Hawaii Five-0 Pilot Recap

What a fun night! The premiere of the new Hawaii Five-0!

All in all I thought the pilot was very solid and entertaining. It didn’t knock my socks off but most pilots usually don’t. They are usually filmed in a hurry, with a limited budget, and the actors haven’t gotten used to each other yet. But I still found the pilot to be a darn good run and I look forward to more.

The story in the pilot episode revolved around the audience meeting the “team”. Steve McGarrett is part of an operation to bring down an arms ring and when he captures the brother of his nemesis, Victor Hess, his father is captured and used as a bargaining chip. Steve finds himself in a a tough position of kill or be killed and he has to fire on Hess’s brother. In retaliation Hess kills the elder McGarrett.

Steve returns to his home state of Hawaii for his father’s funeral and he is immediately hit up by the state’s governor, who wants him to head off a new task force. His initial answer is a resounding no but when he starts investigating his father’s murder he discovers that his father (who was a police officer) had a few secrets that he left for his son to discover. Feeling the need to resolve his father’s unfinished business, McGarrett decides to head up the task force after all. He chooses a newbie police officer named Danny Williams to be his partner. Their relationship is strained at best and provides us with some very comic moments.

McGarrett also adds to his new team a disgraced officer and friend of his father named Chin Ho and new and very pretty cadette named Kono. Together they discover that Hess made his way to Hawaii via human smugglers and that he will exit the same way. They manage to pin Hess down on a barge and McGarrett shoots him. We do not see Hess’s body which of course leads us to believe that it is not the last we will see of McGarrett’s nemesis.

My favorite part of the show had to be Danno’s ringtone for his ex-wife… the theme from Psycho. I laughed so hard. I think I am going to like the Hawaii Five-0 team and the bromance between Steve and Danno. And Victor Hess.. yowsa what a bad ass! Go Spike… uh I mean, Victor. This show seems like it has some winning elements so I will definitely stayed tuned for more.

And I am not alone… the number of people following AOLO on Twitter has exploded since last night. And quite a few new fans on Facebook. I think we have some new Alex fans!

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  1. just saw the newest promo for Hawaii 5-0… w/both Alex & Scott in tux’s… & its theircoming into a room, and um, Scott’ says like.. “Why is it I look like a waiter and you look like James Bond”….

    Hey it would be nice if well.. cbs of maybe show the promo on their website too… just a thought.
    who knows right?

  2. Hi Tiffany and everyone, Sorry about the tardiness but the week gets hectic but I can’t tell you how happy I was on Monday night to sit and watch Alex in his debut on Hawaii Five-0. I loved the action and the chemistry the cast has with one another especially Alex and Scott. The locale scenery is just gorgeous and they must love being able to film in such beauty. Anyway. just wanted to say hi. Have a great week and here’s to Monday nightts!!! Lisa

  3. Have been little busy the past few weeks and have had a chance to comment. Saw the premier and am greatly encouraged that three times a charm for CBS and Alex. All the right ingredients are present for a runaway hit. Don’t read what critics write. I like making up my own mind. Loved the action and the comedic interplay among the characters. I don’t believe
    Alex’s acting is wooden. I believe he was acting the part of a military officer. Now as the series develops and he becomes more of a cop, the acting will reflect that change. I also believe that when a love interest is introduced we will see a big change in facial expressions, mannerisms, etc. Remember those facial expressions and mannerisms that Mick St John had? Hardly wooden! Why did so many of us fall in love with that character? If they can find an actress like Sofia Myles who Alex can play off of as he did in Moonlight and CBS(AKA-Nina Tassler) can keep the scripts fresh and interesting, with just the right amount of character development each week, this show should have a long run and Alex may be calling Hawaii home for a quite some time. Good Luck Alex. It’s about time CBS is treating you right.

    1. I`m SORRY Yoli, it wasn`t my purpose to be scary !
      Maybe I only where selfish, becauce I can not imagine how to handle a such thing if….! In the pasta 2 yers I myself have been in a crash, had a sick leave over 1 year. And I had to learn to walk again. That`s maybe the reason I think about such things. I NEVER, EVER HOPE THAT IT WOULD HAPPEN SOME BAD TO ALEX ! ON THE CONTRARY, I HOPE ALL THE BEST IN HIS LIFE. HE MEAN`S A LOT TO ME IN MANY WAYS, I CANT DISCRIBE IT IN WORD`S.

