H50 TVGuide Cover August 2010

I am LOVING TV Guide this month!! First they did this awesome True Blood cover and then a Hawaii Five-0 cover. Wahoo!

Much thanks to the Hawaii Five-0 Fans for the scans!

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  3. I am totally smitten with Alex O….and the entire cast of the Hawaii Five-O is what makes the show AWESOME!!!

  4. Alex will be the hottest actor on TV and movie. No doubt about it.
    Accidentally, I discovered him in Moonlight when i missed the VD rerun on CW. I was glued to my seat. Is this Alex O’loughlin? OMG. how did I miss this talent ! When I saw this TV Guide cover everywhere, I picked up one at a supermarket and the more curious I become of Alex. I did my research on him on the net and eventually become impressed almost addicted to this gorgeous man. His newly released movie,The Black-up Plan, debuted #1 on itunes is a sign that Alex will be the big star of the next decade.

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    Alex has a brand new “official Facebook Page” Get on clik “Like” and show ur love!!

  6. I just wrote on the other site for TV Guide (and other magaines, etc.) to quit calling us fans of Alex’s :”Cult Fans” that is a derogatory word and certainly is not positive. I consider myself a “loving fan” of Alex’s ……I am not a “cult” anything. I think a lot of us would agree….

    1. AGREE!! that’s ridiculous.. most def derogatory..

  7. I don’t normally buy the TV Guide but you better believe that I will be picking this copy for sure! Hooray for Alex and the Hawaii 50 cast. 3>

  8. I am going to have to get my copy. I was telling a lady I work with about the show and she said “is that the one with your guy” and I said Yeah (I wish). Anyway, she said she heard that this was one show that could really make it. Yay! Go 5-0.

  9. Yep–the TV Guide cover is great! But I’m hoping some day Alex makes the cover of People magazine. You know—-SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!!!!!!

  10. hi i found my copie just now went to the store and my daughter found it and i got mine i love the cover cant wait to see it

  11. Great tv guide – thanks, hope I get to see the show here in the UK – dont know if it will be on – havent heard yet. The new cast look fantastic! Would like to visit Australia too one day. Love hearing about it and the different meanings for words and expressions!

  12. well looks like I’m going to have to await bit.. as to around where i am, to say that in short the company that goes and puts up the magazines around here in fact same for every place around and its only later in the week is what every place said.. this I found out yesterday.. o’well… hey I’ve awaited this long .. ok so I’ll just wait a bit longer..

    1. to say that it turned out i didn’t have to wait till yesterday like i had been told that i would… instead for a lark I went back on thursday and to get something quick to eat ,and there it was.. it turn out that the one of who goes around and puts out the magazines, etc..in the stores around here was called (wednesday) to see when it be. . as to how I found out was as I was coming into the supermarket.. one of the guys that collects the carts and bags, had been bagging for the customer ahead of me that day/wednesday and had over heard. said “their in! the tv guides..” and yes the cashier’ asked..”did u get it?” w/ a big grin on her face..as she said it…. thats the right one right ? yup ! her comeback was something um, like thats good thats good… and yup w/ that we both just broke out laughing.. and um, u could very likely know why… yup the customers behind me and not knowing what we were talking about.. ..
      don’t worry we in short version explained it.. and that took care of it. .

  13. hi thanks a lot i will get my copie when it comes out

  14. Charme, Alex transborda charme

  15. Good to see!! Thanx, please post the first episode date and time for all to see.. I cant wait.. Ive followed him ever since the Back Up Plan and I feel like I know him personally. I never knew sumthing like that could happen.. He’s ADORABLE.. Love Alex!!

  16. I’m still waiting for my tv guide to arrive in the mail : ( Sonja, i totally agree w/ u!! Alex has the Sexiest eyes bedroom eyes i’ve ever seen!!! : P I’ll never get tired of looking at Alex , he’s naturally a Beautiful, Hot & Irressistible man alive!!!

  17. Grace Park is absolutely gorgeous, this should be a real fun and exciting show, the new wave is here, let’s all enjoy!

  18. Just got my copy of the TV Guide. It is so great to see Alex O’Loughlin and the new Five-O team on the cover. This is a collectible!!!!! I’ve got the original Hawaii Five-O tv guide covers of Jack Lord!

  19. Well Bunty, not sure which is worse, I know the date Australia will get H50 October, but I can’t get the channel that it will be aired on. I live in remote Queensland and we can’t get channel 10. The same with Three Rivers that was also on the same channel, but they only aired 1 epside anyway then cancelled.

