Alex filming in Hawaii and being in Hawaii and we havent heard he has visit Australia lately. But for some reason the media do tell when Scott visit LA ,so we know Scott do visit LA, but we never know that particular info on Alex. And you are correct Linda Alex at this moment do not have it easy.

      I do wonder though that the poor guy will have soon many sleepless nites for the baby and I cant imagine the toll that will take on him, I mean super tired at work and even more beause Alex and the cast could work for more than 16 hrs a day. Alex will be so exhausted I hope he will know how to deal with that because I do not think that Alex will takes days or hours off from work to be with his new born baby or maybe he wil be given some days off, but that could translate on days he wont film and that could translate into episodes or scenes of the show we wont see him. Im just getting ahead of possible scenarios that it may happen.

      And now I was thinking. Saxon really does not have a mother figure in Hawaii, so Alex is doing the job of mother and father the only mother figure to put it in a way is Malia, but hey Malia has her own things to deal with with her own son Spike and now the other baby on the way.

      Oh my my what a complicated mess Alex got himself into. I hope he will know how to handle all of the pressure he has now, new baby, Saxon, his job, Malia, the responsabilities of being the man in the house as well.

      1. It was always in the media when he went home with Holly and Amber, media always mentioned when Saxon and fam ily visited Hawaii. Now we here nothing, Malia probley does not alow it, he has spoken more then once how she runs things and is tough and allare afraid of her, and I don’t think he was kinding When he was talking about the baby and names for him he acted like he was chosing his words very carefully and even mentioned pissing her off. Listen again to the interview.

      2. Hi Cinthia, We know that Saxon until recently has been living in aust. with his mom. I thought it was great that he came to live with his dad and get to know him now. He is I believe 15. I think at this point to have a dad as popular as Alex the son would want to go to Hawaii. I would LOL. As for the long hours and being tired. OH BOY! However, I can’t even imagine them not having a nanny to take care of those late night feedings.
        For those of us who have had kids and no help we know how you have to just do it all. House, shopping, laundy kids. etc. I would bet that is being all taken care of. I just can’t picture a vacuum in her hands. Alex stated he likes in the interview to fix things. Waits for her to go to bed and then works. Probably gets his mind off of things and feels like a regular guy which he is.
        Maybe this was a little more then Saxon bargained for just going to live with his dad. An instint big brother to a 3 year old that he has to share his dad with and a new possibly stepmom. I just hope he adjusts and is happy as well as his dad. I do believe Alex loves Malia since the way he said it at the GQ awards. Maila, obviously don’t know her, but, just the staged pics. of her and alex on his FB nothing natural. Not to often you see couples not by each others side in pics at events. So, I guess that makes me a wondering fan like you and everyone else. Time will tell us all.

  7. Cinthia, what other sites are you looking at to see those comments. I am interested in seeing the other sites.


    1. Well Barbara there is a site where I have reading and this is the link of that site where many fans have commented about Alex


      I been reading comments from there from fans and viewers.

      1. Cinthia, thanks for the links. I like the sites where you can comment without being overly censored as long as the comments are within reason.

  8. Have been away and have been catching up on all comments. Thinking about the forthcoming event I feel very sad for Alex. He cannot win in any of the fans’ eyes because they say he is moving away from being an Aussie to being an Hawaiian. I believe he does not know where he belongs. He has always said the Hawaiians are like Aussies and that is why he likes it there. Now this is happening he cannot leave as this would look bad.
    I hope he has not lost touch with his family in Oz. I hope he is speaking to his mother and is giving him support as he certainly needs it.

  9. cinthia, hi. I also got your opion from other post as well I do agree that it seems he tries so had to be Hawaiian and talk of HER family, I was so surprised his family wasn’t at his big event on the beach, her whole family was there front and center He used to speak often about his mum and how she supported him, now not even a mention, wouldn’t you think his mom would be thrilled for her only sons child? Don’t need anything personal but a matter of fact comment like before would be expected. Like my 39 year old son always tells me, “I don’t know the details” but from what I do know about HER I’m very disappointed with his desions latley. IMO

  10. I have been wondering if the baby had arrived yet and did not think about them wanting to keep it private. If it is not here yet, it should be any day now according to the statement Alex made during his interview.