  4. GET THIS… CHECK IT OUT… CBS.COM…. MAIN PAGE..you’ll see to right that whats on tonight.,.CLICK ON -HAWAII 5-0……


    also u can also watch episode 2 preview too.

    CHECK IT OUT!!!!

    WHEN YOU DO YOUR STUNSTS !!!! It should be dredful if it would happen some accident! I would die ! My sense says that I`m crazy, but my heart doesen`t agree !! What can I do, and would I want to ? I`m bewiched and happy each day ! I know I`m able to wake up in a world where I can see and here the most gorgeus Man in the world ! I´m in love with the voice of Alex and his beautiful manners. He have done a good job with Hawaii 5-0! . I`v seen it so far here in Finland by internet. We got the serie in our television in spring ! I will follow your accomplishment here from the other side of the world and I HOPE YOU ALL POSSIBLE LUCK ON YOUR JOURNY TO THE STARS ! WITH LOVE , KISSIS AND A WARM HAG !!!

    1. He’s insured by CBS so I don’t think they’re going to let him do anything too dangerous. He’s also a trained stuntman from what I’ve read. Now Scott’s another thing–he’s already had surgery on his knee from a 5-O injury.


    1. This is what Alex has said about Amber: “She’s a beautiful girl. I’m really enjoying spending time with her. But relationships are hard. That stuff I keep pretty close to my chest because it’s no one’s business.” (from another Alex fan site)

  7. Loved the premier! Great to see the tats!

    What I don’t get is what the reviews refer to Alex’s “wooden-ness”.

    Where did that come from??? I don’t get it and can’t see it. People on this board know that I think I say-it-like-it-is (which at times is not the party line)– but this seems to come out of left field.

    Did he piss off some news blogger type?

    He’s ANYTHING but wooden!

    Think we got a winner here.

    1. If the critics think Alex was “wooden” then he’s doing his acting perfectly. McGarrett is a Navy Seal, for gosh sakes! Seals are regular Navy–spit polish and hard core. I think we saw his soft side when he gave Danno the hotel reservation. Character development is part of playing out the series and what keeps people coming back.

      1. Cheri, ditto! You have to wonder about these critics who seen to think Navy SEALs go around emoting to death, wearing their hearts on their sleeve and telegraphing their inner feelings with all kinds of facial expressions! McGarrett’s father just died as a consequence of a mission gone awry, the villain Hesse is still at large and the critics wonder why Alex’s McGarret is in a bad mood unlike, say, the comedic Danno!

  8. um.. ok there is a chance that someone else may of already posted this.. and yet well just incase … um, check out cbs.com… and that on the lower 1/2 (left side of pg)of the page where they have other videos as to mini ones.. there is several ones and yup its for sure a thing to check out as to just incase u’re wondering as to well behind the scenes like sound and too car chases… etc…. no joke its there. like.. 1/ called video tricks …. chek them out..

    just thought u’d like to know..

  9. Not that there are many, but for anyone who did not get to see Hawaii Five-0 on Monday, or for those who just want to see Alex again, and again, TV Guide has H5-0 scheduled for a
    repeat on Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. – get your VCR’s and DVR’s ready!


  11. Hawaii Five-O was nothing short of spectacular, Alex was amazing. I love it. I grew up with the orginal Hawaii Five-O and the way they brought Jack Lords son into the series was perfect. The pilot had me sitting on the edge of seat. Action packed and Alex is the perfect actor. Dano is adorable and Alex and Dano make a perfect team. This series is the best thing that has ever happened to CBS. I can’t wait for Monday to get here. Congrat’s Alex….

    1. Jack Lord’s son?

      Steve McGarrett’s father is John McGarrett. A lot of people seem to think this is Steve McGarrett, Jr. It is not. These are two distinct characters. Is that what you meant?

  12. um.. this morning as flipping thu the tv channels .. i came upon the teen series called Edgemont..(2000-). and to say 1 of the young ladies on it turn out to be that of Grace Park, and um.. well… for sure shows her talent even then…

  13. I just read that the publication “Variety” said Hawaii Five O was up the first half of the show over all the others but then dropped slightlly in the second half??? Why wouldn’t someone want to stay for the entire show to see how it played out (ended)…I’m confused! ANyway my dear and loyal fellow “Alex-ites” I think our boy did quite well for himself and no way Scott is gonna overcome his sex appeal and just plain gorgeousness although I love Scott in that part and think he’s a terrific compliment to Alex. Ah, we all have our own opinions….just so they keep the show on the air for 10 more years let the “critics” bang their heads against the wall trying to find some other stupid thing like he didn’t look “well groomed” coming out of the ocean in that suit….Puhleeeesseeee! Love to Alex Suzanne His Forever Fan

