Alex Pleads With Fans to Let Moonlight Go


Alex did an interview with Matt Mitovich at TV Guide. They talked about Moonlight, Criminal Minds, Three Rivers, and even his new movie. The part in the interview that stuck out to me was this:

O’Loughlin: I plead with my Moonlight fans to give this show a chance if they let me give it a chance. I can’t do Moonlight again” it’s finished. The bottom line is that my true fans will follow me where I go.

I don’t think his wishes could be any clearer. He has moved on to other roles and is not going to be doing anything with Moonlight and wants his fans to follow suit.

I also noted with interest that Alex apparently turned down or ignored talk about several other projects CBS threw his way before Three Rivers. I am happy he held out until he got what he wanted.

In a almost contradictory interview with The Boston Herald he bemoaned the loss of Moonlight and gave an interesting statement that Joel Silver is in fact interested in doing a Moonlight movie.

(Executive producer) Joel Silver called me right before Christmas. ˜Alex, we’re making the movie. You in?˜Well, sure. He hung up, and I haven’t heard from him since. I don’t know what the answer to that is. I don’t know.

This was five months ago…is Silver still interested? For fans not willing to let Moonlight go, I think appealing to Joel Silver is your best bet.

Also be sure to check out Alex’s TV Squad interview.

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  1. Why, oh why, another medical show? Ugh….
    I love Alex, and LOVED Moonlight, but I really HATE medical shows. I will try, but I really don’t know if I can stomach it.
    A Moonlight movie would be wonderful.

  2. Margroks,

    In order to get attention from any business source it is better to write snailmail, not email…So please check out the thread on the Permalinks for all the needed contacts top write to to make a Moonlight movie happen… Not all the important addresses are in the main body of the text at the beginning of each page, so please shuffle through the pages to detect to whom is actually own the Rights to moonlight & the addresses of those Powerful People that can influence the outcome of the Moonlight Movie Crusade…

  3. I overlooked a comment above in which Janie mentioned that she’d heard they planned on making Beth’s blood the secret to the cure so she could never be turned. That would have been appalling since she is not the only one with the rare bloodtype AND come on! At some point, most fans surely want to envision Mick and Beth together for enternity. TO prevent her from joining Mick would mean an eternity of despair for Mick and I wouldn’t want that. Moonlight was a story of love and hope and that would be anythign but. Let’s hope that never makes it into the plot! Yuck!

  4. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind if Moonlight was a bit spicier if it gets reincarnated in a movie. I mean, we can well imagine what happened after that door closed and I wouldn’t be averse to seeing a bit more skin if tastefully done. In a show with beheadings and vampires feeding on people, a bit of skin pales in comparison IMO.

  5. I don’t reallt think Alex was “pleading” with fans to let Moonlight go at all. What he was saying is he wants Moonlight fans to give his new show a chance and I certainly will! Clearly, if there is talk about a Moonlight movie and he’s interested then he doesn’t want his fans to forget about the show.

  6. Well, Heather, I just got that post on “skin” & I can say it certainly lightened the thread here… Yes, that was a rather open sexual scene, but most foreign sountries find the bosy a work of art, not lurid…so that may have not even been consider risque abroad… Mor Alex in “skin”, check out Feed…

  7. Kindred was not even close to Moonlight. I saw every episode of both shows.
    I would love to see the story of Moonlight wrapped up in a movie.
    The writers were taking the show in a bad direction from what I have read regarding the second season. They were planning to do something like the Watchers from the Highlander series. Those were going to be the people who were sending the new DA his info. Something about they were going to be humans who observed and tracked the vampire population. I had also read that Beth’s blood was going to be the secret to the cure and that she could never be turned. I would love to see a Moonlight movie but not along those story lines. I don’t think Alex meant to offend anyone with his comment. I think he just wants his Moonlight fans to open their hearts to his new show. We know he is going to put everything in to this one just like Moonlight and he is just asking for us to give it a fair shot.
    I am not a fan of hospital shows but I plan to tune in for it.

  8. Okay this thread is turning into a pleading to get Moonlight into a movie and fill the void we felt when it got cancelled… Sooo Tiffany, I’m going to send the page now as I feel I cannot complete it any further… I found as many addresses that will help all who post here on AOLO to write their snail form letters & get them out to the iminent people who need to be approached first…then we can go from there…

    Remember best is to send certified/registered PO mail to get letters noticed…

    Hmmmm, Tiffany, an R rated Moonlight!!!! Perhaps we will get a “little more show” in a movie… So I am hoping all here, including you, Madam Administrator, will jump on this campaign and tell other sites as well as fans about it so they can jump on this bandwagon to ride to a Moonlight movie

  9. Tiffany,

    I am waiting for the email from my ISP that I composed the dedication page on so I could work offline comes into Yahoo… They are being slow today in my neck of the woods; guess because it is Monday…

  10. Thanks Heather….

  11. Heather, I am glad to read your being so into Moonlight & your desires about the show…However, I watched every episode, also have the DVD set, but I must have missed the nudity, the body changes to a whole diferent species, so I guess you were, I hope, talking about those other shows…. That is just it, Moonlight was clean, Moonlight was not lurid in anyway, every age group could watch & enjoy… I recall these age groups all posting during the ML campaign here & other fansites stating that it was definitely good “Family” entertainment….