    Most people would be celebrating the birth–not hiding it, but we all know Alex will try to keep everything private. At any rate, hope the baby will be fine and healthy.

    Tiffany, thanks for letting us make comments without excessive censoring!

    1. Today I heard something that I dont know what are u point of view ladies. I read that some fans believe that Alex changed since he met malia. Some say that Alex is forgetting his roots in Australia and he wants so hard o convince himself he wants to belong to Hawaii and be part of Hawaii . ,

      Some comments I have heard in other sites says that Alex has changed since he bought a house in Hawaii and met Malia. I think many of , his fans, liked him much better when he was still a true Aussie. Now that he thinks he is “Hawaiian.
      Hawaiian people think he is trying to hard to convince Malia, her family and the Hawaiian people that he really wants to live there and raise his kids there. The more he tries the less convincing he appears. It’s almost like he is trying to convince himself that he belongs there now and he is one of them. Fans don’t like he forgets he is an Aussie.Fans like the “Aussie Alex” and not the “Hawaiian Alex”.
      Other says that He has n’t been back to Australia to see his family since he took Malia there last year in November. I think that’s why his own country is not very supportive of his work and the show because he acts like Hawaii is more like his home now instead of Australia and Ifnas say that coyld be true.

      Some of the other A list Australian actors go home several times per year and these are the actors that Australia supports. Australians are very proud of where they come from and they don;t think it’s enough to say it in interviews. They want to see those actors show up in Australia and to Alex it’s more important that he spends time with Malia and her son than to go and see his own family I mean fans never heard or read interviews where Alex mention his parents, or that how happy they are for the arrival of the new baby I mean is not fans business to know eahc detail on Alex paretns perosnal lives, but at least mention them,that they are happy, Alex do not have to go into detail speaking about his parents.

      This is what I gather from some fans at some other sites.

  11. has anyone else heard the rumor the baby is do on the 25th ? can’t wait to here the name she picked for this one, spike? brutous? killer? Didn’t think last nights e was that good either, they need to get rid of Max, he is annoying and Cat doesn’t fit in good IMO Mom is interesting, can’t wait to find out the juice of it all, maybe Wo Fat is really Steves dad!Why no mention of her daughter? Strange, no?

    1. I havent heard that the due date is on the 25th Where did u get that info? I mean as far as i know the date has not beenpublickñy published

      1. i got it on a tweet twice, but like you said I have not seen it published anywere. just seeing if anyone else had heard this, as i was thinking, probley another rumor. i don’t think we will get a due date or even know about it tilll awhile afterwards.

    2. In the interview he stated that 😉 baby was due in about a month or so. Which would put around the 25th pretty close to the time. However, we know that babies will come when they are ready! One thing for sure it will be anytime now! Then the next chapter begins for Alex.

      1. The next difficult chapter starts for sure, Poor Alex!!! I do believe that that baby is already here, Maybe when Alex is ready he will announce it to the media if he wants to, since Malias pregnancy was announced so late maybe the baby annocument will be when the baby is like 6 months hahah!!!! Also i believe thta out of respect for Alex privacy my bet is that cast and crew from the show were asked not to say anything to the media about the baby when was born.

        But we do not know if that baby will be born naturally or by C-section in which case if it is born by C-Section Im sure it has a schedule day for that and it could be the day exactly Alex said it was going to be born maybe tomorrow or the 25th.

  12. I seen H5O is listed Best on TV Tonight. About time, hasn’t ben listed best of anything for some time now.

  13. Alex is always going on and on and on about his love for Hawaii, why don’t he do something about it and become an Americian citizan.