  14. as to say around here up in theses woods.. sort of speak.. as to write-ups go… the gentleman at the Boston Herald (bostonherald.com sept 20,2010) named Mark Perigard,… w/ headline of ” Say aloha to CBS’ terrific “Hawaii Five -O” remake”…. and um, that said that.. “Hawaii Five-O” has an edge over just about every other new series this fall”. o’ and he also said “think “Lethal Weapon” w/ a tropical twist.” … plus … “what sparks this series is the sparring- verbal and physical – between unlikely partners Mc Garrett and transpanted New Jersey detective Danny “Danno” Williams”.
    um, with that he said…

    “O’Loughlin is taking his third shot(“Moonlight”,”Three Rivers”) in as many years on CBS and seems to have finally found series gold”.

      1. thanks tiffany…

  15. I think Alex did justice to the role of Steve McG. The fast paced action was okay considering that Alex was ten yrs. younger than the original, Jack Lord when he started in 1968. As Jack Lord’s fans who followed his rise to fame Alex is retracing his steps as the younger Mc Garrett.
    I don’t like to watch other Cop-shows but Hawaii 5-0 will be an exception. I got the craving for more!

  16. I’ve watched the premiere 3 times now–and suddenly noticed that Alex’s makeup was switched in this last segment (the fight on the cargo ship). The picture Tiffany has posted for us shows McGarrett injured over his left eye. In a previous shot that injury is NOT there! CBS needs to be more careful–we’re all watching because Alex is SOOOOOOO gorgeous!!

    1. um, I just was watching it too.. and um well if I’m not mistaken that of scene where both Alex/Steve & Scott/Danno are at Steve’s dad’s house.. and well 1 minute Alex has a shirt w/ t-shirt under it on and then next scene its them on the beach just outside of steve’s Dad’s home and Alex/steve is bare chested and he is puting on the t-shirt… yet het don’t get me wrong.. um.. not bad… it can only be 1 thing.. that is the time frame sort of speak to try and fit into time frame what basicly story wise says just that… .. and hey.. even so.. it of still just fine.

  17. I thoroughly enjoyed the premiere show. It exceeded my expectation. I am an action “junkie” and action it gave me. I do so love that man’s voice. I hope the show takes off like wildfire. They stole MOONLIGHT from him, I hope they leave this one alone. Also recently saw the movie BACKUP PLAN” – it was fun and he was hott.

  18. I loved it! Alex and the gang were great! Tiffany, your recap was excellent! Thanks.

  19. Super, I really enjoyed the show. Alex looked amazing, the whole cast looking amazing. Lots of action for the first show. I guess CBS needed to come out with a bang. I never watch the original one too young. I am looking forward to watching every monday. What ever Alex is in I will support. I can’t explain it but he has something very special. My husband is laughing right now. He is a good sport with my drooling over Alex. Cheers to Monday nights.

  20. Hey everybody!!!!!!

    I just want to say that as odd it may be, I love that pic!!!!!!!!! The pilot was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now have a new favorite show, which I already knew would happen. Now I can’t say that Monday is a bad day, because I get to see Alex!

  21. Hi all
    I was really looking forward to H50 last night , love Alex, love Hawaii and think I will grow to love Scott too (Im a fan of his dad’s from way back to the original movie version of Rollerball,showing my age, )
    Two things that bothered me was the opening action was filmed in the same huge green valley that was used in a great deal of scenes from LOST, so well known as being on Oahu
    but they were suppose to be far from Hawaii. The other was it seemed that the entire show was tinted green. Everything had a green hue, even the actors hair and skin. Did anyone
    else notice this?

    On the whole I loved the show and hope it will become very very popular, so much so that the network won’t dare cancel it. Also wish it had been a two hour beginning with much more character developement and less shoot’m up. Oahu does not have that much
    shooting and killing in a year let alone a few days the show covered. Really!

    1. I loved it. I thought the storyline was good and I enjoyed the chemistry between the team, especially the comedy between Alex and Scott. Can’t wait for next week.