    1. When I talked about nudity and shift changing I was refering to TRU BLOOD. The reason I really like MOONLIGHT is because none of this indecent exposures were there. Moonlight is a wholesome show for the entire family.

      1. LOL. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I thought Moonlight was far too tame. I love the raw quality of True Blood. I would love to see a rated R version of Moonlight though!! I like the sex, blood, and gore in a vampire show.

      2. Tiffany, True, but isn’t that great. Our personal views makes us who we are. I loved Moonlight because I could watch it with my family. There are too many “R” shows on national TV that I wouldn’t sit down with my family. TRUE BLOOD is the ‘R’ Vampire series. Of course, HBO has a history of producing these type of shows for which there is a definite draw in our society. I prefer using my imagination than have it all exposed on the screen. Glad we have a right to be different.

  12. Tiffany, I am working on the dedication page & will have it to you no later than tomorrow evening or earlier… I have a migraine today so the head is throbbing…

    I am also adding a favorite pix I love of Alex as Mick with script I added on it, so I do hope you will use it as the flavor and lead in the page must have…

  13. Tish, just pick a page title, wrtie the text and address info as you want it to appear and I will add it. Then it will be a static page on the site and listed in the sidebar. Also you could do this with meetups …

  14. Thank Yo, Tiffany… I will need a clue from you on how to accomplish this; mainly how do I insert on AOLO? I will begin work on it asap as so many of us who once basked in the Moonlight so care to share it’s glow once more…

    Echoes heard again: “Vampire Solidarity: Rah, Rah, Rah!!!”

    Right on Karen C, Heather, Hope, & all let’s bring the Moonlight into our lives again if only momentarily…

  15. Tish you are welcome to set up a dedicated page here on AOLO with your plea to renew Moonlight in some way with a call to action and adresses. That way you could just link to it whenever someone asks.

  16. Hi Heather, I thought I was the only one that thought True Blood was very boring, I have only seen 4 eps. and don’t know if I am going to rent the others. Does it get any better? My goodness Moonlight was so wonderful, the story line and without a doubt our Alex is the best. I can’ t wait til September either. signed Hopeful

    1. No it doesn’t get any better. I have watched the entire series. It’s too far out with all the nudity, exocisms, human to dog shift change, the manner in which Vamps die, all the blood in the show, is all too bazaar. Worse, the acting is not believable and you don’t feel the emotion in the characters. I bought Twilight, rented Forever Knight and Blood Ties because I was looking for an exceptional show like Moonlight. They’re not out there.

  17. I just rented and watched “FOREVER KNIGHT” (CBS-1997)because everyone said to resuscitate this series. What a disappointment. This show can in no way compare to MOONLIGHT. Neither can TRU BLOOD (horrible show), ANGEL (lacks luster), TWILIGHT (movie-boring), or BLOOD TIES (Lifetime). The acting on these other shows is substandard as is the story line. MOONLIGHT needs to be told and CBS should be forced to produce it. The Vampire (non-gothic) DVDs are rented with a waitlist only status. This should tell Joel Silver and CBS there is a definite need. I will write a letter and express my thoughts and opinion — however, they need more push than just me. Let’s get MOONLIGHT back.

    1. Moonlight was good but no need to make it the end all be all for the vampire genre. I only watched Moonlight becuause of the vampire twist and it was good but in no way is it the best there is out there. I would have to say I like True Blood better than Moonlight actually. I was hooked on every episode and I am counting the seconds until season 2 premiers in June. I liked MickBeth but I am all about Sookie and Eric personally.

      If you want to watch an EXCELLENT vampire series that blows Moonlight’s doors off…watch Kindred the Embraced. It also only had one season but that is because the star died in a horrible accident just before season 2 would have started filming.

      Moonlight a good show but the romantisizing it unto mythic proprtions is just silly.

      1. I looked up Kindred Embrace — did it even complete a full year? The is only two disc in the set. Is there someplace it can be rented because Amazon has it for purchase if you are willing to pay $40 plus for it. (NOT). Anyone thanks for the suggestion.