    1. He will be crucified iin Australia if he stop being an AustralianMy guess

  14. IMO, H5O won’t make another season. Mondays ep seemed like it was struggling to get started Just left me flat. Is Alex showing us that Malia and not his career are his priority, cause he didn’t put much into it As far as she goes, she looked trampy at the GQ event and the other night. Her clothes and high spiked shoes for a women that far along? She seems to care about her in the spot light more than anything else, and how long has it been since shes been there, like twenty years!!!

  15. Hey you guys just wanted to clear a few things: H50 will be back next season. If you listened to the interview from Nina Tessler, the President of CBS Entertainment when she was on the red carpet at SOTB3 she said it as she said and I quote “there will be a SOTB next year.” She was the lady in the black dress, who was at times hugged up with Peter Lenkov, JR Orci and Alex. For those that don’t know her back story she is the one who has been in Alex’s corner since he came to the US. So I wouldn’t worry about the show coming back, I am pretty sure that is a lock, although they have to do a better job of promoting the show IMO. And Alex and crew also have to do their part and start being guests on talk shows.

    And that was not a man’s shirt Malia had on. It was a maternity blouse, actually it was a short set.

    1. Hi Niecie, I just read your comments and thanks for the info. I would hate to think Alex’s private life would deter another season or anything else. 😀 .
      I think he and the rest live a private life but I so agree with you on the promoting it more from CBS. They hardly ever have advertisements about the show almost like they settled in after it got started and popular. I saw DDK on Live with Kelly a few times and it was great to see him do that. I agree 100% they all need to make more appearances and interviews. I believe they deserve a private life but they are in the limelight and have fans that want to see and hear them not just when promoting a picture. PR is really important in a career like theirs. my opinion.

    2. Niecie, they never announce if the show will be renewed until sometime in late April or a little later. I think the lady meant that if H50 gets renewed, there will be a SOTB next year. I hope they will get renewed, but they definitely need to promote the show more. Alex, Scott, and Grace all need to be seen more on talk shows, etc. Daniel does seem to be the only one doing so. They do not need to reveal everything about their personal life, but definitely need to be more visible to the general public as opposed to Alex just being seen in Hawaii.

      Anyway to let Peter Lenkov know how fans feel? I am not on Twitter so cannot do anything about it.

      1. I agree with u Barbra. They need to promot a little better the show. Doing some talk shows or do interviews for entertainment programs. They do not have to rveal too much of thir private life and also the rporters do not need to aks them about their personal lives eithr, thye only have to stick to questions rgarding the show, their characters and promotion of the show.

        But I guess the more private of them all is the lead actor which mean is Alex as he is vry reserve in his life. But my guess is that Alex do not even do interviews for Hawaiian programs either, only to the lady Tannya Joaquin is th one Alex speaks to for the TV. Alex hardly leaves Hawaii to other US stats to give public interviews either, Scott more or less. Grace practically nothing only Daniel does it. My gues is he was named the spokeperson for the whole cast, he is the messenger who delivers message and news from the cast, because the other cast members, cant do it or do not want to do it.

        I do think each prson deserves a private life sure, but no to the extreme of hiding completely from them. Alex should know that the business he got himself too, if you do not promote yourself well, you will not be seen o rpeople pay attention. Just saying

      2. Sometimes the best information is gathered just by unexpected listening especially when someone very important is talking. Nina Tessler the one who I quoted is the head honcho in charge, everyone answers to her including Peter Lenkov. The buck stops with her and it is she and her team who make the hard decisions whether a show comes back or not. And she can override anyone. No it is not officially time to say whether or not a show will be renewed, but I would think the head honcho in charge would know before everyone else. And I don’t think she would mess with her own reputation by saying something so major if she didn’t plan to follow through with it, unless the show bombs terribly which I don’t see happening.

        On another note Alex looked like his old cute good looking self on Monday’s show, absolutely gorgeous and fantastic. This was the first show this season that had the feel of S1 throughout. Great episode!

