Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction- Real Genius Section 4


Bryna is back with some more of her story and she keeps extending it as more and more comes to her imagination. Hopefully everyone is enjoying it. With the return of the show on Friday night, this has been a great filler for the short hiatus and we will wrap it up this week. 

The story left off with McGarrett and his friend being abducted and the rest of the team investigating a case that brings them to the same place Steve was just at. It is very doubtful that is a coincidence, so see how it all unravels as the story takes an unlikely turn.

Find out more in the next section of Real Genius. 


Here is Part 7 and 8


Part 7


Dr. Kent Evans walks into the observation room and peers through the one-way mirror, “So how are our test subjects for tonight?”


Samuel Mahoe stands beside Dr. Evans and pulls up his clipboard, “They both are former Navy Seals…unfortunately Lei did not recognize that the dark-haired gentleman is part of the police force.”


Dr. Evans turns with concern, but Samuel reassured him, “Nothing will happen. Just as we did with the other subjects, we place them back home safe and sound. No one is ever in danger with these experiments. We are very strict…no test subject is hurt….the security guards have been trained one how to handle subjects.


“Well done,” Dr. Evans acknowledges his efforts.


Samuel continues, “We simply have to be covert with these tests due to government restrictions. They will experience no after-affects except that they will have short-term memory loss to protect our operations.  We inject a time-release capsule into their superior cerebral vein in the base of their neck.  They will be fine in the morning.”


Samuel adjusts his headset and speaks into the microphone, “Subjects in place…the experiment will begin shortly.”


Voice on the other end of the line, “Understood.”


Dr. Evans smiles at Samuel, “Lei picked wisely, the last few subjects were Marines and Army men…this will be very interesting.”


Tim slowly opens his eyes, “What the…this isn’t my bedroom,” He turns to his right and sees McGarrett lying in the bed next to him, “Oh heck no this is not my bedroom.”


McGarrett opens his eyes, “Okay Danny okay, you win, Oxblood for the booths…fine, fine.”


Tim bursts out laughing.


McGarrett gets his bearings and turns over to Tim and smiles, “Hey man.”


Tim smiles, “Hi…. I would wave but we seem to be strapped in.”


McGarrett tries to move his arms, “Evidently,” He starts to laugh, “and look, an IV….grreeaaattt….not like I’ve not been in this situation before.” McGarrett smirks.


“Thanks to the Wizard behind the glass…yeah, we know you’re there,” Tim winks at the mirror.


“The Wizard!! Hahahaha!!!” McGarrett laughs.


Samuel steps closer to the glass, “That’s strange.”


“I thought the serum is to make them super soldiers…increase their prowess…right now it’s reacting similar to laughing gas,” Dr. Evans reviews his notes. “The levels are correct, the Marine was half way out of his restraints by now.”


“They must have something in their system that is counteracting it,” Samuel looks through his notes. “The only chemical that can cause this reaction is…”


“What is it?”


“Radiation…they must have had some sort of cancer treatment in the last year.”


McGarrett and Tim are laughing so hard now and they are shaking their IV stands.


Dr. Evans motions to the orderly and the security guards, “Change the serum and let it flow through their bloodstream over the next four hours. We’ll see how it works at that time. Make sure the cameras are on. The buyer wants proof before he goes into production. 


The orderly walks into the room followed by five security guards. He walks over to Tim and switches out his IV. “Ooh….I got the new and improved juice, Smooth Dog! Watch out!” The IV begins to drip and Tim starts to quiet down as he falls into a deep sleep.”


The orderly turns to McGarrett and begins to change out his IV. “I rather have the blue pill if you don’t mind,” He turns to the Security Guards, “I don’t think he is listening to me.”


 The serum begins to drip. McGarrett turns from smiling to rage in five seconds. His eyes turn blood red as the serum pumps through his bloodstream. He balls his hands into fists.


The orderly notices McGarrett’s eyes and leans in to examine him.


Suddenly, McGarrett breaks through the straps on his arms and legs in one bound, jumps onto the first security guard, picks him up, and throws him into the other guards.


Samuel moves towards the glass and yells into his headset, “Are you getting this!! The serum works!!”


“I see!” The voice said over the headset, “Quickly, subdue him. We need to find out exactly what is in his bloodstream. No other subject has performed at this level!”


McGarrett had moved so quickly that the orderly still had the old IV bag in his hand. McGarrett rips the bag out of the orderly’s hand and knocks him out with a ferocious right cross.


He grabs his IV pole and twirls it above his head and launches it into the mirror breaking it with such force that Samuel and Dr. Evans fall back on the ground.


“Whoa!!!” Dr Evans crawls to the “panic button”…alarms go off.