      2. Don’t know about renting it. It was a smash hit when it aired on Fox years ago. I was devestated when the guy who played Julian died.

        Basically it is about the vampires clans…Ventru, Toreador, Nosforatu, Gangrel, and Bruha and how they relate to each other is San Fransico. The prince of the SF vamps was Julien Luna… a vamp with a good heart who falls in love with a blond newspaper reporter….hmm…uh…did Moonlight rip off Kindred? I just remembered that detail.

      3. Tiffany, here’s a similarity between Moonlight and Kindred that I just remembered: Both ladies willingly gave blood to heal their vamps when they were critically in need and close to death…remember that?

      4. Yes. That is my all time fave scene in Kindred. Now that I think about it Beth and Caitlin are VERY similar characters…. spunky blonde reporters with a nose for trouble, falling in love with a vampire. Except in Caitlin’s case she never knew he was a vamp until that near death scene.

    2. I agree with Heather, Hope and Janie…I think that Moonlight is the best of all those shows. Initially, I thought Kindred was pretty good at the time. Mark Frankel, who played Julian Luna, was one of my favority actors. I was very sorry to hear about his tragic death. (Tiffany, if I remember correctly, Julian was the enforcer for the previous Prince and after a particularly bloody battle, decided to stop the bloodshed and become a peacemaker instead. Then Julian became the Prince, and the former Prince became Julian’s counsel –I can’t remember his name.)

      But I never felt the addiction for those other shows that I feel for Moonlight. I think the romanticism and believability is what touched me, along with Alex’s superb acting talents. I feel the emotional connection in the relationships between the characters. And Heather, I must admit that I was looking forward to a little more skin now that MIck and Beth have gotten together — I’m with Tiffany and Tish on that! *smile*

      1. What to see Alex in “skin” watch Oyster Farmer. You see the full body exposure and love making scenes.

  18. PS: And I still feel that Alex will not disappoint his fans who still love his Mick character either… Who knows, Alex may finally get more breaks Big Screen wise if he & Silvers join forces again after a Moonlight movie… I think that CBS would be crazy & looking for legal trouble, too, contract or not, if they step on Alex’s other career chances….

    1. Tish,

      My letter to Joel is on its way. I think getting the chance to play Mick St. John would be something Alex would love to do. The vampire genre has always been close to his heart. I think the whole cancellation of Moonlight devasted him after all the hard work he put into it. He fought hard to keep it but it wasn’t enough. If the timing is right, I feel Alex, Sophia, Jason and Shannyn will all be on board. Let’s keep fighting for MOONLIGHT! We need the closure and I think Alex would love it too. Vampire Sollidarity! Rah Rah Rah!

  19. Melissa, so happy to see your positve Moonlight caring comment posted here arrive in my email inbox… And those of yours, Hope, or anyone who still believes in vampires; one in particular, Mick St John… And I feel we still should be contacting the man who would make Moonlight movie happen, Joel Silvers, who seemed ready to do one back in December, 2008… Well, now we tell him we are tired of waiting and want one poste haste, in sweeter words, brush his ego…all thespians love that attention…

    Gosh, I had almost adked myself what the letters were but a Moonlight Campaigner can’t let it slip their minds for long… VSRRR: Vampire Solidarity Rah Rah Rah!!!!!

    And yet for another time I am posting Silvers address…I never came upon a direct email to him, but then snail mail sent certified/registered is far the best way to go…

    Mr. Joel Silvers,
    Executive Producer & CEO/President
    Silver Pictures
    c/o Warner Bros. Studios
    4000 Warner Blvd
    Burbank, CA, 91522

    1. Just an FYI: I believe his name is Silver rather than Silvers. Now…let’s start writing! Dows anyone know his email addy?

  20. Karen,

    Thank you for posting your feelings…am so happy to see the Moonlight fans are still among us and most, if not all, are stating “we need closure” and this would/,could only now, be with a Moonlight movie… As so well put, Karen, we are all aware that TPTB at CBS squashed the ML series for goo, but, as per new info, Joel Silver has not dashed our hopes for closure and can still be contemplating on bringing us all a Moonlight movie to soothe all ML fans…

    And, hopefully, our TV cast will all be up for it… With the shape of the world as it is, with panademic illnesses spreading, with war on foreign shores still continuing, with the economy in such dire straits, a vampire love story fantasy movie for adult audiences is just what we may all need…

    Posting on this and various sites is fine, but bring your request before “the man” that can bring such a movie to us…Joel Silver… Perhaps we all need to enlighten Mr Silver that our love of Moonlight has not faultered and we need closure to this beloved tale of vampire/mortal love… It certainly cannot hurt & may even bring the result we seek to us quicker…

