TV Guide Cover Shoot Video!

TV Guide posted a video of their photoshoot and interviews with the cast of Hawaii Five-0. Good stuff!! I also removed the scanned copy of the TV Guide cover and replaced it will a real photo here. Enjoy!

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  2. um, of by chance anyone of as to say hasn’t yet as to a copy of TV Guide hawaii 5-0… of to say well around here they’ve already a day early switched it for the newest one w/ oprah on the cover. just thought I’d mention it…

    1. ok now i know that around theses parts yesterday(9/2/2010) it was o’so hotter than well… anyways there in the magazine rack right beside the check out .. was a copy of it.. one of my friends at same time saw me and saw what I was looking at… and yup .. quickly said… no rosemary u’re not seeing things for if u’ r than I am too! o’ and when i went to leave that food store it was still there.

  3. Thank you for adding this. They look like a cohesive group! That is a plus and the previews look awesome. I wish everyone the best of luck! See H50 in September. Must agree Hawaii is gorgeous!

  4. Breath easy fans, went to another site and Scott did have his knee injured and it was checked out by a doctor. It will be written into the show..he won’t miss any time and I don’t think any surgury was required….he quipped that Alex was his “main injury”……Love those guys, pray they are okay every day. They are in a dangerous physical show…..Love them all.

  5. Please tell me Scott Caan is okay and the statement I read earlier that said he was injured and flown to LA for surgery was wrong!!!! I pray for that cast every day. Please find out Tiffany..Suzanne

  6. It will be good. They look great together. Very excited. They seem to fit.

  7. One fantastic video. Alex is so handsome. They all look relaxed with each other. A good team. H5O is going to be good and will be around a while. Love you Alex. You roc.

  8. hi thanks it was great i want out and got two copies if i see more i will get one more it is nice to se alex on the cover cant wait to see it

  9. Tiffany–can you confirm for us that an “Alex” episode of “The Shield” will air on the Spike Channel on August 20th? Thank you so much for all the great info. And for Suzanne–don’t worry about the tan–you can’t help getting tan in Hawaii. You don’t have to work at it. Just living there gave me a tan all year long.

  10. Thanks, Tiffany – always on target! You can see the chemistry and friendship that these guys have developed in a short amount of time and that will definitely come across on screen. Hawaii Five-0 is going to be huge – can’t wait for September 20th!

  11. ALEX IS HOT HOT HOT!!!!!! Need i say more : P

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    This is a really good clip from TV Guide, thank you very much for sharing it with us. I can only hope that H5O will be as big a success as Moonlight was to it’s viewers.
    Alex is the best !!!

  13. After watching the video, all that is left of me is a PUDDLE! Alex is sooo gorgeous! They all look happy, relaxed and comfortable with each other. Great casting. Can’t wait for H5O to start. Thanks Tiffany.

  14. After watching the video, all that is left of me is a PUDDLE! Alex is sooo gorgeous! They all look happy, relaxed and comfortable with each other. Great casting. Can’t wait for H5O to start. Thanks Tiffany.

  15. Thanks Tiffany for posting this fantastic video. Alex and all the cast look absolutely STUNNING and so happy and relaxed together HAWAII 5-0 is going to be amazing and last a long long time

  16. They all look so comfortable with each other and that should help make the show more interesting and compeling as friends always try to to the best they can for other friends…including no ego problems, etc. WHY AREN’T ANY OF THEM TAN? Not that I want them to have skin problems but it does seem a bit odd. Alex’s eyes would really show up with more color in his face….LOVE HIM NO MATTER WHAT! Don’t like recording Castle and I] am a Steelers fan BUT Alex comes first as I think he will with everybody.
    I also wrote TV Guide and told them to lose the expression “cult fan” when they refer to all us fans of Alex. “Cult” is not a good word and negative…..I don’t consider myself a
    “cult” fan…….”loving fan” would be much better~ Suzanne His Forever Fan

  17. They all look so relaxed, and good mates already. I am sure it will be a great show, even if I have to watch it on the internet.

  18. I agree, great interview and they all look so good together. Alex looks adorable. I agree, I went to Hawaii once years ago and it was beautiful. Had the time of my life. Did not want to come back to Wisconsin. Can you blame me? And the weather was beautiful, like 82-85 every day. it was August in face. Would love to go again when I can afford it. Good luck Alex and company. Thank you Tiffany.

  19. Great interview. I even changed my ringtone to the Hawaii 50 theme. Yesterday I was in the pizza parlor when my phone started to ring. People turned their heads recognizing the theme. So I am ready for the show. Great job Tiffany for getting us this interview.

  20. thank you tiffany for this.. for sure this makes my week.. and too.. like everyone elses that of for sure looking forward that much more as to Sept 20 & Hawaii 5-0 starts… can not wait.

  21. OMG I can hardly wait for this show to start – I think that finally Alex will get a show that is worthy of his acting abilities. He is so hot and the backdrop of Hawaii just adds to his sex apppeal. WHOA!! Can’t say enough!!

  22. Wow! that was a good interview with all of them. Alex was exceptional as always Iguess I biased. They really look well suited for their roles in this great tv show and seem to get along really well.
    Can’t wait, cant wait……Sept. 20th is one month and 7 days away. I know…. I’m wishing my life away, oh well. Y’all have a great weekend.

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