  22. Last night’s showing was my second viewing of the H5-0 pilot, as I saw it a week ago via the live feed from Hawaii Five-0’s premier – not the best way to see it!! O was thrilled with last night’s premier, just one thing would have made it better – a 2-hour premier!! They had a huge budget for the pilot and actually shot enough to do a 2 hour show! They will be using this unused footage in future episodes as flashbacks. I think this is Alex’s vehicle, he is perfect as Steve McGarrett!! He has the body to pull off the Navy Seal background, and I think they will use this in many ways – watch for him to be shown taking his morning swim!! I cannot wait to see next weeks episode!!

  23. Congratulations, Alex! I’m glad Hawaii Five-O came to fruition. I loved the first episode! My best for you, your cast members, and everyone involved with the program!!

  24. Loved everything about it except all the effin commercials – 5 minutes of H5-0 and then 5 or 6 commercials, too much but I guess the bill has to get paid somehow. Anxious to see what the overnight ratings were. I think it’s a winner.

  25. I thought the show was a solid B+. And i will tune in next week. I have been a fan of Alex since Moonlight and i really hope this show will stick around and that CBS will give it a chance. I am looking forward to the characters evolving and to see the chemistry between Scott Caan and Alex shine.
    Being a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan I was pumped to see James Marsters (Spike) as the villian, as well as a Lost and BSG fan to see the actors from those shows.

  26. I totally loved the new pilot Hawaii 5-O. I love Alex in Moonlight more than any of his other characters. But I really loved him last night as Steve. I wish the best for him that it carries on for the next 12 seasons like the original series. The critics don’t know what they are talking about. This is definitely a hit.. I wished it could have been two hours.. but Steve and Danno kicked butt.. I loved the entire elite team.. LOVE YOU ALEX!!!

    1. Yes, your totally right. The critics were wrong about Moonlight ! Loved the first show !! But I think CBS needs to move Hawaii 5-O to Friday night not on Monday night football. Thx . I too am in love w/ Alex.

  27. I thought it needed a two hour premiere to really introduce the characters and environment properly. I know they spent a lot of money on this pilot so I am not sure why they kept it at just an hour. The opening credits along with the music could have lasted a bit longer and they needed to keep the music going throughout or at key points. The plot seemed a bit rushed, a bit convoluted, and, again that would have been solved with more time. The human smuggling seemed almost beside the point. But I will definitely stay tuned and I loved the chemistry between Alex and Scott.

    1. I couldn’t have agreed with anyone more. If everyone who just “loves” Alex would go beyond that adoration, they could see that the story was too fast pace to be effective and the characters needed more background than just picking pebbles off the sand… and excessive action. The music from H5O on the original score, needs to be heard throughout the show. The plot was rush, it was hard to determine why he was such a bad guy and why his brother was being transported. The smuggling was totally overlooked and was a mute item. I will continue to watch and hope the store develops. I think Danno stoled the show. However, I do believe that it will be a hit.

      1. There has been a lot of comments on why CBS didn’t do a 2-hour pilot for Hawaii Five-O, well, it is very rare for any new show to be given a two hour pilot anymore. Until the networks see if their show(s) pull in the ratings, a two-hour show just isn’t done.

        Even though, Five-0 and other shows like “The Event” were being advertised a lot, there is always a small chance a new show won’t make it.

        But, if a 60-minute show can do well (as the new Five-O has proved in its ratings this week) there may be a 2-hour special episode one of these days. Some shows do a 2-hour finale at the end of a season. Perhaps, Hawaii Five-O will get that???

  28. Living in Australia we have to wait a month extra for H50. I watche the live streaming of the Wikiki Beach. I loved the show, witty, action packed, and of course ALEX. I don;t get the channel it will be on, but catch it up on internet.
    Karen some of us fans of Alex are not that young, we age in all the different age zones, 30, 40 50 and 60’s, we are certainly not teenagers, we all have one thing in common our love of that man. By the way Danno’s real name is Scott not Sean. DIdn’t catch his ringtone first time around, will listen next time.
    Like Alex told Ellen in his interview, he rarely wears a shirt in it, with one of his chuckles and smiles. But the make-up artist doesn’t have that big job of covering over his tats this time they are there, perhaps a navy seal very likely would have tats.
    Critics blah blah to them. I am sure Alex will get more fans, more people will know wh we are talkaing about, and not say Alex who?

  29. I had so much fun watching the Hawaii 5-0 crew! The chemistry is just awesome! Can’t wait to learn more about all of them. I feel this show will endure and be great for Alex. Thanks for keeping us up to date on all the info, Tiffany;]

  30. I loved the new 5-0. I thought the cast looked great together and Alex and Scott were funny. Alex looked gorgeous. I suppose alot had to be put into one hour. I bet we get to know the characters better in the coming episodes. Glad to hear it did so good. Now I just can’t wait until next week. I am so praying this makes it for Alex. He’s worked so hard. Good luck Alex. Thank you Tiffany.