    3. I’ve read where H50 will be renewed because of the syndication deal they have with TNT. Plus if you add in DVR views, their numbers aren’t all that bad. I know Revoluation did well for the first couple of shows, but I think it lacks alot. I watched it (as well as H50) because it’s by the same guys that did Alias and Lost, but it isn’t in the same league. The writing is lacking, and the acting is pretty bad except for the gal that they killed off. When she was dying and thinking of her kids, I was just crying my eyes out–she was very believable. But that young girl is just awful–a Katniss wannabe. I’m not going to spend any more time on that show and hope others switch over or back to H50.

      I think the episodes thus far this year on H50 have been great. Writing is much better, Alex looks very healthy and seems engaged again. I enjoy Catherine and her interactions with Steve; Steve is more playful when Cat is around. I especially enjoy this recent episode in the bedroom when they heard noise coming from the kitchen. Very cute. The whole mom thing has me stumped. What is she up to anyway? The carguments have been fun, no matter who they are between. Just wish we’d see some of Grace, although I’m sure she’ll make an appearance on the Halloween show.

      I miss getting my emails from this site when someone posts a new comment. I had missed a ton of these and just decided to return to today to see if there was anything new. Nice to hear from Niecie and Linda S. again!

      By the way, I missed the photos of Sax as well, but one of the angels from this site sent them to me. He looks very much like Alex and much more mature than in those photos from last year (or was it the first season?). A heartbreaker to be sure!

      1. Hi Shirley, I too was glad to see you and Niecie back on! I had lightening hit a tree and fried alot of my things so I am not wireless yet therefore, slow on the checking mail and updates. I don’t seem to be getting notices either.
        Lucky you on the pic, I am just curious on what Saxon looks like but have not seen a pic. Tonight monday and I agree with Niecie, Alex looks great and I have enjoyed these epis. as much as ever. The Hat killed me last week LOL!
        take care and love this site. Thanks Tiff.

  16. Hi everyone, I just got a chance to pop on and read some comments. Love this site. Thanks Tiff.I have to admit not that I am young anymore, but, I am suprised at the only few pictures of Malia with alex her choice of wardrobe is not becoming to her at all,.My opinion. I did see the clip where she is walking ahead of Alex in the black shorts and looked like black wrap top. I know must be hot and being preg. you need to be comfortable but seeing other stars preg, and still looking stylish. Mathew M. wife Camilla for example./ For his GQ awards looked like she had on black bathing suit with a white lace looking top over it. You know I guess she has the confidence since she is the one that has him lock stock and baby!!!! Hope things work out for him since he remained for 15yrs without marraige or having other children. Hate to see this go bad for him. However, I will always remain a fan of his and watch whatever he is in,.
    Oh yeah, I will stil look for the genie in the bottle to zap myself young and in Malia’s place!!LOL!

  17. Only one, kind-of-photo, of Sax way in the background at SOTB? I went through all 300+ and that’s the only one I could find. He does look more mature and taller but kind of hard to tell.

    1. I think there were 2 pics of Saxon at the SOTB that are alrayd all over the internet posing with Alex for the camera. If there were more than those 2 I cant say as I havent seen any more than those 2

      1. Hi Cinthia, since I don’t get a chance to scout around would love to know how to see those pics of alex you all are speaking of with saxon. Could you direct me to that. Thanks

      2. Hi Linda I believe those pics are already taken down in the internet. Thoes photos were all over the internet a few weeks after the SOTB but I assume and this is only my asumption there taken down due to some incident that happened in the past days of a certain pic of Alex and Malias son Spike at the groomer place and that pic was also taken down. Maybe it has to do with a fact that Alex son are on pictures and that is not allowed, maybe the one with Saxon even iuf it was during a public event and Alex sure looks like posing maybe it had something to do that no photos of Alex sons can be on the internet, thi is wwat I believe, becasue I cant find those pics anymore where I saw them from. If anyone here knows where to find them, so Linda can see them please do.