    Speaking for myself, Shed No More Tears, Believe In Vampires, I Still Do!!!! And BYW, I am 63 years old who still is not afraid to feel like the young occasionally…

  21. Everyone has such strong opinions about Alex and Moonlight. When you get so emotionally involved in a show like Moonlight, it’s hard to let go. I miss not only Alex but Sophia, Jason, Shannyn. Back when the X-Files was on I was a huge fan – never missed an episode. I was sad when it went off the air but I had many years of episodes to watch. When they decided to make an X-Files movie, I WAS THRILLED because with the show gone, I got the chance to see Mulder & Scully again. That’s how I feel about a Moonlight movie. Now that Mick & Beth are gone, wouldn’t it be nice to see them together in a movie? Alex himself said he was shocked and saddened at the cancellation of Moonlight. I just want some closure. I realize the series is over, period. And I am looking forward to Three Rivers, in fact I drove from Ohio to Pennsylvania and Brownsville Hospital where they filmed the pilot. I didn’t see Alex that day but I plan on going back if the pilot is aired and the show picked up. I love the fact that he’s doing well. I hope all the actors from Moonlight are successful. But that doesn’t mean a Moonlight Movie is a bad thing….just my opinion.

  22. I am 53 years old and I for one am not a giddy female following a pattern of going ga-ga or being “actor-centric” just because I have chosen to focus on other things besides “Moonlight” and to say that type of “pattern” was the downfall for “Moonlight” might be reaching a bit. “Moonlight” got cancelled because the ratings were not high enough and high ratings are what is important to a network, not because fans focused on one specific actor over another. We realize that it was an ensemble cast that made it work so to suggest otherwise is an insult to those of us who faithfully tuned in every week. Maybe if more people had tuned in, these discussions would be irrelevant. And does it really matter how we came to know of this actor named Alex – no, just the fact that we are now aware of his talents and appreciate the work that he does and will continue to do, movie or not. Have we forgotten that he was sooooooo close to becoming the next “James Bond”? I do believe
    that all happened before “Moonlight” or just around the same time, correct me if I am wrong, and I know someone will. You can’t progress without moving forward, it’s a proven fact so yes, some of us have moved on, others have not. Alex has a lot of talent to share with us if we let him so do not let that talent go in vain. Alex has moved on and I am looking foward to what’s around the bend and I do not want to focus on what may have been left behind.

  23. Thank you, Tish. Your determination is admirable. I can appreciate your certainty regarding the realization of a Moonlight movie. I am hopeful that you are right. I’m sure we will all welcome the movie when / if it happens. Like LInda said, we are all trying to find our own way to deal with the cancellation of Moonlight.

    Thanks, Sandy, for your cool head.

    Forever a Fan of Moonlight

  24. Everyone should be entitled to his/her own opinion without the fear of being bashed. We all love Moonlight and Alex for our own different reasons. Some because of Alex, some for the storyline. I am in the latter group. My first love is the MickBeth story and then Alex playing the lead role. A movie, I believe, is within range of possibility. If we continue to write to Joel Silver, it may happen. If we don’t, then probably not. I continue to write to JS every few weeks. If a movie happens then, Alex, along with each of the other actors, will choose at that time if they want to be a part of it.

  25. Again I will state that I feel that there will eventually be a moonlight movie… I believe that the famed executive producer, Joel Silver, has been in the entertainment business at the executive end longer than Ms Tassler, and been producing movies long before we all heard of Alex… It is my opinion that Mr Silver is waiting for the opportune time for the Twilight hoopla to die sown so he can bring adult audiences the true essence of vampire.mortal love via a Moonlight movie…

    Granted Alex is a extremely talented actor, granted that there is a possibility that he was misquoted or what he said was misunderstood…but , for me, as it may have been for many others, Moonlight came first as being what I followed, not Alex…And there were other talented actors on the show who blended so well that their characters all took on a real quality… Alex’s abilities did stand out in his pertrayl of Mick and I did not even know who he was, but I did seek to ascertain the answer and check around on the Internet, which I did… Since then I have become an Alex fan, but, in no way, was it the other way around for me, for I, folks, am not actor-centric… And this is exactly what became Moonlight’s downfall, too many females getting giddy over an actor…No, he is not just any actor, he is a fine actor with a path that will bring him to the top one day, but this pattern of going Alex ga-ga, is what lost us Moonlight…I cannot believe it as any other reason for it was loved worldwide & a short time out of the starting gate it won recognition of achevement as the Best New Drama, unless, of course, that was just a facade to make us believe…So believe whatever you all want…Move on if you must, but, don’t let the fall of Moonlight go in vain…

