Alex O’Loughlin Weekly FanArt Whimsical Wednesday



Another Wednesday brings forward another week of the Alex O’Loughlin wall of art. The creators have outdone themselves again with a diversity of many styles and character choices. Check out what they have for you this week.




Since things are warming up at this time of year, let’s start with something HOT from Silvia. She took one of Alex’s sexiest photoshoots with GQ Magazine and made it even hotter with her background of fire. Her addition of the burned frayed paper look makes it even more seductive.

alex o'loughlin on fire fanart

Credit Silvia





Next there are a couple from Sonja. Both pieces seem to really concentrate on the eyes as well as have the art wall flair of an actual gallery. The second one is a framed art piece of Alex during his Mick days and the first one is during his more recent role of McGarrett. Even in black and white, his eyes still really stand out.

alex o'loughlin fanart alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Sonja (Sonni)






Next this one is from Gaby and is also very eye-centric  No matter what color his eyes are at the time (as Alex’s eyes are actually hazel but will change on as he has said himself), they really pop off of any photo. In this case they are Mick’s eyes and a look into his soul. There lies a combination of a beast that he hates to the kind gentle man he yearns to always be. The depiction of both is shown in this piece with his more desired and dominant side at the forefront.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit H50Europe




Next we have something very different from Monika. It is a form of a “Wanted” poster for Alex. Do you think she is telling everyone that Alex should be the next Bond? As we have discussed numerous times in our fanart posts, we tend to agree. Maybe people should spread the posters around so everyone else will too.

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz





Moving on, we have Bryna who took a TV poster this time instead of a movie one, and turned it into an Alex original. Here,the popular series Empire becomes McEmpire in this switch out with Steve and Kono. Here is the original for comparison. 

mcempire fan art

Credit Becoming_Bryna





In the final spot of the virtual gallery, we had this drawing done for you. Unfortunately none of us admins have non-app hand drawing capabilities, but we really like the concept of the old days when sketches were done only that way. Therefore, we hire it out on occasion. We are continually trying different artists for this to find a favorite.  In this one there are certain parts that were done very well including his arms.

alex o'loughlin fanart sketch





That is it for the week. Hopefully it was another week that you could not pinpoint a favorite, as those are always the best ones. Also, if you know someone that does fanart or you, yourself want to join in on the fun, hit us up via social media or email. Until next time, let’s get ready for an exciting Hawaii Five-0 in a couple of days as this one looks really good. 




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