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  1. Does anyone know for sure what year he was born. I have read 1975-76 and 77! Does anyone know what year he was actually born?

  2. Hi! Alex
    Its Terri Brock in Carmicheal 916 483-4622 or cell ph. 468-2009
    I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2010 yr.
    I told Santa clause all I want for christmas this year is you Alex
    love you,
    Love Terri Brock

  3. Hi Alex
    It’s Terri from carmicheal again, 916 483-4622 or cell ph. 916 468-2009

  4. Alex will be 33 tomorrow as he was born in 1976, August 24th in Canberra, ACT, AU… he shares the same birthday as a young friend of mine…

    For his birthday a group of fans, myself included, sent him a music CD with songs that were selected by his fans; some were mentioned, but the dedication page we enclosed would have turned into a book, so some of the 2-disc album dedications merely came from all of his fans… Thought I’d let all of you know this since you all are his fans, as well as those who made requests to burn onto this gift…

    The young lady who also shares his birthday was sent the same gift from me & she enjoyed it immensely…and says Alex will also…

    Though I intend to make a donation to a charity of my own choice in Alex’s name, I feel this is a tangible gift he could open & enjoy for years to come… When he listens he will be reminded of how his fans think of him…

  5. Hi Alex
    Happy B-Day on Aug 24
    I’ll be celebrating my B-Day Sept. 10
    I’m looking for to watching you in 3 Rivers
    all the best Babe
    Love Terri Brock
    Carmicheal area

  6. OMG Alex ur so hot and u have a sexy bod i wanted 2 ask u is u r single or marryed becuz iam single oh yeah here is my number #(956)973-06-04 CALL ME IAM UR BIGGEST FAN ILOVE U ALEX!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi moonlight-junkie, that sounds funny, a lurker behind the scenes…

    I never thought of the stepbrother aspect…good thought there. Another of our Moonlight Family suggested to me, through private e-mail (no that is not an option here at AOLO as is at MLL or the like, but e-mailing Tiffany- our administrator here at AOLO- with a request to ask for someone’s personal e-mail address is how some of us now e-mail privately and have become close friends; my Moonlight Family… Tiffany sends out an e-mail to the party whose e-mail address someone wants &, in turn, that person tells Tiffany yes or no…Thus Tiffany tells the interested party or just lets it slide, I guess, if the answer is no & we begin e-mailing…Of course, one must sort through junk mail or bulk mail at first to get the other Alex fan’s e-mail if they are not yet on one’s address book until the party writes & one then knows to add to their personal addresses)… Anyway one of my ML Sister’s thought this Bro may be Alex’s Best Friend or something as he mentioned, I am told, something to this effect about his best friend in a video clip for “FEED” (movie Alex co-produced) promo which several are on YouTube… do not recall who posted those…

    So we are approximately 10 hours apart in times… Thanks for letting me know,,,you are probably sleeping now or getting ready for bed as I write this at 1:10PM,U.S. Mountain Standard Time, Tuesday afternoon.

    Well, I wonder if we write his personal manager’s office in Marina Del Rey, CA asking them if they can post some Alex’s boyhood pix online, say like on Alex’s MySpace page or at one of the Moonlight sites or, hopefully, here or another Alex site, would they comply???… Would he mind??? I would not want to upset him, but most of his fans, I am sure, would think it cool…

    Another reason there hasn’t been any pix of him as a child may be that his 10 or 11 year old son, Saxon, who Alex wants not to be harrassed by press, etc, may be Alex’s double at that age…And this would be awkward, even dangerous, for the boy, who lives in AU, to live a normal life… Alex is not with the child’s mother, only mentioned on one site, adn Alex insists on their privacy…Can’t blame him there…no parent could….