  31. Ratings!!! H50 got over 13 million last night! It was number one for that network and #2 across the board.


    1. Wonderful news Tiffany! I LOVE IT! So happy for Alex!

    2. Tiffany, media reports say H50 will get 15 million when viewers with DVR’s watch the show they taped. Here in Manhattan, a large cable TV market, many viewers tape shows on their DVR’s particularly those who have to get the kids ready for school the next day.

      CNET, the technology site, has some really cool videos of their correspondent analyzing the stunts and technology of the new H50:

      Thanks for the updates!

  32. I loved H5O. It had a good story line and showed how the team came together just fine. I am glad to hear that the critics do not control CBS. I never thought much of them anyway. Yes, I do believe Alex will pick up a lot more fans, not only from this web site but also from facebook and twitter. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  33. I’m with Karen A. This was an awesome beginning, to a great series. It was exciting, fast moving, and had great potential story lines. Not to mention the Eye Candy “Alex”! I watched Jack Lord as a young person, and thought he was a little boring, Alex is far from that. Congrats, and Good Luck to all in the show.

  34. You are all so lucky, we won’t get it in England for at least 6 months, the back-up plan I have to watch tonight, but I am still hoping that Hawaii five-0n doesn’t take too long to reach us

  35. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!.. The show was most def captivating.. It was so good I even liked Danno.. He’s cute and funny… But no one tops my Alex ;P… xoxoxo

  36. I see some of the fans like the show but they’re not over the edge, yet. I can put it into one word….I was “wowed”. I feel kinda of silly doing this, it’s actually my first time, I’ve been reading these blogs since I joined in on the “Alex update”, but being “older (probably a lot) than most of you lovely ladies, it feels awkward, but here goes. Alex…I hope this reaches your eyes. As I said I’m older than most of your fans….I have a son Alex, same age as you so that makes you even more endearing to me. Your looks are exceeded only by your talent and charm which are all high level. I’ve waited all summer for this show and was not disappointed. Having watched, and love my DVD of Moonlight over and over, and loved Three Rivers (not to mention The Back-up Plan), I just can’t get enough of you, just hearing your voice makes me feel great. I watched and enjoyed the original H5O when I was a teen, so this show is great to have back, and having you in the lead makes it a winner for me. The team blends together which is a good foundation, I loved the scenery (sorry, Danno, I love the beach and live in NJ) the action, the dialogue, the plot, and most especially the connection with Alex and Sean. I think they will be a great team, which the fans will love. First saw Sean’s dad in I think it was “Jelly and the Bean“, a classic 70’s movie and I love that he has his good looks and comic timing, with a charm of his own. Alex, I wish you and the cast the best and that this one will be your crowned jewel. CBS stand up and take a bow on the potential of this one…..and make sure, this time, you hold on tight. God bless and wishes for a huge success. Karen.

    1. Karen A. – I’m right there with you. I’m older too (Alex was born the year I graduated from high school) with a 12 year old son. But you know, I don’t care what age you are, if you’re a woman and you watch TV, you’ll have to agree that Alex is THE most handsome man on television, period. And he’s talented, humble, appreciative, the list goes on and on. What lucky fans we are to have such a sweet man to adore….we adore him, right? And he will just get better with age. My gut feeling is Hawaii Five-O will last and not be taken away from him like CBS did with Moonlight and I’ll always wonder what would have happened in Season Two. But we must move on and even though I’ll never forget “Mick St. John”, “Steve McGarrett” is now THE MAN. Aloha Tiffany and thanks for the updates as usual!

      1. Karen A.—-You summed up beautifully what we all think and feel about Alex. This actor is the total package. His humility, his hard work ethic, his talent, his voice, his beauty, etc. I could just go on and on. It is very hard for me to also leave behind his Mick St. John character who was so captivating and charming. But you are so right—-Steve McGarrett is now the character we Alex fans are going to embrace. I’m so thankful CBS has given another opportunity to Alex to show what he’s got! Hawaii 5-0 is going to be HUGE!

  37. You are right Tiffany…..some of those so callled “critics” wouldn’t know a good show if it bit them in the butt and are coming from their lofty ideals of a show having to be some sort of great Shakespeare drama or in their opinion, its not good. It was a very very good show and entertaining and all we want to see! A couple of those producers on the show are good lookin’ guys too and really seem to know what they are doing. Critics can go stuff it as far as I’m concerned….the viewers are LOVING IT!!!