      3. thanks cinthia for the info. I just have to learn to get on this comp. more often.
        I am not wireless since lightening fried my stuff so I am slacking!!!!

  18. Tiffany: Hi, just a heads up. I haven’t been receiving emails when someone posts a comment even though I checked the box. I know that Muffie has been experiencing this as well as we talked off-line. Hate to miss anything! For instance, I didn’t know where to find the photos of Alex and Sax but just read where to look. Thanks ladies!

    1. Shirley u ar enot the only one experiencing the same problem about the emails, It happened to me as well

  19. I know this is a little late response to the SOTB, but I just saw the pic of Malia and Alex. I could not believe the dress she was wearing was so short! I know women like to look chic and stylish while pregnant, but really!!!

    Like some of the other comments, I agree that Alex was more or less forced to acknowledge the pregnancy since someone saw Malia and the baby bump.

    I am also concerned that there will not be a season 4 and was disappointed with the comment Alex made about the family coming first and job second. Family should be first, but the job should be up there also as you need it to support the family, not that Alex does not have tons of money with his salary.

    I hope the show will be renewed as I need my Alex fix every week. He is still the sexiest and best-looking man on TV!!!!

    1. Well the clothes she was wearing Barbara was not even a dress, just if u take a closer look at it u wil see that it was a pair of shorts and a black man long sleeve shirt.

      Prolly Alex did not had any other choice to acknowledge in public that Malia was pregnant and perhaps as a private man he is, he never even intended to share that to the pubiic, but hey we are not blind either, If she is his gf or partner, and she had to attend public events with him, obviously people will have seen her pregnant , so I do knot know why Alex wanted to keep her secluded. If she is his partner, couples attend events together, is like he never want anyone anyone to know anything, perhaps because the pregnancy was not conceived the way we all would have expected to be, like in this case unplanned. the more the reason to keep that as a secret don tu think? And also because they were just dating for a short time and all of a sudden she got pregnant so how could that happened right?

      And eys im also was surprised as Alex response that his family comes first, that is like a hint that he does not need to work if something happen that risky his family. Don tu think?

    2. I can’t belive she wore the hight spike shoes in the sand( not very safe for someone that far along, I had trouble walking in tenis shoes on the sidewalks) The short skin tight shorts ( like all the other trashy outfits we sen her in) and I thought the black mans shirt was Alex’s that he wore to the California event and the day before charity thing at her kids school I thought she also had on his sunglasses that he once said were his mums.What I disliked the most was her smile, like she was telling his family and fans that she got him now, and her strut like she was the one everyone was there to see. She really likes the attention shes getting from being at his side, she hasn’t been in the public eye since her teen years, or has she, I’ve never heard of her before.

      1. That is what I also thought taht she was wearing Alex black shirt that he worn during the school fundraising and to the CA event. Really the glasses she was wearing were Alex mom? Now my question is why in the world she is wearing Alex clothes specially in public!!!!!??? I mean isnt that strange? Doesnt she have money to buy her clothes?

        Well Kooky as I haev heard she was a model many years ago but I believe she stop modeling some years ago and she also wass a clothes designer I do not know if she still designs clothes. and now she only surfs. So my question is what does she do for aliving now, was she working before getting pregnant?

  20. ok the best part of Mondays epi was the ass shot when Steve found the girl in the trunk, I almost stopped breathing! Bad new is I belive there will not be a season 4, if this was the first year I’m not sure I’d be as dedicated.

    1. I think CBS will do a 4th season to get to syndication. Wouldn’t guarantee anything after that

  21. thank you so much for the clip tiff, it is so nice to see alex relaxed, happy and healthy. pleased to hear he is having a boy, like you muffie i would love to see him dominated by his daughter but as long as he is healthy and has his daddy’s looks he will be adorable. a big kiss back to you alex, will support you in everything you do. perhaps we could have your input on this page? digging the aussie twang, too. all the best to you alex.