  20. Oh I am so jealous of you guys over there we still dont have a date fot H5O yet but I did hear a rumour that one of our staellite channels istaking it up. But when I dunno. ARGH!!!!!!

  21. um, to say i am not one for buying the tv-guide, and yet this time…just might. ok count me in..

  22. Tiffany beat me to the punch – I got my latest copy of TV Guide in yesterday’s mail and when I saw the cover – Oh My! Finally Alex is getting the recognition that he deserves. Each new preview makes me even more excited about Hawaii Five-0. Is it September 20th yet!!!!!

  23. Wow, Alex looks hot with those smoldering bedroom eyes!! Man o man!!

  24. I am so happy about the cover. I agree its about time. I have been spreading the news about Hawaii 50 to friends.

    Thanks Tiffany for the update. Great work.,

  25. I’m so thrilled the show is getting attention, especially for Alex’s benefit. I’m hoping to get a copy
    of TV Guide somehow. Hopefully, our TV Week magazine, in Canada, will be doing something
    similar soon. Go Alex !!!

  26. I too have been waiting a long time to see Alex on the cover of any magazine. I believe this is the first of many because H5O is going to be a big hit for our guy. Thanks Tiffany.

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    OMG it’s finally happened. I don’t know how I”m going to last til Thurs when my TV comes in my mail. I have so prayed for Alex and H50 to make the cover and now it’s happened. I forgot who said she wrote to TV G asking for it, but I applaud and thank her profusely. I also thank profusely Tiffany, for sending over this great news and the fab pix. I am so hopeful that this show will succeed and bring Alex lots of new fans. Love the chemistry between him and Scott Caan.

  28. I love it!! I love it!! The cover of TV guide. I will go out and buy a few dozen copies. Can’t wait for H5O to start. Love ya Alex. You roc.

  29. Sandra, I feel really dumb. Of course there are alot of beaches in Australia and Alex is very athletic. He probably can surf. Australia is a place I would love to visit. I love the beaches, palm trees, sand, sun, water and pina coladas. Been to Hawaii once and the Bahamas. And I live in Wisconson – isn’t that sad. I am not crazy about flying do don’t know how I’d do on the long flight. Hawaii was 8 hours. As far as the flip flops we used to call them “thongs” when I was a kid but now that they have thong underwear so we call them flip flops. At least I think most of us do. Well, I better go. Am getting too yappy. This show is going to be so awesome. Thanks TV guide and Tiffany.

  30. Thanks, Tiffany for this great news! I am also a big fan of True Blood as well as Alex (of course!) and Alex Skarsgard as well. I also get your email re: Eric and Sookie. A few months ago, my friend and I were lucky enough to watch True Blood film scenes (just by accident) near where I live and we got to meet Stephen Moyer and Allan Hyde. Alex S. and Anna P. and Denis O’Hare were there as well. Now if only I could get a magic carpet ride to Hawaii! Thanks again!

  31. I e-mailed TV Guide a couple weeks ago and told them if they put Alex on the cover (especially in his Naval Blues) they would sell a million copies….guess they listened to me but I’m also more than happy they included his wonderful. crew. They all go so well together and will make for a GREAT show.. Chemistry between actors translates into more people being intersted in the story….like Mick and Beth, and of course Josef as his best friend In Moonlight… . Thank you thank you LOVE FROM SUZANNE HIS FOREVER FAN

  32. I knew it would pay off one of these days for me to keep my subscription to TV Guide!!!!!

  33. Thanks, Tiffany for all of the info that you share with us – the fans of Alex, from the beginning! I love the TV Guide cover, also. So glad to see Alex on the cover and am hoping that the show will be a great success! He is such a great actor in every role and I really enjoy watching him! Have a good week!

  34. Alex may be able to surf anyway. Sydney’s got a lot of famous beaches Bondi for one, and he spent his childhood there. I wonder if he still calls flip flops, thongs as we do over here. I am sure he is confused on a lot of stuff. I was born in England, and emigarated to Oz when an adult, and I get confused sometimes on English names for things, then aussie names for them.

    eg. Thongs are – G strings Flip Flops are – thongs.

    Glad H50 is being well advertised, and that they put Alex’s name up there and not Scott Caan, In the first photo they go up in size from Grace to Alex LOL

  35. Wow, it’s great to see them really promoting the show and calling it the falls “hottest new show”. Hopefully alot of people will tune in. And Alex looks adorable, especially in the bottom picture. So gorgeous and playful in his flip flops. Wonder if he learned how to surf. I am so excited. Gonna be a great show.

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