    I feel exactly the same way as you do about CBS dragging Alex along… I think Nina is out to punish ML fans b/c we all voiced truths about her inabilities as the President of CBS Entertainment & know she lied, big time, about Moonlight only being watched b/c of the actors… Well, Duh!!! How a storyline is presented has much to do with the actors playing it out… ML storylines, which were absolutely great, were enhanced by the actors… Without actors it would just be like reading the story out of a book… great reading, but greater when physically played out… Many of us, who have now joined the ranks of being fans of Alex, did not know anything about his acting, many never seeing him prior to ML, so how could we all be in awe of just the actors, especially him??? Yes, Jason, though adorable, was in Veronica Mars, but Jaso is married &, sorry, is not drool material for many fans as Alex is..Sophia’s career was mainly in England, not in the states, so she was a fresh, new, very pretty in a non-made-up way, face here in the U.S.(loved the chemistry between her & Alex; so, so right!!!)And, I can recall seeing Shannyn prior, but perhaps only in commercials & nothing that would draw my attention being a woman…men, definitely yes…

    I just pray that CBS & Nina do not play such havoc with ALex’s career that it is ruined by the time they are wasting… There is only a narrow window in hotness of an actor & Alex is at that window…one of the advantages for him not to be married, though not good fan wise, too, for him to have a girlfriend… As many may think that times have changes since early Hollywood when being married was a “death sentence” for one’s career, especially a man’s career… Well, none of that has changed, as we may think, it is still TABOO, and having a live-in girlfriend is almost as suicidal as being married…Plus, the girl who one day wears Alex’s wedding ring should not be in the biz at all & should be someone who is not as worldly as a female in any part of the biz… Alex deserves someone who loves Alex for Alex & is not, at one time or another, being in the biz’s competative game; not every show biz married union is going to be JoAnne Woodward & Paul Newman…

    A similar instance concerning actors may be going to take place shortly here in the U.S. when the movie “Twilight” will be released… Fans will go ga-ga over the young actors, but it is the way these actors play their characters that will make the already awesome story from Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series of books a hit movie… Again, it is the great storyline first, and the abilities of the actors to play it out in form for us that makes a hit…

    SO the lack of intelligence of Nina is so apparent to us it is pathetic; wonder why CBS does not cancel her??? She deserves it she is going to ruin the network…

  8. You’re welcome! I never heard of a brother before either. I was like “What?” Maybe it’s a stepbrother? I have no idea.

    I would love to see childpics, too. I bet he was gorgeous. 🙂 I hope he stays the handsome caring guy that he is now.

    As for his new contract: I have no idea what to feel about this. Don’t get me wrong I am happy for Alex that he is under contract again, but I also am kind of afraid that they are only dragging him along..

    No, that has to be another person. I am usually a kind of a lurker…*blush*

    Yay…here it’s Tuesday, August 26 7:38am….I am actually at work now 🙂

  9. Thank you for your kindness moonlight-junkie in copying Alex’s message for us all…

    I see he refers to his Mom, Dad, “Bro”, Sis, Nan & Gramps, I was not aware that Alex had a brother… Have read about him having a sister who is a year younger, I believe, even read that Alex, himself, has a son, Saxon, who must me 11 by now… Alex keeps the wraps tight around his son’s security & honors the fact that the child’s mother, whom Alex is no longer with, wants privacy for her and the boy… But, nowhwere is there any mention of a brother of Alex’s… I know his Mom remarried to a Canadian, quite possibly this is a child from that 2nd union or maybe from his biological father’s side, but read nowhere that Mr. O’Lachlan (actual spelling originally of Alex’s surname) ever sought to remarry…

    Are you informed about any of this, moonlight-junkie? Or does anyone else have any info on this???

    I would so love to see pix of Alex as a child…another thing we’ve yet been privileged to see… I bet he was a beautiful child, Hollywood did not remake this man, his parents must take credit for this work of perfection…Speaking of Tinseltown, I do hope that Alex is never changed by that place…

    It does upset me in reading this letter from Alex about the CBS contract for I still feel they are playing him; keeping him at bay so no other network scapes him up for their own… He may have just signed this new contract, but they only made him a promise of working on a show…to me that is not how it should be…CBS should of had a show offer available for him when they approached him about a contract…

    I know he is intelligent, but he is also too sweet for him own good…

    moonlight-junkie, I’ve seen that user name before… Did you post on PCA Buzz Polls too?… I am MsTish there, though I have not been over there in about 2 weeks or so…And on other sites I may be known under various forms of spiritedangel, eg. OneSpiritedAngel… or was MsMoonlighter at Hey Neilsen & am 62Moonlighterette when I am commenting a YouTube…

    BTW, it is now Monday, August 25 at 9:37PM here in Tucson, AZ where I live on its outskirts with my 3 horses & 6 dogs… I am widowed for many years now…So what time, day & date is it where you are in Germany now???
    Thanks again, your Moonlight Sister….