  22. Tiffany, thank you very much for sending this interview of Alex. It made my day!

  23. to Lizzie were did you see pictures of Saxon, I keep looking but have found none

    1. I found them on Alex O’Loughlin Rocks site on main page click on images takes you to gallery you need to log on if not already and go to events 2012

  24. I don’t know but I just don’t care for his “partner” it looked like his makeup people touched her up cause at the beach she didn’t look like she had drug store makeup on, plus I thought her outfit was a little much. All the talk of HER family and relatives, he mentioned an addition to his house , is that for the Jones? She really hit the jack pot with this one! I miss our Mick

    1. I would like to know though what relatives of him Alex was taking about he brought at the SOTB? He never specify who were they? I mean was it his mom, his sister or whom? There is a lady who said that she believes taht Alex havent get in touch with his family he never talks about them lately he just mention the Jones family.

      1. I think Alex put a bit of a show on to keep the Jones’ happy. The pictures of Alex and Malia walking to the red carpet showed there was no chemistry between them. There are no pictures of them like there were in LA. I’m not buying it’s because she’s pregnant. There is one where it looks like it was taken on spec Alex is talking to another pregnant lady and it looks like Malia is looking down and smiling but wants to get out fast.
        I thought her outfit was inappropriate and the shoes too high. With her hair up and so tight made her look ferocious. Overall she did not want to be there she was playing happy families.
        The best pictures are of Alex and Saxon.Alex’s eyes showed such love. Ive not seen that between him and her.
        If Alex has not been in touch with his family in Oz could it be Malia is stopping him as he has none of his own privacy in HIS own house? J ust a thought….As I ‘ve said before he knows what he needs to do but I think he is listening to his head rather than his heart where family is concerned. Ive been loking at Alex’s tarot cards and makes interesting reading.

      2. Love to know what the tarots cards are saying. Keep me posted. And I did see Alex photos with Saxon, he look so loving with Saxon so affectionate towards his big boy!!

        I also saw them walking to the red carpet and they were not holding hands, you could have thought they were but they were not. I mean if she is supposed to be his partner your gf and you want to show her to the media so why not holding hands, that would have been the most natural thing to do. If it was my case I would have loved to be holding hands with Alex and be next to him the whole time, not to suffocate him of course but just be with him, holdings hands or wrap my arms behind his back, if he was my bf or partner I mean we are a couple and even more if Im carrying his baby. Maybe Alex and Malia have a free spirit open relationship? Just guessing.

        I believe Alex wanted to please the Jones family rather than his own family by bringing them to the SOTB and the media know about them.

        I also have seen the pic you mention of Malia, Spike, Alex and another lady pregnant and Malia si looking down but she seem she does not want to be there, perhaps beause the camera capture her, but couid not it be that it was taken at the wrong time? I mean sometimes it happens that people take pictures of us at the most awkward moments and they always capture the most strange shots to spread the pics and make us look bad beusae the pic was taken at the awkward moment..

        If she went was just fo let the media know once and for all that she has Alex so like saying: Hey people Im with Alex and Im having his baby”.

        But is it confirmed or not if Alex did bring his family to the SOTB? He mention relatives but never specify whose relatives he brought? Maybe it was just Jones relatives? But I do find odd that in the case Alex did bring his family, any member, why he never let them out or introduce them to the media or even mention them. like they are her for support or anything should have said in order to know that Alex also care for his family and he also brought them with him along with the other family, He only brought Saxon and that is super extra confirmed.

        They do not look like a super loving couple, they act as they are just parents for the future baby but there is not love as a couple.. Alex is a loving, caring gentleman, and Im sure he cares, respect and protects Malia, but one thing are those adverbs and another one are the word LOVE or being In love. Tha tis why I say maybe they live in a free spirit open relationship You know nowdays couple relationships have changed and being in a relationship is different now that it ws so many years ago when couples were more reserved and conservative. Who knows and nooen knows what kind of relationship Alex and Malia has or what kind of arrangement they are for the future baby. Just hope Alex be wise to see mistakes on time if thta happens. But yes at the first glance of pictures and behavior of those 2 it is easy to tell that they act as if they are not a couple.