    Yes, I do look forward to viewing Alex in other projects, and have seen much of his credits from AU, but that does not mean I can just drop the desire to get a universal goal for a Moonlight movie as closure no matter the person who asked… I, for one, am and always have been my own person and not a follower…

  26. Thanks to all who understood what I was trying to say and the manner in which I was trying to say it.

  27. Linda, you didn’t bash anyone at all. You have been very respectful.

    queensATL561 , excellent points. We don’t all have to have the same dedication to Moonlight. This IS an Alex fan site too…not a Moonlight fan site. I think this distinction is important because we have lots of fans meeting here to talk and some of them may not have seen Moonlight and that number will increase as he takes on more roles…especially his movie coming out… The Backup Plan. The theme here is ALEX.

    Remain positive… law of attraction.

  28. Please, let’s not fight among ourselves. We are all fans of Alex / Mick / Moonlight. If Alex was quoted correctly in the interview — and that’s a big IF — I don’t think that he meant any disrespect to his fans. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. From what I’ve read and heard, Alex appears to be an unpretentious, down-to-earth, good guy. So let’s not bash him or each other. We can agree to disagree. I think that it’s OK for fans to voice their desire fo a Moonlight movie. (Vampire solidarity…Rah!…Rah!) But it’s also OK for those that have “moved on” and are less vocal about Moonlight. As long as the buzz is good (and POSITIVE), it can only increase Alex’s star power; and maybe we can all get what we want. Perhaps one day the stars will align and Alex, Sophia and Jason will be available to make our fondest wish come true. I think “the industry” will have to notice what a loyal, dedicated and POSITIVE fan base this incredible actor has supporting him. So let us all be POSITIVE, create good buzz, and refrain from bashing Alex and each other.

  29. Tish, I have not bashed you or anyone, I only expressed an opinion that apparently does not agree with yours. Words are funny, they can be interpreted or spun in a way that the suits the reader – politicians do it all the time. As long as I was joining in with the CBS negativity, by sending my letters, e-mails, and making phone calls as I did, that seemed to be fine but when I decided that all of that was getting nowhere, now I’m bashing people??? Is it OK for you to make comments sayng that people were “wrong to voice in that manner”. What manner, the same manner that you voice? Once again, as long as comments are of the same opinion as yours, they seem fine, if not then the writer is accused of “condemming” others for wanting to move on, like myself. It’s all in the way we want to interpret what is being said here, isn’t it. Guess we are in agreement that we disagree which is fine. If you or anyone has ever felt that I have insulted you or bashed you then I apologize. Guess the one thing we all have in common is our love for “Moonlight” – and we are all trying to find our own way to deal with its end. I agree with Tiffany because she has said exactly what I have been trying to say and with that, I am signing off. Until next time friends, stay well.

  30. I think that may be what it all boils down to. We have fans that really LOVED Moonlight and want nothing more than than to see it back in some form. Their affection for Alex and the show was/is the same. Other fans also liked the show but Alex was the bigger draw and they are more inclined to let go of Moonlight and embrace new roles. I am in the latter category. I was smitten with Alex from the beginning and loved his role as Mick but I am happy to watch him in other roles. Moonlight was good but Alex is what made it good. I would not have watched if not for Alex…none of the other actors were a draw to me at all. I would love to see a Moonlight movie but will be just as happy without one as long as Alex is still acting…that is where my concentration has to be.

  31. First off, Hope, I also read both interviews given by Alex recently & I felt he either chose the wrong wording and also contradicted himself… The wrong wording I am refering to is: “we are not true fans if we do not let go of Moonlight”… Perhaps he meant something innocent, yet is not right of him to have voiced this in such a manner… Even if the man was my own child, I’m sorry, I could not back his terminology and would feel tremendous hurt, as should we all…

    Move on wherever you all care to go, but Linda, you have no right to bash me in such a manner… And what I, like many, want is Moonlight closure… I am well aware that there will never be a renewal of our beloved series, but read the interviews and note that Joel Silver is considering a Moonlight movie, and he asked Alex if he was in, to which Alex agreed he was…Even if this happened 4 or 5 months ago, nothing as large an undertaking as this happens overnight… Furthermore even if Alex backs out of his verbal agreement, I, for one, still want Moonlight closure & truly hope Joel complies for us all… And apparently others do too, so writing to Joel may speed this up…

    And I along with millions did my part in the Moonlight campaign, but please never assume as you are that I am thinking I was the only one… And I am an ALex fan, but I was a Moonlight fan forst…Alex was not my only draw to the show, there were fine actors, all, on that show and its storyline was vampirism with a unique folklore that I found intriging…