  10. Hi Pat

    thanks for the welcome. Don’t worry the spelling is correct. I live in Niedersachsen, its quiet in the north of Germany far away from Baden-Baden.

    I copied his message…hope it’s okay.

    25 Aug 2008, 09:00

    August 25th

    Dear Family, Friends and Fans.
    Hi there all!

    I would like to preface by thanking everybody who has been involved with the various American Red Cross events recently, and to those of you who have helped make the actual blood drives happen, congratulations and THANK YOU!!!
    The American Red Cross is such a terrific and important organization that saves many lives every year and I am very proud to be associated in any way I can.

    As you know yesterday was my birthday and thanks to everybody around me I had a really great day. In fact it was amazing.
    Another year older, but not necessarily wiser!
    To answer some of your questions and just so the record is straight I am now 32, having been born in 1976 contrary to what other sources may tell us, which makes me year of the Dragon in Chinese astrology.
    Never before have i received anything like the volume of kindness that i received this year. I have been inundated with messages, cards and gifts from so many of you and I am trying to get back to you one by one but it will take me a while so I really appreciate everyone’s patience.
    It’s funny. Instead of Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis, Nan & Gramps etc… I now have 10,000 “thank you” letters to write!! Whoa LOL 😉

    As you know I have now officially signed back with the CBS family for a new show opportunity. We are currently in development of a number of new ideas and this will keep us busy through till the end of the year.
    I know this isn’t much information but I’m under contract again and I’m afraid it’s all I can give you right now.

    Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you all quickly on my way to work and say thank you for making yesterday great. It really was.

    Warmest regards to you all

    Alex O’loughlin x

    In my opinion: He is the best! 🙂 I wish him good luck with writing all those cards!! 😉

  11. Hi moonlight-junkie…

    Welcome & will enjoy hearing from you… So where in Germany are you??? My late hubby’s folks hailed from Baden-Baden; excuse the spelling of the place, but hope you know where it is located…

    Thanks a bunch for letting us know that Alex has responded to all of us for his B’day cards & gifts on his MySpace page… Hope I can find the link to it and, if I do I will be sure to post it here for all to link to…

    BTW, I am neither the monitor or administrator of this site…That honored position lies with a lady by the name of Tiffany… I am, however, a steady visitor here & an avid fan of Alex’s now… He did prove he is not just another handsome face with his portrayal of Mick St John among other projects I have sought to view… The man is exceptionally talented…

  12. Hi Pat

    never commented here before..so hi to all!!

    back to Alex’s birthday: He just posted a blog over at myspace to thank everone and confirmed that he is indeed 32. He should know 😉

    Greetings from Germany!

    oh and happy belated birthday to Donna 🙂

  13. Referring back to Alex’s birthday:

    Has anyone who sent him birthday cards or gifts received a reply back from him yet… I await this anxiously as I did send my gifts & card out late last month to his Personal Manager’s Office in Marina Del Rey, CA…

    Would love to hear from anyone who gets mail from Alex and please share and post here at AOLO… Thanks, Pat

  14. OH, not trying to take away the spotlight from ALex, but we also have a fan here at AOLO who also is celebrating her birthday today… I am speaking of Donna, who has been posting at this site for awhile and has posted on threads like “Fated to Pretend” & “Fighting for Moonlight”

    Our birthday gal was also born, not only on the same day as Alex, but in the same year, too…. Would love to ascertain Alex’s birth time, I already know Donna’s since we correspond now thanks to the friendship from this site…

    Donna is a avid Alex fan… but she is also bright, funny, and very nice…Gosh, I just described a female equal of Alex, as he was described in similar words to me by his Personal Manager’s Office….


  15. Yes, A Very Happy Birthday from me to Alex…

    However, Alex is not 31 today, but 32… Another site confirmed through Alex’s reps that our fav guy was born in 1976, August 24th, in Australia’s Territorial Capital of Canberra…

    1. Yes, I like to wish Alex a very happy birthday too..It’s funny how many of the different web sites on Alex keep getting his birthday date wrong…


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