  38. I LOVED the show and it was great to actually hear the banter between Alex & Scott for it was hard to hear the live feed last Monday. I will bet any amount you will hear the one liners all over the place. The Psycho ring tone had me roaring with laughter. The TV Guide poll is threw the roof. The last time I looked it was at 88% loved the show. If you want to vote go to the link below. Lots of new Alex fans for sure. I am thrilled to pieces for all of them. Bravo – job well done. I will be looking forward to Monday nights – the hell with the rest of the shows. H5O is AWESOME!!!!!


  39. I thought last nights premier show was the greatest!! Of course Iv’e seen a lot of it before it was actually shown last night for the first time because I’ve been on line so much , and especially with Tiffany’s updates, but that team is a great combo and Alex and Scott definitly are friends in real life and they are a riot bouncing their lines off each other. A TWO HOUR PRODUCTION!!! Do you know how much money that would have cost Heather, and the music was fine….really dramatic just like the old show, don’t know what you mean by that, but yes, certainly agree with the football night….you know some of those fans will be going watching games that go constantly overtime…I’ve worried about that too I’m an avid Steelers fan and thats the only one I’d consider watching. recording Castle cause that is a great show and he and Alex are on the same time!! Why is it there is nothing you want to watch on TV some nights, and then 3 or 4 shows you do! Ah, well, you did really well Alex love, The best to you and the crew…Love from Suzanne your Forever Fan

  40. I’ve been out of town but set the VCR to record H5O. We got home early enough for me to check the listings—–YIKES!!! Our local CBS station is putting 5-O on at 9pm!! Had to change the settings QUICK! My beloved 49ers did a pretty good job against the Saints on MNF so it was hard to pick and choose–but Alex won out! Even tho I watched the live feed from Hawaii the sound quality wasn’t too good so I HAD to watch it again–poor me. It’s hard to listen to the story when I’m only watching Alex! It seems that there’s so much to the story that I’ll just HAVE to watch it again–poor me 😉

  41. I thought it was great i love action and they had plenty ….also alex,scott,daniel,and grace are awesome together…I remember the old show and i like this one a lotttt ♥ ALEX O!!!!!

  42. I watched Hawaii Five-O last night, while it was good, it is not great at this point. I think they should have had a two hour production and where they better introduced their characters. Missing was the HAWAII 5-0 music that the previous hit was famous when the wave came crashing to the shore. However, I will continue to watch this on Mondays. Another issue is placing this on Monday night football just like before, what is wrong with CBS?

    1. I did enjoy the new Hawaii Five-O. I am certain that Alex O’Loughlin will see a renewal of this show. The dynamics of the cast worked well with each other, too. I am looking for McGarrett’s sister joining the mix, too. Taryn Manning is slated for 7 shows.

      I noticed that Time Warner’s On Demand Channel has Hawaii Five-O in its line up now, so I can watch the pilot again tonight!!!! and tape it without all the commercials hopefully.

      I also loved that Danny’s ex-wife had Psycho for the ringtone of his ex-wife and I liked how he got the name of “Danno” from his daughter. To me this was more of Danny’s show and I’m looking forward to McGarrett (Alex) having a show really center on him.

      Though the critics have been lukewarm overallon their reviews I think the show did well and has a lot of potential for Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, and the rest of the cast. Critics canot dictate to the fans at least!

      1. I agree the critic cannot dictate to the fans, but they control CBS .. the production had too much action and not enough story.

      2. Actually no the critics don’t control anything unless the viewers listen to them and tune out. The viewer numbers control CBS, not critics.

      3. Critics loved “Lone Star” but the fans tuned out! So much for the critics knowing what fans SHOULD like.

        One critic questioned why CBS favors Alex… you and me, that’s why plus and the 15-million (projected viewing audience when complete ratings are in)!!! Weird how one critic thought Alex’s Steve McGarrett didn’t get the laughs that Scott/Danno got. Steve McGarrett – then and now – was never meant to provide comic relief! Steve McGarrett – then and now – is super cop, cool, confident and armed with the cutest cleft chin in these 50 states. Critics miss the point if they’re looking for Alex to play McGarrett as a sensitive, smiling, metrosexual. H50 is not Masterpiece Theatre!

        MGarrett catches ’em, Danno books ’em… Then and now, that’s the cool of Hawaii 5-0!

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