    2. Anny, where did you see the picture of Malia. Also where is the picture of Alex and Saxon. I cannot find any of those.

  25. I probley should just leave quitley but I need to give my opion here one more time I am so sorry to say I have noticed a big change in Alex and he does not seem the same. I have been a fan sine Mary Bryant and followed his career to 50, I guess his new “family” and attitude has just turned me off. Don’t want to upset anyone, I won’t be back so no need to trash me. Enjoyed you all here, take care.

    1. Why the need not to return Carrie? You are just giving your own opinion. Each of us have difference of opinion and not always have the same opinion. We agree or disagree. What you say I may like or not like for example, but you just gave your point of view.

      Why do u believe Alex attitude had changed?

    2. I have kept quiet for a few days taking in all that has been going off on other sites plus being busy at work and a car speeding into my garden.
      Generally speaking I don’t think Alex’s attitude has changed. What he has done and I think it has been forced on him is to be more open because of the circumstances he has found himself in. He is making the best of a bad lot. He is walking a thin line to keep everything on an even keel. I have given my thoughts what he should do about it but I won’t say any more. I’m going to keep supporting Alex and his 2 sons only

      1. Lizzie have u seen a photo of Alex and Saxon at the SOTB? A lady sent me one she found ont he internet and wow they look so good together. Alex so fatherily and liek hugging his big boy and you can see t in his eyes and Sazon looks exactly like him

      2. Lizzie you hit the nail on the head about him being forced to deal with thia situation publicly. And Carrie thus the reason for the change in what he says, because I have said to myself for some time, I just can’t believe some of the things Alex is saying lately. The one that really made me cringe was when he said, “my family comes first and my job second and the producers are not going to like that I said that.” OMG I almost choked when I heard him say that.

        This is a fickle business and actors can find themselves in hot water for things they say and do. Two celebrities come to mind who have a lot more clout than Alex: one lost a studio contract and one lost a show that was going great for things they either said or did. Alex is finally at a point in his career where he walks with all the other A List actors. I love him to death and want only the absolute best for him, as one male fan said on another site, he is one of the best out there, but oh so underated. My prayer for him is that his career does not suffer, and that Saxon doesn’t feel adverse affects by decisions made by the adults in his life, because teenagers are very sensitive and always carry things – good or bad – that go on with their parents.

      3. Niecie I did not know the situation about those 2 actors who suffered the consequences of things each one said in public that cost them their jobs. I think Alex should be more careful the next time he says things out in the open to the public in order not to get misinterpreted and I also was like a bit surprised when he said that My frist priority is the family and second the job. and the producers are not going to like that I said that”. I know family should be very important in anyone life, but if he feels he can live without having job and work and be just with his family, well be my guest and lucky him he can support his family and not having to go to work ever.

        Like you said Alex is walking in hot waters now and in the entertainment business unfortunately, image and things you do in public or say in public is everything and actors and actresses are in displayed for everyone to follow their every move.

        I also believe he was forced and compromised to deal with the pregnancy issue out in public, perhaps he did not even want to mention that Malia was pregnant and maybe he even want to keep that a secret his whole life, that is why we never saw pics of Malia and him together so people do not have anything to say about her. much less about him, knowing that he is so private in his personal life, the annoucement was not something that perhaps Alex did not even want to share with anyone, just his and her family only not the media but since her pregnancy was noticeable and maybe people in Hawaii started to rumor and talk about, Alex did no have a choice but to make it public and had to find a way to respond to questions by reporters relating having a baby.

        But also it could be as rumors say, that the relationship between him and her was not in good terms it was a bit rocky at he moment and it was on and off, at the moment she got pregnant , so the better to keep the pregnancy away from the media and in secret but also because it was an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy under those circumstances.