    If any of you care not to seek a Moonlight movie, fine, but just don’t condemn others for wanting what we will bring closure, just as any death must have…

    I never said, at anytime, I was not happy that Alex was getting other projects, but it perturbs me that he would suggest we should not seek a movie for closure, since a series resurrection is not feasible… Unless, of course, he, himself, is under the impression we still want the series back on CBS or any other network…

  32. Most of Tish’s comment was on “Moonlight”, which is fine but it still sounds like there is still some Alex bashing because he has chosen to move on. “We want closure no matter what Alex has said” – unless Alex would agree to a “Moonlight” movie, the subject is null and void. Unless she was there to hear these interviews first hand, it is wrong to just assume what might be behind the comments Alex made. Yes, we all dearly love “Moonlight” and all wish it were still on, but it isn’t. If all of our letter writing, e-mails, phone calls and any other form of communication failed to keep “Moonlight” in the first place, what makes you think that doing the same thing over and over will be successful this time. As for her comment posted on the 29th, I feel that she acts like the only one who campaigned for “Moonlight” and now because some of us are trying to let go and move on, that we are somehow not entitled to do so. It’s as if she feels that her opinions, and hers alone are the only ones that matter. She insults ALL who have put tremendous efforts in support of Alex by telling us to “reread the article” or comments like “listen to yourselves” Tish, these are our opinions and they need to be respected just as you expect your comments to be respected. Not everyone agrees with everyone and there are ways to get that point across without being rude or judgemental in the response. 🙁

  33. Moonlight made Alex O’ Loughlin in the USA. We are the fans that followed every episode and raved about him and the show. Even CBS said is was our center focus on see Alex in the role of MIck that prompted them to keep him under contract. True, his activing was his driving force and he is great in whatever part he is given. However, it’s the fans that make both the actor and the station and we need a followup, we need a finish. We need a movie that will at least complete what Joel Silver and CBS started. Mick St. John is a house whole word because of us. Should we quite? I for one say NO. Let’s keep the letters moving and the voices chanting until we are heard. Sorry Alex you’re great but we are important too.

  34. I adored Alex as Mick St. John! It is so sad that we will not get more of the MickBeth saga. I hate CBS for bringing me such misery when they cancelled Moonlight, but they did air the show that brought Alex to the attention of millions of fans. I look forward to seeing more of Alex in the future and wish him much success in his career; but I will always want more of MickBeth. ALWAYS!!

  35. Hi Moonlight Lovers, I went to http://www.Boston and saw the interview with Alex and it was very good. I think you will love it too. signed hopeful

  36. Hello All,

    I agree Hope, they did not show Alex as much as I would of liked, but I really liked his performance. He is a very good actor and I am looking forward to seeing him in many more movies and shows to come!

  37. Hi Moonlight Lovers, Our best bet might be to write to Joel Silvers and tell him we all want a Moonlight movie, Alex seems to be willing to do a movie also. We need a real finale to the TV show that we loved so much. I thought I read somewhere that there was a second season script ready or was being worked on when the show was cancelled. I need a good street or E-mail address so I can write a request. The show last night was good, but they did not show Alex enough for me. Thanks for your support. signed hopeful

  38. To note, I would also love to see Moonlight as a movie. If Alex is done with this role then I support him, but I am a huge Moonlight fan and would not mind at all to see a movie made of it. To see them all reunited would be great!

  39. I will follow Alex where ever he goes. I am sad to see Moonlight go, but I am very excited to see the other acting sides of him. Needless to say I am a huge Criminal Minds fan and have watched it every week since it came on. When I found out he was to be on the show I could not wait. I usually record it and watch it the next day but I could not do that with Alex on the show. I had to watch it as it was airing. I loved him in it. He is such a good actor.

  40. Thank you, Heather, for posting as you did…Now copy this in snailmail and send it out to Joel Siver; he is the one to help us now get a Moonlight movie as closure which is what we wnat no matter what Alex said…

    Sorry I feel that that interview was scripted by CBS for Alex to convey, nothing more because CBS knows we will not end our demand for Moonlight to be completed… CBS may have felt if Alex said this we would just crumble and give up the desire to complete the Moonlight story…Yes, we all adore Alex, yes he is an awesome man, yes he is a multi-talented actor, but he is not going to convince me or anyone who wants final answers in the Moonlight storyline…Since Nina will slap us down we must direct this plea toward Joel Silver…Since Silver is highly respected in Tinseltown, and by Alex , perhaps Silver can convince Alex to make the movie we all want…