McGarrett leaps through the glass and stares down at the two men. The white of his eyes and his cornea are completely red.


“Breach..BREACH!!” Samuel yells as other security men come through the door.


McGarrett lunges head-first into the two guards, throwing his right elbow into one of the men’s jaw, and rolling off the back of the other man, then coming down and dislocating the man’s shoulder. McGarrett breaks out in a sprint down the hallway.


 Dr. Evans motions to his men, “He went towards the classrooms! Quick, Team 5, cut him off!! But don’t hurt him, just capture him!!!”


The security runs down the hall pulling out their tranquilizer guns.


McGarrett turns a corner running straight into two guards. The collision was so strong that the two men fell back in a heap. McGarret jumps up and starts heading for the windows.

The security guards start firing their tranquilizer guns.  Three darts went into McGarrett’s back, but it did not stop him. He jumped through the window, landed on the truck below, hit the ground and ran off into the night.


“Sir…we’ll find him….he could not have gotten far.”



Part 8


Danny walks into Mr. Bauer office, “What did you find, Tani?”


“A connection…both  Mr. Bauer and Mr. Takahara were last scene at Ke Aloha Bar with Lei Puawani. “


“Whoa, how was this overlooked during the initial investigation?” Grover asks.


“It wasn’t, they immediately recognized Lei as a suspect but dismissed her when they found out who she is related to…Dr. Kent Evans, a prestigious professor at Oahu State. Lei goes by her mother’s maiden name, Puawani,” Tani hands Grover the case file, “Dr. Evans is not only a highly-respected professor, but also donates his time at the military hospitals to assist with rehabilitation.”


Danny walks over to Grover, “A doctor who deals with the military and a daughter who is in a bar frequented by service personnel? I know this is a small island, but this is too close of a coincidence to ignore.”


Junior nods, “Dr. Evans may be able to shed light on this case.”


Danny’s phone goes off.  McGarrett’s ID appears on the screen, “Hey Bae, I heard you couldn’t hold your liquor…”


All Danny could hear was breathing.


“Steve???” Danny put his phone on speaker, Grover walks over after seeing concern on Danny’s face.


The breathing got heavier and then turned to steady snoring…then the phone hangs up.


“Ya boy really had a night on the town…ha!” Grover laughs, “Lets go talk to the good doctor.”


As the team was on the road to Oahu State, Danny receives another call from McGarrett’s phone.


“Sleeping Beauty…”


“Detective Williams.”


“Duke? Where’s Steve?”


“You better come to Kamehameha Highway and Meheula Parkway and see for yourself.”

Danny, Grover, Tani and Junior swiftly walk through the HPD officers and up to Duke.


“Where is he?” Danny looks around hastily.


Duke motions to the bench, “She did not want to turn him over until you got here.”


McGarrett was stretched out on an old coach with his head resting on an elder homeless lady. She was carefully caressing McGarrett’s hair with one hand while patting his chest, when she heard Duke and Danny approach.


“Oh…hello…is that Danny? My name is Mae,” She leans over and whispers to McGarrett, “He is here…you can wake up now.”  She looks back at Danny, “He reminds me of my son. He was so insistent.”


Danny moved in closer, “About what?”


“Danno’s Oxblood seats…”


Danny mumbles, “I knew he wanted that color.”


Mae continues, “…ah…one red cross…ah…no… one RIGHT cross…then he asked me if that was considered a fight. Then he mentioned a Tom..ah..no.. TIM…to help Tim.”


Danny looks to Grover, “Tim?”


Junior speaks up, “Tim…that’s who McGarrett left the bar with.”


Mae looks back at McGarrett, “Come on, son, wake up,” Mae looks again to Danny, “I finally got him calmed down then he just collapsed. I didn’t know he had a phone in his pocket until I heard a voice. I called 911 right away.”


Danny leans over and taps McGarrett, “Come on sleepy head, wake up.”


McGarrett didn’t move.


Danny tapped McGarrett’s face…he still did not move…he opened his eyelid, “WHAT THE!! Junior!!!”


Junior runs over to Danny, “Have you ever seen this before, Junior?” McGarrett’s cornea was bright red.


“No, Sir!” Junior looks closer, “Never seen this before.”


“Mae, thank you for watching over our friend.  Duke! We’re taking Steve to Tripler…have Noelani meet us there. Contact Kurt Peterson and get all the information you can on their friend Tim and have Jerry help coordinate!”


Grover and Junior pick up McGarrett and they all jump in Grover’s car placing McGarrett in the back of the SUV, so they can head to the hospital.



To Be Continued…


Story and fanart by Bryna



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