        I hope Saxon is dealing this with maturity because sure teenagers are sensitive and not always deal the things in the best way possible, they have tantrums, they are rebels, etc. I wonder how Saxon took this news.

  26. did anyone see that Alex is numberf one in TV Guide’s hot, hot, hot TV eye candy as well he should be!!

  27. Awesome interview. He’s so amusing and relaxed. Like a pro. Good season opener last night too!! So many twists and turns!! Can hardly wait till next week. 😀

  28. I have been out of the loop doing a fundraiser but, so glad I took few minutes and got to see this interview. Thanks again Tiffany as always for helping fans like me stay in touch with whats going on. I agree he looked relaxed, has sense of humor and seemed excited about new season and happy about baby. Thing I caught was when he said Malia tough and they are all afraid of her. Hmmm. Was he kidding or is she just excersing her place as having alex’s baby!
    I just wish him and his son already happiness. Good looking,talented and fixes things. Oh Lord!

  29. This is one of the best and longest interviews ever. Thanks for posting it, Tiffany. Alex seems so relaxed and content. I’m thrilled that everything is going so well for him now. I hope
    Season 3 is a great one. Love ya, Alex !! :love: :heart: :love:

  30. Just read Mike Gordon’s interview with Alex best one yet

  31. All I seem to be able to get is a still image and not the video. Is it not available to us Brits, like so many US videos? Frustrated over here 🙁

    1. Go to Alex O’Loughlin Rocks on the web page you’ll see the clip for the video

  32. I actually live in Queensland, Australia which he mentioned is similar in parts to Hawaii. Friends recently returned from a holiday there and said Hawaiin beaches in particular we’re similar to ours. Knowing how much AOL loves the beach, it must be like having a little bit of home.

    In regards to the accent, DDK did a twitter Q&A a few months back and I asked about Alex’s accent. He said Alex has this uncanny ability to switch up accents on the fly so I’m not surprised he seems to have developed a mash up of American and Australian.

    1. I guess that explains what we’re hearing in this interview. One of the most charming things about Alex is his accent. Living in the US he could lose it in the day-to-day activities. Maybe he’ll start talking Pigeon! 😉

  33. Thank you Tiffany. Just seeing Alex in this interview made my heart skip a beep. He is the best he is so sweet. Cannot wait til new season. Thanks again.

  34. Great interview. Thanks Tiffany for posting this. I too, would like to have seen Alex with a little girl to wrap him around her finger but he seems so happy that as long as the baby is healthy, that is all that really matters. :heart:

  35. Thanks so much Tiffany for this awesome interview. I have been starved all summer for news and pix of Alex. Other than re runs of H50, ML and malny of his other films, I yearned to see him on live interivews. This finally makes up for the lack thereof. He is so absolutely delightful when he is just being himself. Ho w happy and content he seems. What many of us have wished for him all these fine years since we first discovered him!!! Welcome back Alex, and good luck in Season 3. Onward to Season 4.

    1. I watched the interview again. He is happy talking about h50 not so much the other stuff

  36. What a great interview!! :love: Thanks Tiffany! Do I detect a change in his accent? Has he been away from AussieLand too long? 😆

    1. yep, I noticed that too

  37. Alex looked relaxed of course and I like the way fans are so important to him and like if it was in his power, he will like to do more for the fans and repay for all the nice things we do for him and the support we give him and the show.

    Also like when he talks about bringing their dogs to work, very funny!!

  38. Nice interview. Has left me puzzled

  39. hi thanks alex look so great and happy to be a dad again all my best i cant wait till monday what i see on tv it will be a great season wellcome back hawaii five 0

  40. Tiffany: Thanks so much. I was going to have to search high and low for this interview that I heard about, but you saved me all of the trouble. You are the best. Thanks.

    I haven’t viewed it yet as I’m at work. 16 mins. is a long interview; can’t wait to hear what he has to say.

    Having another boy, huh? I would have loved to see him with a little girl, wrapped around her finger!

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