    Now I must disagree with you Candy Fretwell about your thought that ML would have been heading into bad scenarios with Beth’s “boyfriend” killed…Candy, Mick & Beth, were meant to be together from the day he rescued her from Coraline or perhaps before he ever laid eyes on the little girl she was at the time…Coraline was just the “instrument” that brought them together, so with that, even though it was selfish intents of Coraline to turn Mick, the long down the way reason seems to be that he would still be alive when Beth was captured and when she became a “ripe” woman… Beth and Josh were not meant to be so he had to go…all fans waited patiently for that, sorry he died such a violent way, would have just wanted him to leave LA for good, not die, but then Hollywood needed him gone permanently for the storyline to continue correctly… We really want to see Mick & Beth continue to whatever end is best, perhaps she is hurt and on death’s door and must be turned or she dies…for this I think Mick would turn her or even put himself up for destruction so when she does die that their souls can be forever in eternity; remember he was a good vampire and the Man Upstairs will realize this… I felt this long before I read or saw Twilight… Perhaps the life threatening injury inflicted upon Beth comes from her being in a place at the same time where a vampire is destroyed, which she either was not to see, so the Destroyer must kill her because she is a witness or she knows the Destroyer… This would all be in connection with the list of vampires that exist in LA which was received by the DA in that last scene in Sonata, Moonlight’s last episode…And this List could take years for the Destroyer to completely go through to kill off all of the vampires, remember Mick & Josef were the last ones on the list, so each new episode from the knowledge of the vampire list would involve finding all of the “marked” vampires to protect them, or avenge them, if Mick & Josef were too late & to find that list and destroy it…

    I, like Heather, was disappointed in Criminal Minds last night…If this is all they can write for Alex, then CBS and its writeres from the MArk Gordon Comany are not doing Alex justice…unlike the writers of Silver Pictures for Moonlight… I have seen Alex’s co-produced Aussie film Feed and he was magnificent as Michael Carter, a type of serial killer who feeds women to death… He showed his brilliance in Feed, but what role written for him as Vincent in the Big Wheel episode of Criminal Minds was pathetic… Only scene I half cared for was on the ferris wheel with the blind boy… We can bet that CBS thinks they had great ratings because of Alex’s appearance, again placing us fans as being actor-centric, but we should all write to, not CBS, but TV Guide who seems to right by Alex, and let them know how CBS failed Alex’s comeback to TV with this role’s script and Alex’s fans…

    1. Thank you so much for writing that! You know, as many of us do, that Alex is worth so much more than some 4 line part on another (yawn) crime show. I didn’t watch Criminal Minds because it’s on cbs. I know Alex was on it, but I can’t bring myself to watch that horrible network. I’ve had that channel deleted since the credits rolled on Moonlight and do NOT intend to put it back on my television any time soon. I see people who, when the show was canceled, said they would never watch cbs again turn around and watch it for Alex. I can understand wanting to watch Alex (BELIEVE ME!) but I won’t because it’s on cbs and anything they put on that I like always gets canceled. With that being said, I will continue to support anyone who thinks Moonlight can get a movie together and at least finish the story for us. There were SO MANY loose ends that there has to be a movie of some sort and I will contact whomever it takes to get that movie made. VSRRR!!!

  41. Alex is right, as a fan we will follow where he goes and do, but really miss “Moonlight”. It was just hitting a stride when it got canceled , however I could see that the story line was headed in a bad direction. If Beth’s boyfriend hadn’t gotten killed I think that the storyline could have continued in an interesting direction. Just a shame that it got cancelled with all the current interest in vampires. I can’t get enough! Since not a lot of movies, I am reading every book that I can get my hands on about vampires and there are a lot of good ones. If there is a movie I would make an effort to go see it, just because of Alex.

    1. Have you tried the Black Dagger Brotherhood series? It’s fabulous! The author is JD Ward. Great story with romance, action, suspense all rolled into one. I HIGHLY recommend it!

      1. LOVE the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Also, Twilight, the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series, and the Night Huntress novels.

  42. Wanting Moonlight to continue has nothing to do with wishing Alex well in his future endeavors, it’s wanting a finish to a story that is loved by the audience. We deserve a closure. CBS Nina Tassler, CBS Movies, Joel Silver needs to provide their viewing audience with something other than “JUST DROP IT”. I was disappointed in The Big Wheel use of Alex’s talents or using him as a killer of women but of course that is all in the acting to be part of whatever script you agree to. Being on the BIG screen in Back Up Plan is terrific and I am happy for him, but we, as lovers of the Vampire persona, need something too. Don’t desert us either.

  43. Listen to yourselves…and you will be the same people to say we all helped when it is announced that Joel Silver is producing an bringing us a Moonlight movie…

    We are not in anyway hurting Alex for wanting Moonlight to become a movie, with or without him; we already are aware that it will not become a TV series again thanks to Nina…Sorry but I see this all as a flim=flam to get us to be promoted to other CBS shows…Sorry but this is merely Tinseltown Office Politics andthreats and I am appalled that ALex, who we have always been led to believe is this sweet genuine man, would state that any of us who still want and believe in a Moonlight movie, were not his true fans… To me, Everyone, this is Hollywood talking… And, I am appalled even more that Alex would not recognize that it was Moonlight’s character and storyline, and his ability to act upon, that gave him his recognition in America…It came off to me as very ungrateful that he forgot that this was also his first leading role in America… I find his statement, as both a senior and a mother, as a slap in the face, a kick in the teeth, for any fight I, and we, have put into the Moonlight campaign…

    Again folks, reread that article again, the reporter even sees what you are overlooking…Alex is contradicting himself…or perhaps he feels above even Joel Silver…Pity, too, because Silver is a very powerful man in Tinseltown, more powerful than the likes of Nina Tassler, been there longer, too… Silver is a man that can make Alex more than a Tv series icon, he can make Alex a Oscar winner, or on his way to same…

  44. This is what most of us have been saying for awhile now, Alex has moved on, and he is now asking his fans to do the same. By trying to hang on to something that even Alex himself is saying is finished, we are only hurting Alex. We need to focus on the present starting tonight with “Criminal Minds” and hoping that “Three Rivers becomes a weekly series. Alex gave his heart and soul to “Moonlight” and we know he will do the same for “Three Rivers”. We love Alex and will be there to support him in whatever he may be doing. 🙂

  45. I miss Moonlight very much – but I care more about Alex than the show. I will be there for anything that Alex does and I am very excited about all that he is doing.

  46. I just had to re-read this article again and noted I was correct that Alex had been approached by Joel Silver about doing a Moonlight movie… So Joel is for it; so let’s say to Joel, “we are, too”…

    Mr. Silver, who has been in the business of making movies for well over 20 years may be an eccentric type, as most producers appear to be, but he is a Jersey Boy, originally, and I believe he will come through with such a movie for us… I am originally a Jersey Girl and what does that mean? Coming from the eastcoast it is like saying when we say we are going to do something, we usually stand firm on it…

    As I said, more coaxing of the Man who heads Silver Pictures and our dream of a complete and fulfilled Moonlight will come true… And, as I said earlier, I really think Alex will not pass that up…

  47. OOPS, did not finish the last sentence above properly….

    Should read:

    a household name uttered on the lips of, not only young ladies, but also their grannies, grand & great grand…

    I really hope, with all my heart, that Alex is both correct, yet not correct… Correct so he will not have to regret saying that in an interview when he is may be found to be incorrect as it is announced down the road that Moonlight is being made into a movie and Alex O’Loughlin was asked to reprise his famous role of Mick St John

  48. As I stated on the Big Wheel clip when I read the news in my Alex Alerts, I actually became very disappointed that he would even say or suggest that we let Moonlight go… I know I am going to take a lot of guff from all for saying this, but my explanation will clarify why I am stating something so drastic…

    Before I begin, I would like to say I will watch all that Alex brings to us in the future… I also would like to say that I never heard of Alex until Moonlight and that his talent was brilliantly displayed, so I became a fan of not only the show but of Alex… We all know now that Alex guest starred for one season in a program called “The Shield” as Det. Kevin Hyatt, but that program did not do him justice and he was far from the “IT” word around the house…

    I am disappointed in Alex for saying we must let go of Moonlight for the mere fact that Moonlight made him in this country… And what his fans want should be highly important to him since they are whom his career forever depends upon…

    At my senior age, I have seen some overnight wonders make it temporarily but never go further after their one and done… In my youth came James Dean, who became an overnight success, starrinf in 3 movies before his tragic death… I have seen those movies and all I can say is I do not know what all of the hoopla was over Dean because as far as talent, he could not act his way out of a paperbag… I feel that, had he not been killed in that car accident, his star would have faded quickly within a few years when all the parts he could get were tough thugs… I have seen young TV stars go no farther in their careers than one series for a couple of years and then they disappear into Hollywood’s scenery… examples of same: Paul Peterson of the Donna Reed Show, Tony Dow of Leave It To Beaver…

    Alex is far more talented than any of them, but he should not ever ask something that many fans do not care to do… Yes he is moving one and we will follow, but all I can feel is that if asked to do a Moonlight movie, do you really think he would turn it down? For crying out loud, his Mick St John made him a household name uttered on not only young ladies but also their grannies, grand & great grand…

  49. Of course I’ll watch anything Alex is in and I know it will be terrific.. I ho;pe he getsThree Rivers, He’ll make a great doctor. I wish lyou all success


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